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All You Need to Know About Mutated Events

[Update 03/15/2023] Added screenshots of the weapons from the mutated packs [Update 02/28/2023] According to the current Bethesda post, there will be a mutated event every full hour for 3 weeks (until 03/21/2023). Then alternately...

Mutated Events

[Update 03/15/2023] Added screenshots of the weapons from the mutated packs

[Update 02/28/2023] According to the current Bethesda post, there will be a mutated event every full hour for 3 weeks (until 03/21/2023). Then alternately mutated and without for a week each.

[Update 02/23/2023] List of Rare Plans updated

[Update 02/16/2023] List of Legendary Mutated Events Weapons added, Crossed out info was removed again.

[Update 01/25/2023] Infusions have been removed again.

Public events just got a whole lot more exciting with the introduction of Mutated Events. These events bring a fresh twist to the usual gameplay and offer new challenges and rewards. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Mutated Events and why you should give them a try.

What are Mutated Events?

The main change in Mutated Events is that the enemies have mutations, similar to the ones found in Daily Ops. These events occur once every hour, alongside the regular public events. From 28.02. - 21.03.2023, there will be a mutated event with a random mutation every full hour. After that, there will be a week without mutations, followed by a weekly change.

Mutated Event

The following events can currently spawn as mutated events:

  • One violent night
  • Line in the Sand
  • Test your metal
  • Heart of the Swamp
  • Lore Baring
  • Guided Meditation
  • Eviction Notice
  • Moonshine Jamoree
  • Swarm of suitors
  • Uranium Fever

These mutations can be applied to the enemies:

  • Explosive: Enemies explode when they die.
  • Active Cloak: Enemies are cloaked when not attacking.
  • Resilient: Enemies can only be killed by a melee attack.
  • Icy Touch: Enemy attacks freeze players.
  • Toxic: Enemies leave behind a cloud of poison upon death.
  • Regenerating: Enemies emit an aura that heals other nearby enemies.
  • Swift: Enemies have increased movement speed.
  • Reflective: Enemies periodically enter the reflective state, reflecting a portion of the damage dealt.

Additional Rewards at Mutated Events

In addition to the regular rewards, participating in Mutated Events will grant you:

  • A "Mutated Party Pack" or "Mutated Package"
  • Legendary items
  • Treasury notes
  • Ability to create infusions

What are Mutated Party Pack and Mutated Package?

By completing a mutated event, you can obtain the Mutated Package. It has a 10% chance of containing plans. Additionally, if you complete a mutated event with at least 3 Fallout 1st subscribers, you will receive the Mutated Party Pack with a 50% chance of containing plans. Both packs may also contain Holiday Scorched Gifts, Treasurehunter Pails, or Spooky Scorched Gift Bags.

The rewards found in these packs include:

  • Legendary Notes
  • Contextual ammunition
  • Rare plans
  • Mutation serum
  • Components: Screws, Cement, Lead, Gunpowder, Aluminum
  • Infusion Reagents (Ingredient for making Infusions)
  • New Legendary Weapons

Mutated Weapons Caption: Examples of Mutated Event Weapons

At double mutation events, you have a chance to obtain a double mutated package (20% chance of blueprints) or a double mutated party pack (100% chance of blueprints) if at least 3 Fallout 1st subscribers are present.

What New Blueprints are in the Mutated Events?

There are various rare and ultra-rare blueprints that you can acquire from Mutated Events. Some of these blueprints include:

  • Plan: Bear Arm
  • Plan: Bear Arm Heavy Mod
  • Plan: Bear Arm Penetrating Mod
  • Recipe: Stimpack diffuser
  • Plan: Ski Sword Ice Skate Blade
  • Plan: Deathclaw Gauntlet
  • Plan: Civil War Dress
  • Plan: Civil War Suit
  • Plan: Halloween Skeleton Mask
  • Plan: Skeleton Costume
  • Plan: Witch Costume
  • Plan: Witch Hat
  • Plan: Ski Suit
  • Plan: Civil War Hat
  • Plan: Confederate Hat
  • Plan: Radioactive Barrel
  • Plan: Protective Lining, Marine Underarmour
  • Plan: Shielding Lining, Marine Underarmour
  • Recipe: Cutting Fluid
  • Recipe: Disease Cure (Ash Heap)
  • Plan: Fixer
  • Plan: Raider Armor - Arms (Heavy)
  • Plan: Raider Armor - Legs (Heavy)
  • Plan: Raider Armor - Torso (Heavy)
  • Plan: Powerful Raider Arms
  • Plan: Powerful Raider Legs
  • Plan: Powerful Raider Torso
  • Plan: Raider Light Armor (Arms)
  • Plan: Raider Light Armor (Legs)
  • Plan: Raider Light Armor (Torso)
  • Plan: Light Metal Arms
  • Plan: Metal Armor - Arms (Heavy)
  • Plan: Metal Armor - Legs (Heavy)
  • Plan: Metal Armor - Torso (Heavy)
  • Plan: Light Metal Legs
  • Plan: Light Metal Torso
  • Plan: Light robot arms
  • Plan: Robot Armor - Right Arms (Heavy)
  • Plan: Robot Armor - Legs (Heavy)
  • Plan: Robot Armor - Torso (Heavy)
  • Plan: Light Robot Legs
  • Plan: Light robot torso

What are Infusions?

Infusions are a new utility introduced on the current PTS. They can be crafted at the lab workbench under the new Infusions item. Here are some key details about infusions:

  • Infusions have powerful effects for a short time.
  • Each infusion has multiple levels that increase the strength and duration of the effect.
  • Unlock higher infusion tiers by completing Lifetime Challenges for Mutated Events.

There are currently two different infusions:

  • Steel-Skin Infusion: Gain the effect of wearing power armor for a few minutes.
  • Healing Cloud Infusion: Send out a healing cloud that heals itself and nearby friendly players for several minutes.

Please note that as of the latest update, Fiery Infusions are not yet operational on the PTS.


Mutated Events bring a new level of excitement to the world of public events in [insert game name]. With their challenging mutations, unique rewards, and the opportunity to craft powerful infusions, these events offer a fresh experience for players. So, gather your friends and dive into the world of Mutated Events. We can't wait to see you there!

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