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Baby Baptism: Planning Tips and Invitation Ideas

A baby's baptism, also known as a christening, is a significant milestone where loved ones come together to welcome a child into the church. Whether you're attending a baptism or planning one for your own...


A baby's baptism, also known as a christening, is a significant milestone where loved ones come together to welcome a child into the church. Whether you're attending a baptism or planning one for your own baby or godchild, this special day requires some thoughtful preparation. In this article, we'll share essential tips for planning a baby's baptism, including etiquette guidelines and our favorite invitation ideas to invite your friends and family.

6 Steps to Planning a Baby's Baptism Celebration


While the practice of baptism spans various ages and Christian faiths, baby baptisms are most common in the Catholic church. Typically, the parents plan the baptism, while the godparents attend the ceremony and promise to guide the godchild in their faith and life journey. However, each christening is unique, so use these tips as a general guideline when planning for this special occasion.

1. Choose the Godparents

One of the most special parts of a baby's baptism is selecting the godparents. Many families choose close friends or family members to serve as godparents. They play a unique role in the child's life and can guide them throughout their faith journey as they grow older. In some churches, the godparent must belong to the church. It's proper etiquette to formally ask the person(s) if they would like to be the godparent. It's also a good idea to have a few options in case your first choice declines.

2. Organize with the Church

The first step in planning a baby's baptism is choosing a church. Usually, this is the church you regularly attend, but you can also select one that holds special meaning for your faith. Once you've chosen a church, reach out to the clergy to schedule a meeting with the priest or pastor. During this meeting, you'll discuss the liturgy process and any requirements for the ceremony, such as religious classes and examinations. At the end of the meeting, you'll schedule the baptism date, preferably within the first few weeks after birth. Plan at least one month in advance to allow guests and godparents to prepare.

3. Make a Guest List

Share the joy of your baby's baptism by inviting guests to attend the ceremony. Check with the church for any restrictions or dress code requirements. Typically, the parents, siblings, godparents, and grandparents are invited. You can also extend the invitation to other family members and friends. If the church is small, consider having a reception after the ceremony to include more guests and honor this special moment.

4. Send Out Invites

Send out your invitations at least three to four weeks before the baptism. If guests need to travel from out of town or if the baptism falls on a holiday like Easter, provide more notice to ensure they have enough time to make travel arrangements. Include an RSVP card to track attendance and important details such as religious affiliations, dress codes, or behavior reminders. Simplify the process by using digital invitations from Greenvelope, where you can customize designs and track RSVPs easily.

5. Plan for the Ceremony and Reception

During the sacrament of baptism, incorporate unique family traditions or personal touches. Consider reciting a specific prayer or dressing the baby in a beautiful christening gown or suit. Capture the memorable moments by hiring a photographer or displaying a photo of your baby on an entry table. After the baptism, continue the celebration with a reception. It can be held at the church, your home, or a nearby venue.

6. Plan for Gifts

Giving gifts to the baby is a common practice during a baptism. Consider christening gifts that will become cherished keepsakes. Popular ideas include silver jewelry, blankets, and trinket boxes with inscriptions of scripture or Bible verses. Baptism books and religious texts are also thoughtful gifts for young children.

8 Baby Baptism Invitations You'll Love

Baby’s baptism: priest baptizing a sleeping baby

When it's time to send your invitations, digital invitations are a convenient option. Customize designs and add elements like music and wax seals to make them more memorable. From traditional and elegant to cute and sweet, here are some of our favorite baptism invitations to inspire you:

1. Beautiful Cross Invitation

This gorgeous invite features a hand-drawn cross with leafy accents and a glistening glitter envelope. It exudes a sweet and modern vibe, inviting guests to celebrate your child's baptism and new life.

2. Soft Leaves Invitation

This sweet invite comes in soft palettes and features a large photo box for showcasing your child's picture. Delicate leaf work and a subtle cross create a reverential tone.

3. Petite Daisies Invitation

Perfect for baptisms, first communions, and confirmations, this floral invite showcases a gold foil cross surrounded by dancing daisies. It brings a cheerful and joyful atmosphere to the celebration.

4. Beautiful Baptism Invitation

This sophisticated invitation features an ethereal background of leaves and an elegant script showcasing the word "baptism." It offers ample space for event details, making it a perfect choice for inviting guests to bear witness to your child's baptism.

5. Hand-Lettered Baptism Invitation

Put your little one on display with this photo christening invitation. Your baby's adorable photo paired with bold hand-lettering creates an inviting and heartwarming design that will make your guests smile.

6. Small Chapel Invitation

Celebrate a baptized person or child with this faith-inspired invitation. It features a house of worship and is available in three unique colorways.

7. Pastel Watercolor Invitation

This magical invitation combines hand-painted elements and watercolor design. Sprinkles of gold foil confetti add glamour, making it suitable for religious ceremonies and baby showers.

8. Stained Glass Window Invitation

Evoke the beauty of stained glass windows in churches with this glistening invitation. It features abstract lines and various colorways, creating a stunning backdrop for your baptism event details.

Celebrate the Joyous Rite of Baptism

The celebration of a baby's baptism is a special occasion for many Christians. Whether you're planning your baby's baptism or attending a loved one's ceremony, we hope this guide helps you prepare for this significant day. For more inspiration to celebrate life's special moments, continue browsing our Stationers blog, where you'll find tips and ideas for birthday parties, religious holidays, and more.