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Best 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Celebrate Love and Milestones

While a 17th wedding anniversary may not be one of the major milestones, it's still a significant occasion to celebrate the love and commitment you share with your partner. It marks another year of cherishing...

While a 17th wedding anniversary may not be one of the major milestones, it's still a significant occasion to celebrate the love and commitment you share with your partner. It marks another year of cherishing moments and building a life together. If you're looking for unique and meaningful gift ideas to make this anniversary special, we've got you covered!

What Is The 17th Anniversary Gift?

Unlike the major anniversaries, there is no traditional 17-year anniversary gift in the UK or USA. However, some people believe that every anniversary should have a theme. As a result, a modern theme has been associated with the 17th anniversary. Similarly, a modern flower and gemstone have also been linked to this milestone.

Modern Gift - Furniture

The modern gift for a 17th wedding anniversary is furniture. Furniture symbolizes the stability and permanence of your relationship after 17 years of marriage. It's a reminder that your spouse has become an unquestioned and integral part of your life. Just like turning a house into a home, your journey of building a life together is an ongoing process.

Furniture in living room Furniture in your living room

Flower - Red Carnation

The gift of a red carnation has become a modern tradition for the 17th wedding anniversary. While carnations symbolize love, the red carnation, in particular, traditionally symbolized heartache. However, if the old symbolism doesn't bother you, feel free to give your beloved a red carnation as part of their anniversary gift. Alternatively, you can break from tradition and give them a bouquet of their favorite flowers.

Bouquet of red carnations Bouquet of red carnations

Gemstone - Carnelian

The gemstone associated with the 17th anniversary is carnelian. This reddish-orange gemstone has been cherished for its beauty and significance for centuries. In ancient Egypt, it was used to create amulets, and other cultures believed in its magical powers. In modern crystal lore, carnelian represents stability, vitality, and courage, making it a perfect gemstone to honor a 17th wedding anniversary.

17th Anniversary Gifts For Him

When it comes to choosing a 17th wedding anniversary gift for your husband, it's the thought that counts. Show him that he is always on your mind with one or more of these meaningful gift ideas:

Vespa Cocktail Bar

Impress him with a unique piece of furniture for his man cave. The Vespa cocktail bar from Smithers of Stamford is made from authentic scooter parts and reclaimed wood. It's the perfect addition to his dedicated space for serving drinks to friends and a great conversation starter.

Vespa cocktail bar Vespa cocktail bar

RAF Tornado Fighter Jet Wheel Coffee Table

If he's a military enthusiast, he'll love this RAF Tornado fighter jet wheel coffee table. This one-of-a-kind table comes with a certificate of authenticity, proving that the wheel was removed from a jet flown in combat. It's a striking piece finished in red and blue with remote-controlled lights, sure to leave a lasting impression.

Adjustable Crank Side Table

For a touch of steampunk aesthetic, consider an adjustable crank side table from the Cave UK. This unique piece allows the height of the wooden tabletop to be adjusted by turning the attached crank. It's a versatile addition to your home that combines functionality with style.

Crank side table Crank side table

Cosy Armchair

If he doesn't have a favorite armchair yet, surprise him with a comfortable and stylish recliner. Alternatively, consider Tom Raffield's Arbor armchair, which blends simple elegance with sustainable materials for a truly unique piece.

Arbor armchair Arbor armchair

Wine Rack

For the husband who collects wine, a wine rack is a thoughtful and practical gift. Look for one that combines functionality with artistic design. Consider a rack made from upcycled materials or a beautifully carved slate wine rack.

Slate wine rack Slate wine rack

Carnelian Signet Ring

A carnelian signet ring can be a personalized and meaningful gift inspired by ancient Roman intaglio rings. Set in gold, this flat gemstone can be engraved with his initials, coat of arms, or another symbol that holds significance for him. Alternatively, consider an actual ancient Roman carnelian intaglio ring from an antique dealer.

