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Aisle Planner vs Honeybook vs Planning Pod: Finding the Perfect Wedding Planning Software

Disclaimer: The following review is based on our own extensive research and experience. We are not affiliated with Aisle Planner or Honeybook, and our goal is to provide an unbiased comparison of these platforms. Planning...

Disclaimer: The following review is based on our own extensive research and experience. We are not affiliated with Aisle Planner or Honeybook, and our goal is to provide an unbiased comparison of these platforms.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but with the right software, it can become a breeze. That's where Aisle Planner, Honeybook, and Planning Pod come in. These wedding planning software platforms offer a range of features designed to streamline the planning process and help you create the perfect event. In this article, we'll take a closer look at each platform, comparing their strengths, pricing, and intended audiences.

Aisle Planner

Who Is It For

Aisle Planner has been a popular choice among wedding professionals since its launch in 2013. This platform offers a variety of tools for planning and coordinating weddings, making it ideal for event planners, venues, and hospitality professionals.


Aisle Planner's pricing starts at $39.99 per month, which includes a capacity for 10 active projects/events. Like Planning Pod, their pricing is based on the number of events you are planning at any given time. All packages include unlimited users and onboarding.


Aisle Planner boasts a wide range of wedding planning tools, including timelines, budgets, tasks, style guides, guest management, wedding websites, and RSVPs. They also offer business and sales management tools like lead tracking, proposals/quotes, contracts/e-signatures, invoicing, and payments. Aisle Planner is one of the few platforms that provide its own event floor plan layout tool. Their user interface includes an event dashboard and financial reporting.

It's worth noting that Aisle Planner allows clients to be invited into an account to collaborate. However, they do not have a standalone "client portal" for clients to access and respond to emails.


Who Is It For

Honeybook markets itself as a business and project management tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of professions. Their platform caters to designers, event planners, photographers, production firms, and other microbusinesses.


Honeybook offers a base price of $32.50 per month (paid yearly) for unlimited team members. They also have an introductory package for $9 per month, but you are required to upgrade once you surpass $10,000 in transactions.


Honeybook focuses on small business management tools, including lead and client CRM, integrated email functionality, a client portal, task management, proposals, contracts, e-signatures, invoicing, and online payments.

Unlike Planning Pod and Aisle Planner, Honeybook does not offer event management tools like floor plan designs, timelines/itineraries, guest management, event budgets, and registration/RSVP management. They also lack venue management tools such as room/space management and food-and-beverage management.

It's important to note that Honeybook has its own payment processing system, which may not be suitable if you prefer to work with a different credit card payment processor.

Planning Pod

Who Is It For

Planning Pod is the perfect event management platform for wedding professionals, including event planners and wedding venue managers. Our founders have been creating tools for wedding professionals for over a decade, starting with wedding planning software for couples and planners back in 2007.

Planning Pod is also well-suited for event planners working outside of the wedding industry, managing parties, galas, celebrations, corporate/business meetings, and more. Additionally, it offers specialized packages for venue management, catering to a wide range of venues, from hotels and restaurants to unique spaces like museums and libraries.


Planning Pod's pricing for event and wedding planning software with business tools starts at $59 per month (paid yearly). This pricing includes all 20+ tools offered for event planning and management. Unlimited users, customer support, and live webinars are also included.

The pricing is tailored to the number of events you manage at any given time. You can choose a package with a lower event capacity if you have a smaller event load, or opt for a larger package to accommodate a larger event load. Planning Pod allows you to pay only for the event capacity that suits your needs. If you require a higher event capacity at any time, you can easily upgrade your account by contacting their support team.


Planning Pod is the ultimate all-in-one event management software for planning and managing weddings and other types of events, as well as running your wedding planning business or venue.

  1. Planning Pod's wedding planning tools are specifically designed to save you time and enhance your customer relationships. They offer time-saving functions, the flexibility to share tools with clients, and an intuitive online experience for engaged couples.

  2. The platform simplifies business management by providing powerful tools for client interaction. Planning Pod's Client Portal allows clients to view and sign documents, make payments, manage tasks, complete forms/questionnaires, upload files, view and edit floor plan designs, and more. The Communications tool provides a centralized inbox for all event-related emails.

  3. Planning Pod offers pre-built templates, automations, and customizations to simplify processes and save you time. The platform includes task management, timelines/itineraries, event floor plans, and budgets, all customizable to suit your needs.

  4. Planning Pod is not limited to weddings; it can handle any kind of event, from RSVP-style events to registration and ticketing events. Whether you plan weddings, parties, or corporate events, Planning Pod has you covered.

  5. For event venues, Planning Pod provides everything you need to manage wedding bookings effectively. Their venue management tools include booking management, room/space management, food-and-beverage management, and BEOs (Banquet Event Orders) and booking documents.

In summary, when it comes to wedding planning software, Aisle Planner, Honeybook, and Planning Pod all offer unique features and strengths. Aisle Planner is widely used and provides a range of wedding planning and business management tools. Honeybook focuses on small business management but lacks certain event and venue management features. Planning Pod excels in both event management and business tools, making it the perfect choice for wedding professionals and event venues.

We recommend taking the time to evaluate your specific business needs, trying out free trials of each platform, and conducting further research based on reliable reviews and comparisons. Ultimately, finding the right wedding planning software will help streamline your business and create unforgettable events. Get started with Planning Pod today and experience the benefits firsthand!