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Afloral Norfolk Pine Garland vs. Kirkland’s Norfolk Pine Garland: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Are you in a quandary between the Afloral Norfolk Pine Garland and Kirkland’s Norfolk Pine Garland? Both garlands offer a stunningly realistic faux look that mimics the beauty of natural norfolk pine garlands. With their...

Are you in a quandary between the Afloral Norfolk Pine Garland and Kirkland’s Norfolk Pine Garland? Both garlands offer a stunningly realistic faux look that mimics the beauty of natural norfolk pine garlands. With their immense popularity and consistent sell-out every year, it's safe to say that they are both exceptional options. In order to provide you with the best advice, I decided to order one of each this year. So, if you are torn between these two faux garland options, read on to discover which one emerges as the winner.

A Battle of the Greenery: Afloral vs. Kirkland’s

Last year, I found myself debating over these two faux Christmas garlands. However, due to my procrastination, they sold out before I could finalize my purchase. Determined not to miss out this time, I was ready and waiting to click "add to cart" as soon as they became available. Eventually, I managed to get my hands on the Afloral real touch norfolk pine garland and Kirkland’s norfolk pine natural touch garland.

Now that both garlands have arrived, I can't contain my excitement to share my full review! Upon seeing them in person, I was taken aback by an unexpected revelation that might surprise you too. Fear not, as I will elaborate on this matter. In a nutshell, if you desire the best faux norfolk pine garland for your home, this post is an absolute must-read!

Who Holds the Crown for the Best Faux Norfolk Pine Garland?

In this comprehensive review, I will provide up-close photos of both garlands in my home, showcasing their minute details, pricing, quality, appearance, texture, and my personal evaluation. However, if you are like me, you might not be willing to wait for the final verdict to find out which garland reigns supreme and earns my personal stamp of approval. Therefore, let me dispel the suspense—brace yourselves for this shocker: Afloral’s norfolk pine garland and Kirkland’s norfolk pine garland are identical! Yes, you heard it right. They are virtually indistinguishable. I had to leave the tags on while writing this review to ensure I didn't mix them up. That's how similar they are!

Afloral Norfolk Pine Garland vs. Kirkland’s Norfolk Pine Garland: A Detailed Comparison

Let the battle of the garlands begin! As I mentioned earlier, the two garlands I purchased are practically identical. However, I will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of each aspect for this review. But first, I felt compelled to share the fact that they are essentially the same garlands.

Best in Appearance & Quality: It’s a Tie!

Both Afloral's version and Kirkland's version exude captivating beauty in person. Since they are identical, it is safe to say that they possess an incredibly realistic look for faux garlands. The color variation throughout the greenery is perfect, and they are pliable, making it easy to shape and drape them over hooks or a mantel. The dark brown hook/handle adds an authentic touch, resembling an actual stem or branch. I couldn't be happier with the appearance of both garlands, and I must declare this category a tie for both Afloral and Kirkland’s. In terms of quality, both garlands are well-crafted, with the greenery securely attached. These are durable pieces that will grace our home for years to come!

Multiple Garland Length Options: Another Tie!

Kirkland’s and Afloral offer their norfolk pine garlands in two lengths: 5 feet and 15 feet. Regardless of the brand, you have the flexibility to choose the desired length that suits your needs. So, whether you prefer a shorter garland or desire an impressive display with a longer one, both Afloral and Kirkland’s have got you covered!

Best in Price: Kirkland’s Takes the Crown!

When it comes to pricing, there is a noticeable difference between the two garlands I purchased. The Afloral norfolk pine garland is priced approximately $20 higher compared to Kirkland's version. Since there are no discernible disparities between the two, Kirkland’s undoubtedly emerges as the winner in terms of affordability.

The Best Faux Norfolk Pine Garlands

Now that we have established the identical nature of these garlands, you may wonder about coordinating faux norfolk pine decor items. Fear not, for both Afloral and Kirkland’s offer a range of items that perfectly complement their respective garlands.

In this category, it is a little more subjective, as personal preference comes into play. So, let me share my thoughts on a few key items, but the final decision lies in your hands. Keep in mind that there is more variation between the brands in these items than in their garlands.

Norfolk Pine Stems

Both Kirkland’s and Afloral offer faux norfolk pine stems. From the photos, it is evident that they closely resemble the garlands featured in this post. Although I haven't seen them in person, based on the texture and price alone, I believe Kirkland’s wins in this category.

Norfolk Pine Wreaths

Kirkland’s presents various norfolk pine wreaths, including those adorned with red berries, lights, and even a flocked option. On the other hand, Afloral offers a traditional, plain faux norfolk pine wreath. Personally, I appreciate the simple elegance of Afloral's wreath, making it the winner in terms of aesthetics.

Norfolk Pine Mini Trees

Both Kirkland’s and Afloral offer faux mini norfolk pine trees in various sizes. Each tree exudes beauty, so the choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences regarding size and price.

Norfolk Pine Deluxe 72-inch Garland

While both garlands featured in this post are beautiful and identical, there is one more option you might consider if you're aiming for a lush and full garland. Afloral offers a deluxe version of their norfolk pine garland, which measures 6 feet in length—1 foot longer than the original—and boasts twice the fullness. It is undeniably a splurge, but the stunning visuals it provides might be worth the extra cost. Whether or not you find it worthwhile is subjective.

My Honest Conclusion

Initially, I intended to consider Kirkland’s garland as a "dupe" for Afloral’s norfolk pine garland—a look-alike or knock-off version. However, that would be an injustice to Kirkland’s. In reality, both brands offer equally remarkable garlands, with no discernible differences. (In fact, I plan to return my Afloral garland and purchase a few more of Kirkland’s!) Therefore, take my word for it or conduct your own comparison in the comfort of your home.

If you're interested in seeing how I styled these norfolk pine garlands for Christmas, head to this post for a glimpse into our French country farmhouse bedroom, adorned with vintage toile and wintery greens.

I hope this post has been helpful and has added a touch of holiday cheer to your day. Thank you for visiting the blog today, and until next time...

Love, Brittany