Carnation Print Shirt

Floral prints never go out of style, so why not gift him a shirt featuring a print of carnations? Let him know that it's one of the 17th wedding anniversary symbols of love. He'll cherish this unique and meaningful gift, like this dark navy shirt featuring acid purple carnations from Gresham Blake.

Carnation print shirt for him Carnation print shirt for him

Adrenalin-Pumping Experience

If he's a thrill-seeker, surprise him with an unforgettable experience. Whether it's driving a Formula 1 car, whizzing around in a land yacht, or going on a tandem skydive, this anniversary gift will get his adrenaline pumping. Share the excitement and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

17th Anniversary Gifts For Her

Express your appreciation for her commitment and love with one of these special gift ideas for your wife on your 17th wedding anniversary:

A Display Cabinet

Give her a stylish and versatile display cabinet where she can showcase objects d'art, curiosities, or her cherished collections. Choose a cabinet that matches her style, whether it's an ultra-modern take on the Wunderkammer or a vintage-style tallboy apothecary cabinet with glass-front doors.

Apothecary Cabinet Apothecary Cabinet

A Chaise Longue

Create a luxurious and comfortable space for her to relax like a queen with a chaise longue. Consider designs like Linley's Transatlantic chaise or the Roberta leather chaise longue by Calia Maddalena. These elegant pieces will make her feel pampered and provide her with a stylish retreat.

Leather chaise lounge chair Leather chaise lounge chair

Interesting Bookshelves

Surprise her with a unique bookshelf that will enhance her reading experience and add a touch of personality to your home. Consider designs like the Heal's Freedom Project 4, a modular walnut unit that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Walnut bookshelf Walnut bookshelf

Carnelian Jewellery

Jewellery always makes a meaningful gift, and carnelian paired with yellow and rose gold creates striking pieces. Choose a piece of jewellery that reflects her personality and highlights her best features. She'll love the Bulgari Bulgari necklace in rose gold set with carnelian and mother-of-pearl discs, complemented by pavé diamond details.

Carnation Perfume

If she adores the scent of carnations, surprise her with a perfume that captures the essence of this beautiful flower. Consider fragrances like Maître Parfumeur et Gantier's Soie Rouge or Santa Maria Novella's Acqua di Colonia Garofano. Every time she wears the perfume, she'll be reminded of your love and the significance of this anniversary.

Carnation perfume for her Carnation perfume for her

Something She's Always Wanted To Do

Take this anniversary as an opportunity to fulfill her long-held desires. If there's something she's always wanted to do, whether it's blending her own perfume, attending a pastry course, or making her own fascinator hat, make it happen. Plan an experience that she'll remember fondly and cherish as a testament to your love and support.

17th Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Celebrate your journey together as a couple with these fantastic gift ideas for your 17th wedding anniversary:

Love Seat

Enhance the comfort and style of your home with a love seat. It's the perfect place to snuggle up with your partner and enjoy your favorite Netflix series or have a heartfelt conversation. Consider the Truffle chaise from Loaf for a cozy and stylish addition to your living space.

Love seat for couples Love seat for couples

Lunch or Dinner

Indulge in a decadent lunch or dinner with your loved one to commemorate your 17th wedding anniversary. Whether you opt for an old favorite or explore a trendy new spot, the experience of sharing a meal together is a beautiful way to create lasting memories. Consider booking a table at a quaint family-owned bistro or treating yourselves to a Michelin-starred fine dining experience.

Getaway Together

Make your 17th wedding anniversary extra special with a romantic getaway. Whether you choose a local luxury retreat or embark on an adventurous international trip, a couple's getaway is a perfect way to reconnect and celebrate your love. Plan a mini-break over a weekend or go all out for an extended vacation. Take this time to reflect on your journey together and look forward to the years to come.

Greece getaway Greece getaway

A 17th wedding anniversary is a remarkable milestone, deserving of a special gift that reflects the time you've spent together. Whether you choose furniture, a romantic experience, or a thoughtful piece of jewelry, make sure it is a reflection of the love and commitment you share. Celebrate this anniversary and look forward to many more years of joy, love, and togetherness.