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An Event Planner's Guide to Corporate Event Planning

With corporate event spending set to soar by 83% this year, choosing the right corporate event management company is crucial. It's not just a decision, but a strategic investment that can determine the success of...

With corporate event spending set to soar by 83% this year, choosing the right corporate event management company is crucial. It's not just a decision, but a strategic investment that can determine the success of your future events. From conception to execution, these organizations possess the specialized experience, contacts, and insights to bring your vision to life and navigate the intricacies of event logistics seamlessly.

The Top 10 Event Management Companies in the UK

1. TravelPerk

travelperk-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk TravelPerk is a best-in-class business travel platform that empowers travelers to connect with their colleagues in real life. Beyond booking and managing travel logistics, TravelPerk offers a comprehensive MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) service. With their in-house team of event experts, venue sourcing, booking management, and more are made easy. Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain Offices: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, Miami

2. Liquid Media Live Events

liquid-media-live-events-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk Liquid Media is a leading event production company known for creating engaging events. Their team of creatives, technical experts, and support staff deliver excellence in every aspect. Location: Swindon, UK Instagram: N/A

3. Wonderland

wonderland-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk Wonderland is a creative events planner specializing in providing entertainment for modern and trendy events. With over 15 years of experience, they have helped businesses in various sectors create memorable events on a budget. Location: London, UK Instagram: @wonderlandeventsuk

4. Beyond Certainty

beyond-certainty-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk Beyond Certainty offers innovative event management services for corporate events globally. They excel in creating intimate and extravagant experiences for renowned brands. Location: London, UK Instagram: @beyondcertaintyevents

5. Firebird Events Ltd

firebird-events-ltd-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk Firebird Events Ltd aims to leave a lasting impression on clients and guests. They prioritize attention to detail and offer a wide range of event options, from professional conferences to exciting team-building activities. Location: Hampshire, UK Instagram: @firebird.events

6. Alpha Events

alpha-events-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk Alpha Events, as part of the world's largest conference organizers, is known for putting together impressive events. Their top-notch event management services cover corporate conferences, exhibitions, charity events, and music events. Location: London, UK Instagram: N/A

7. Eventurous

eventurous-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk Established in 1989, Eventurous specializes in providing inspiring conferences, team-building events, and event enhancements. They cater to businesses of all sizes in the UK, offering a diverse range of options. Location: Midlands, UK, and London, UK Instagram: @eventurous_ltd

8. Four Impact Ltd

four-impact-ltd-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk Four Impact Ltd is a versatile company that caters to various corporate event and media production needs. They have experience working with both big and small brands, providing high-quality training, content, and event production services. Location: Woking, UK Instagram: N/A

9. TBA

tba-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk TBA is a creative agency known for creating memorable experiences and special events worldwide. Their expertise lies in creating branded events for organizations, exceeding expectations with their extensive experience and knowledge. Location: London, UK Instagram: @tba_grp

10. Rockitfish Ltd

rockitfish-ltd-best-event-management-companies-in-the-uk Rockitfish Ltd specializes in organizing highly creative and innovative events. They approach each project with a driven attitude, tailoring experiences to suit the specific needs of businesses. Rockitfish offers budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. Location: Hertford, UK Instagram: @rockitfishcreative

Wrapping up the Top Event Management Companies in the UK

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