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Believe it: These Magical Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas Will Make Your Kid's Day Unforgettable

When it comes to throwing a truly enchanting birthday party, unicorns are always a magical choice. Whether your little one is obsessed with "My Little Pony" or simply adores sparkly, mythical creatures, a unicorn-themed birthday...

When it comes to throwing a truly enchanting birthday party, unicorns are always a magical choice. Whether your little one is obsessed with "My Little Pony" or simply adores sparkly, mythical creatures, a unicorn-themed birthday party is guaranteed to bring joy and wonder. Luckily, planning a unicorn party doesn't have to be as elusive as finding an actual unicorn! Read on for some tips on how to create a magical event that will make your child's special day truly unforgettable.

The Essentials of a Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party

The beauty of unicorns lies in their ability to capture the imagination. As you plan your unicorn-themed party, aim to recreate that sense of wonder and amazement. Here are a few key elements that you'll want to include:


When it comes to rainbows, think abundance! Incorporate all the colors of the rainbow into your decorations, from sprinkles and confetti to rainbow props and multicolored balloons. Remember, the more colorful, the better!


You can't have a rainbow without some happy clouds! Fluffy and fun, clouds add a cute and cheerful touch to the decor. Just make sure they're balanced out by those vibrant rainbows.


Unicorns are all about sparkle and shine. Embrace glitter and shimmer by incorporating iridescent gold and silver accents into your decorations. Whether you choose to take on glitter crafts or opt for shiny, sparkly accessories, make sure to let your inner unicorn sparkle.

Pastel Colors

Create a whimsical atmosphere with gentle shades of pastel blue, pink, and purple. These pretty hues echo a unicorn's multicolored mane and set the tone for a truly magical day.

Stars and Moons

Add a touch of intergalactic wonder by incorporating twinkling lights and celestial shapes into your decorations. Let your party guests feel like they've stepped into a world as fantastical and otherworldly as unicorns themselves.

These elements are the building blocks of a unicorn-themed party that will sparkle and shine. But why stop there? With a little imagination, you can bring this theme to life in even more extraordinary ways. Start by customizing your color scheme to make it uniquely yours.

Left: Pink and purple balloon installations surround a party table. Right: A party invitation shows a knight riding a voluptuous unicorn. Image by Kara Allen from "Our Little Princess" by Paperless Post

Choosing Your Unicorn Color Scheme

To make your unicorn party truly magical, consider adding your own twist to the essential elements, including the color palette. Unicorns are mysterious creatures that defy expectations, so why limit yourself to just one set of colors? Here are some color scheme ideas to inspire you:

Classic Unicorn

For a nod to the classic unicorn color scheme, let the decor shine with elegant shades of shimmering white and silver. Don't forget to add fluffy white clouds for an extra touch of whimsy.

Midnight Unicorn

Imagine the enchantment of a unicorn at night. Pair darker shades of blue and purple with plenty of silver accents. To create an extra celestial vibe, decorate with images of glittering galaxies, moons, and stars.

Sunshine Unicorn

Think of a sunny field of daisies on a beautiful summer day. Incorporate yellow, white, and gold into your color scheme to give your party that extra warm glow.

Garden Unicorn

Picture a gentle unicorn prancing happily through vines and rose gardens. This dreamy color scheme requires lots of green, along with plenty of pretty plants and flower crowns.

No matter which color scheme you choose, it will look dazzling when paired with unicorn motifs and special decor touches. Let your imagination run wild to create a party truly unique to your child's taste.

Unicorn-themed party supplies on a white background, including party hats, decor, and temporary tattoos.

Bring Your Unicorn Party to Life with Decor and Supplies

Now that you have a vision for your unicorn-themed party, it's time to bring that vision to life with enchanting decor and supplies. At Paperless Post's Party Shop, you'll find everything you need to make your kid's special day truly magical. Here are some of our favorite unicorn-themed party supplies:

  • Unicorn Adornments: Let your little guests shine with enchanting wearables and embellishments, such as Unicorn Horn Party Hats or unicorn temporary tattoos.

  • Unicorn Props: Create a fantastical atmosphere with unicorn-worthy party props. Set the stage with a Magical Unicorn Foil Balloon, a multilayered I Believe in Unicorns Garland, or a dainty and delightful Pink Tassel Garland.

  • Unicorn Cake Decor: Top off the birthday cake with something special. Consider using a Unicorn Glitter Candle to add that extra touch of magic.

  • Unicorn Tableware: Set the birthday table with magical Unicorn Napkins and shimmering Silver Wooden Cutlery.

  • Unicorn Party Favors: Send your party guests home with delightful unicorn-themed favors, such as Unicorn Pinata Favors and a set of Mini Unicorn Stickers.

