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Celebrating 40 Years of Love: The Best Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her, and Parents

A couple doesn't stay together for four decades without passion, nobility of spirit, and a love of life. That's why the 40th anniversary is such a major milestone! Known as the Ruby Anniversary, it marks...

A couple doesn't stay together for four decades without passion, nobility of spirit, and a love of life. That's why the 40th anniversary is such a major milestone! Known as the Ruby Anniversary, it marks a time of celebration and reflection on the years spent together. If you're looking for luxurious 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas, you've come to the right place. Our curated collection of gifts will help you spoil your partner or parents and celebrate this special occasion in style.

The Symbolism Behind the 40th Anniversary

The Ruby: A Precious Gem

Heart shaped ruby ring for ruby anniversary

The 40th anniversary is often called the Ruby Anniversary for a good reason. Rubies, the traditional and modern gift for this milestone, are highly prized gemstones that symbolize passion, love, nobility, luck, and life. From their historical significance to their vibrant red hues, rubies are a perfect representation of the love and commitment that has withstood the test of time.

The Color of Love: Red

Gladiolus - 40th wedding anniversary flower

Unsurprisingly, red is the color associated with the 40th anniversary. Just like the ruby, red symbolizes passion, love, and strength. It's a color that evokes powerful emotions and serves as a beautiful reminder of the deep connection shared by a couple who has spent 40 years together.

The Gladiolus: A Symbol of Faithfulness

Gladiolus - 40th wedding anniversary flower

The gladiolus, a member of the iris family, is the flower associated with the 40th anniversary. Known for its colorful flower spikes, the gladiolus represents faithfulness, strength of character, moral integrity, and remembrance. It's a perfect choice to honor a couple's enduring love and commitment.

Anniversary Gifts for Him

Your husband is the salt to your pepper, the moon to your stars. Show him how much you care with a special ruby anniversary gift that will make him feel cherished.

Belgian Beer Tasting

Flanders Red Ale Indulge his taste buds with a delightful Belgian beer tasting experience. Take him to Dovetail, an iconic venue in the heart of Clerkenwell, where he can sample the finest Belgian beers and enjoy traditional Belgian dishes. It's a perfect way to celebrate your 40 years of marriage and create new memories together.

Beef Wellington Experience

Gordon Ramsays Savoy Grill Beef Wellington Treat him to a culinary delight with a Beef Wellington experience at Gordon Ramsay's Savoy Grill. The perfectly cooked beef, paired with a sparkling rosé, will create a memorable anniversary meal. It's an opportunity to dress up and enjoy a special evening in one of London's most renowned restaurants.

Luxury Red Wine Tasting

Red wine tasting If your husband is an oenophile, surprise him with a luxury red wine tasting at the Wine Cottage. Let him embark on a flavor-packed journey of boutique wines with Kam Zadeh. This exquisite event will take place at London's luxurious 8 Northumberland, creating a truly memorable experience.

Ruby Cufflinks

Ruby & diamond cufflinks Make him feel extra special with a pair of ruby cufflinks. The white gold hexagonal cufflinks with sapphire and diamond from Deakin and Francis are inspired by the art deco era. These playful statement pieces will perfectly complement his wardrobe and remind him of your love every time he wears them.

An Iconic Fragrance

Baccarat Rouge 540 Let the color of rubies inspire one of the best 40th anniversary gifts - Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Baccarat Rouge 540. This famous fragrance combines scents of jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, and ambergris. Personalize the bottle by taking advantage of the engraving option and create a truly special gift for your husband.

An Indulgent Spa Day

Mens Hot Stone Massage Pamper him with a luxurious spa day at Gentleman's Tonic. Treat him to a hot stone massage, a facial, and a foot treatment, allowing him to relax and unwind. After his spa experience, enjoy a fabulous meal or celebratory drinks together for a complete day of indulgence.

