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Art Deco Interior Design: A Glamorous Throwback

If you have a taste for the ornate and jewel-like, then Art Deco interior design might be the perfect choice for you. This design style, popularized in the 1920s, evokes opulence and elegance. With its...

best art deco interior design inspiration If you have a taste for the ornate and jewel-like, then Art Deco interior design might be the perfect choice for you. This design style, popularized in the 1920s, evokes opulence and elegance. With its bold geometry, symmetry, and metallic elements, Art Deco brings to mind the luxurious design of the Great Gatsby era. And today, the updated Art Deco style is both playful and modern.

Opulent Materials

art deco interior design materials Art Deco interior design embraces slick and reflective materials to create everyday glamour in the home. From gold to silver, stainless steel to chrome, metallics are a prominent feature of this style. They lend a sense of elegance and luxury to any room. Imagine a modern Art Deco living room with a glass-topped gold coffee table, chrome lamps, and a bold geometric patterned rug. Glass is also frequently used, either through mirrors, glass-topped tables, or sculptural elements, as it adds to the elegant feel of an Art Deco room.

Wood, particularly rare and dark woods like ebony, can also be incorporated into Art Deco design. Inlaid wood furniture celebrates traditional Art Deco patterns, adding depth and richness to the overall aesthetic. Deluxe materials like marble are also prevalent, showcasing the era's love for extravagant displays of prestige.

Art Deco Themes

art deco interior design themes Art Deco interior design often incorporates natural and geometric themes. Design elements featuring laurels of leaves, branches, feathers, and stylized animal motifs are commonly found in this style. For example, a white or cream wallpaper with a black feather print would add stunning visual impact to an Art Deco living room. Similarly, a tiger or zebra print rug would be right at home in an Art Deco bedroom. Geometry plays a significant role as well, with trapezoids, chevrons, and zig-zags appearing throughout the design. Sunbursts and fan-shaped mirrors provide elegant and bold additions, showcasing the symmetry that defines the Art Deco style.

Use of Color

art deco interior design color Classic Art Deco color themes often include black, white, silver, and gold. However, modern Art Deco interior design also embraces bold and deep jewel tones. These rich and comforting colors provide perfect soft furnishings, adding contrast and depth to the black and white palette typically associated with this style. Think bright and deep yellows, reds, blues, greens, pinks, and purples, accompanied by softer creams and beiges to create a balanced and inviting atmosphere. Softer colors are ideal for bedrooms and dining rooms, allowing you to incorporate existing pieces while decorating on a budget.

Fabulous Fabrics

art deco interior design textiles Fabrics used in modern Art Deco interior design often feature solid colors or geometric designs. Boldness is key when choosing soft furnishings. Opt for a sofa upholstered in a striking block color and accessorize with throw cushions in a geometric print or vice versa. Patterns like black, white, and gold fan patterns or diamond patterns with pops of pink or red can also add a touch of glamour to your space. Frame windows with glamorous curtains in a gold-bronze silk blend to elevate the luxury factor.

Bold Furniture

art deco interior design furniture Furniture in Art Deco interior design is known for its uniqueness and impact. Pieces are often large and imposing, taking up a significant amount of floor space. Curvaceous furniture with smooth lines is a common sight, such as armchairs in pink velvet featuring scalloped designs. Inlaid wood furniture with geometric and symmetrical patterns, as well as Grecian key motifs, are also essential features of the Art Deco style.


No Art Deco home is complete without beautiful black and white tiles, which can be used to stunning effect in hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens. Lacquered flooring with a high shine adds a touch of sophistication to Art Deco interiors, while highly polished parquet flooring in dark wood provides a classic and elegant look. If replacing the flooring is not an option, you can still embrace the Art Deco spirit by adding large rugs with eye-catching geometric patterns.

Accessories and Lighting

art deco interior design lighting Accessories play a crucial role in completing the Art Deco look. Fixtures, fittings, and small elements can make a significant difference in the overall design. Fortunately, there are many replica light fittings, door handles, switch panels, and furnishings available online that can help achieve the Art Deco style on a budget. Mirrors are particularly effective in an Art Deco home, adding polish and a sense of spaciousness to any room. Art Deco style prints and artwork, along with personal finds like vases and figurines, provide the finishing touches that bring the whole look together.

Art Deco interior design is a bold and glamorous throwback to the 1920s. With its opulent materials, geometric themes, vibrant colors, and unique furniture, this style creates a captivating and luxurious atmosphere that never fails to make a statement. By incorporating these key elements into your home, you can master the Art Deco look and infuse your space with timeless elegance.