If you want to simplify your party planning experience, check out our all-in-one I Believe in Unicorns Party Kit. It's filled with everything you need to make your kid's special day a truly magical and unforgettable occasion that their friends will talk about for years to come.

A children's birthday party invitation shows a two-tiered floral cake with a unicorn horn, ears, and eyelashes. Right: Decorated jars of unicorn slime. Image by The Best Ideas for Kids from "Unicorn Cake" by Paperless Post

Add Some Magic with Unicorn-Themed Activities

To make your unicorn party extra special, keep small hands busy and spark your guests' creativity with unique unicorn-themed crafts and activities. Here are some ideas that we love:

  • Unicorn Paper Plate Masks: Let youngsters indulge in their love for playing pretend with this easy and silly unicorn mask craft. Supply feather boas and sequin scarves, and watch them put on a magical unicorn fashion show.

  • Unicorn Slime Jars: Keep the magic going with a craft that's as fun to play with as it is to make. (Note: This craft is more suitable for older unicorn-loving guests who can handle scissors and glue.)

  • Unicorn Puppets: If you have crafty and natural-born performers in attendance, this activity is bound to be a hit. Let party guests decorate unicorn cutouts with glitter pens, ribbons, markers, crayons, yarn, googly eyes, and stickers. Attach a large popsicle stick to the back, and watch them put on a captivating puppet show. Don't forget to have your camera ready!

Left: Rainbow cupcakes with unicorn ears and horns. Right: An invitation with a photo of a young girl and illustrated unicorn ears and horn. Image by Adrienne Emmel from "Plenty of Horn" by Paperless Post

Serve Up Something Special with Unicorn-Themed Snacks and Treats

Unicorns demand a meal that's as extravagant as they are, so make sure to serve your party guests a magical feast filled with rainbow and unicorn-themed foods. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Unicorn Fruit Tray: Create a healthy snack with a tray of fruits in a rainbow of colors. Use strawberries and raspberries for red, grapes for purple, blueberries for blue, kiwi for green, and pineapple for yellow. Swirl some food coloring into vanilla yogurt to create a rainbow unicorn fruit dip.

  • Unicorn Milkshakes: Put a whimsical spin on classic strawberry milkshakes. Top the smoothies with clouds of whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and multicolored marshmallows for an extra touch of magic.

  • Magical Unicorn Bark: Swirl up a tray of unicorn bark for a treat that's as sweet as it is unique. Check out the recipe from A Magical Mess, which involves a few bags of cute candy melts and rainbow sprinkles.

With these delightful treats on the table (and served on super special unicorn plates), you're guaranteed to keep your herd of unicorns happy and satisfied.

Craft Magical Invitations to Set the Tone

Just as the presence of a unicorn creates an aura of wonder, the invitations you send out will set the tone and build excitement for your guests. But ordinary invitations won't do for such a special occasion. Once you find the perfect unicorn-themed invitations at Paperless Post, give them a uniquely unicorn touch with the wording. Here are some examples to spark your imagination:

Option 1:

  • Delilah is turning 4!
  • Join us for a unicorn birthday celebration.
  • Sunday, April 10, at 2 p.m.
  • The Enchanted Forest, [Address]
  • Please RSVP by April 2.

Option 2:

  • Calling all magical creatures!
  • Beth is turning seven.
  • Celebrate with us.
  • Friday, April 23, at 6 p.m.
  • Land of Unicorns and Rainbows, [Address]
  • Please RSVP.

Option 3:

  • It's Kyle's 5th birthday...
  • And we're having a unicorn party!
  • Join us Saturday, April 16, at 12 p.m.
  • The Williams Castle, [Address]

With these enchanting invitations, your little party guests will be filled with anticipation and excitement leading up to the big day.

A pink and blue Flyer invitation with a galloping unicorn in the night sky. Flyer by Paperless Post - "Unicorn Run"

Trust Paperless Post for Magical Party Supplies and Invitations

Finding an actual unicorn may be nearly impossible, but finding the perfect supplies and invitations for a delightful unicorn party couldn't be easier. At Paperless Post, we have everything you need to create a birthday party that's as legendary as unicorns themselves. With our unicorn-themed party invitations and Flyers, you can send out enchanting, personalized online invitations that will make your guests believe in the magic of the celebration ahead. And don't forget to explore our Party Shop, where you'll find a wide selection of unicorn-themed supplies to make your kid's special day truly unforgettable.

Get ready to create a party that will fill your little ones' hearts with wonder and joy. Browse our collection of unicorn-themed invitations and start planning your magical celebration today!

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