South African Wine Getaway

Wine tasting in Cape Town, South Africa Create unforgettable memories with a 5-star wine getaway in Cape Town, South Africa. Explore the world-renowned winelands, taste the best ruby red wines, indulge in excellent cuisine, and immerse yourselves in a melting pot of cultures. It's the perfect way to celebrate your 40th anniversary in style.

Anniversary Gifts for Her

The passion she feels for you is one of the reasons you're marking 40 years as husband and wife. Show your devotion to her with a luxurious and memorable 40th anniversary gift.

A Ruby Brooch

Tiffany's Ruby Dragonfly Brooch Take the ruby theme to heart with a stunning piece of jewelry. Surprise her with a ruby brooch that features this precious gemstone. Tiffany & Co. offers a darling dragonfly brooch in platinum, adorned with diamonds and rubies. It's a unique and exquisite gift that will make her feel truly special.

Manicure and Champagne

The Dorchester Spa Manicure and Pedicure Treat her to a luxurious manicure and champagne experience at the Dorchester Spa. The relaxing atmosphere and expert nail care will make her feel pampered and ready for your 40th-anniversary celebrations. It's a thoughtful gift that shows you care about her well-being and happiness.

A Personalized Work of Art

Personalized canvas print Give her a truly heartfelt gift with a personalized work of art. Consider printing the score of a meaningful song or a map featuring a location significant in your love story. These sentimental and romantic gestures will remind her of your love every time she looks at the beautiful canvas.

A Gorgeous Red Dress

Proenza Schoulder pleated midi dress If red is her color, surprise her with a new gorgeous red dress. Choose something that will highlight her best features and make her feel confident and beautiful. Consider pairing the dress with red-soled Christian Louboutin shoes for the ultimate anniversary ensemble.

Seven-Day Chakra Series

Crystals for chakra healing Mark your 40th anniversary with a gift that promotes wellness and balance. Give her a seven-day chakra-balancing program that includes mindfulness, breathwork, and yoga. This thoughtful and rejuvenating gift will make her feel recharged and renewed.

A Bouquet Featuring Gladioli

Big anniversary bouquet of red Gladioli Surprise her with a stunning bouquet of flowers, including gladioli, the 40th wedding anniversary flower. Arrange for a delivery from one of the best florists, ensuring that the bouquet is a grand, beautiful gesture of your love.

Weekend Full-Day Cookery Course

Cooking class If she's a food enthusiast, give her the opportunity to participate in a weekend full-day cookery course at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School. She'll learn new techniques, discover culinary secrets, and indulge in a world-class dining experience. It's a gift that combines her passion for food and your love for each other.

Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Looking for the best 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents? Show them your love and appreciation with a thoughtful and memorable gift.

Tower of London Tour and Lunch

Imperial Crown at Tower of London Treat your parents like royalty with a tour of the Tower of London. Let them marvel at the ruby-rich Crown Jewels and immerse themselves in the grandeur of the past. After the tour, enjoy a delightful riverside lunch together at Le Pont de la Tour. It's a perfect way to make them feel like kings and queens on their special day.

Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Afternoon Tea Oblix Shard Treat your parents to an unforgettable experience high above London's skyline. Indulge in an afternoon tea at The Shard's Oblix East, where they can enjoy stunning views of the city while savoring delicious treats. It's a sophisticated and delightful way to celebrate 40 years of love and commitment.

Australian Driving Adventure

Twelve Apostles along Great Ocean Road, Australia Celebrate your parents' love and create lifelong memories with an Australian driving adventure. Explore the breathtaking Great Ocean Road, taking in stunning views, enjoying world-class cuisine, and immersing yourselves in the beauty of nature. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will bring your parents even closer together.

Celebrate 40 years of love and commitment with the best 40th wedding anniversary gifts. Whether you're searching for a gift for your husband, wife, or parents, these curated ideas will capture the essence of your relationship and honor this significant milestone. Let these gifts be a reflection of the cherished memories you've created and the love that continues to grow with each passing year.