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A Complete Guide to Art Deco Wedding Invitations and Design Inspiration

Nothing exudes glamour quite like Art Deco design. Its bold lines, geometric patterns, and metallic accents elevate any event and create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere. If you want to share your love story in...

Art Deco wedding invitation: sample wedding invitations from Greenvelope

Nothing exudes glamour quite like Art Deco design. Its bold lines, geometric patterns, and metallic accents elevate any event and create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere. If you want to share your love story in a stylish and sophisticated way, an Art Deco wedding is the perfect choice.

How to Design the Ultimate Art Deco Wedding

Art Deco wedding invitation: top view of a beautifully decorated wedding table

Art Deco is a design style that emerged in the early 1920s. Known for its geometric shapes, bold lines, and rich colors, it is synonymous with luxury and glamour. To design your dream Art Deco wedding, focus on glamorous and sophisticated decor. Whether you're hosting a backyard wedding or an indoor celebration, incorporate sumptuous fabrics like velvet and sleek, cool-to-the-touch pieces, such as a glass bar.

Geometric prints are essential for an Art Deco wedding. Pair gilded silverware with geometric print napkins for a simple touch, or create a DIY copper geometric wedding arch or backdrop for a more dramatic statement. Metallics are key in Art Deco style, so embrace shimmery gold, copper, rose gold, and silver accents. Neutral shades like grey, cream, and black provide the perfect backdrop, but you can add pops of rich, dark jewel tones like emerald and ruby for more color.

The style also incorporates sophisticated vintage items. Look for vintage metallic candlesticks to use as centerpieces, a vintage bar cart for a touch of whimsy during cocktail hour, and an antique mirror to greet guests in style as they arrive. And don't forget to add velvet elements like napkin rings or tablecloths to enhance the Art Deco or Art Nouveau ambiance.

Art Deco Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

When it comes to Art Deco celebrations, the font and phrasing you choose for your wedding invitations can tie everything together. Look for typography that suits Art Deco style, such as fonts with straight, smooth lines and hard edges, or fonts with exaggerated curves for a more elegant look.

For formal events, address the invitations using full names and include any professional titles if applicable. Specify who's hosting the wedding, the dress code, and include RSVP cards. For more casual affairs or minimonies, you can use first names or nicknames of guests if desired. Remember to include the basics like the time, location, and date of the big day.

You can also include sayings or quotes in your Art Deco wedding invitation. Quotes from "The Great Gatsby" can help set the scene for an Art Deco wedding. Here are a few favorites:

  • "And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, we invite you to witness our union in holy matrimony."
  • "I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything. Be a part of our love story as we invite you to join our celebration on September 20th."
  • "There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice. Join us in celebrating our unique love story on our wedding day."

Art Deco Wedding Invitation Inspiration

At Greenvelope, we offer a wide selection of wedding invitation suites, including wedding invites, save the date cards, engagement party invitations, bridal shower invitations, and rehearsal dinner invitations. Each design is entirely customizable, allowing you to change the typography and color to suit your specific theme. You can even upload your own design to make it truly unique. Here are some of our favorite Art Deco wedding invitation designs to inspire you:

1. Art Deco Diamond Invitation

Art Deco Diamond Invitation Caption: This Great Gatsby wedding invitation features radiating lines in shimmering gold foil, combining elegance and vintage charm.

2. Modern Art Deco Invitation

Modern Art Deco Invitation Caption: This Art Deco invite is available in various colors and features gold, silver, or rose gold accents for a touch of glamour.

3. Deco Diamond Invitation

Deco Diamond Invitation Caption: This gold wedding invitation exudes luxe sophistication and glamour, perfect for a vintage-inspired 1920s wedding or modern Art Deco design.

4. Simple Art Deco Invitation

Simple Art Deco Invitation Caption: This simple Art Deco invitation suits both extravagant and casual weddings, offering bold lines and a touch of glamour with gold foil accents.

5. Pearl Starburst Invitation

Pearl Starburst Invitation Caption: This wedding stationery takes a colorful approach to Art Deco design, with gold foil framing the important details against various background colors.

6. Fountain Lovebirds Invitation

Fountain Lovebirds Invitation Caption: This fun wedding invite features a retro design with sweet lovebirds on a fountain, perfect for sharing your love story and complementing Great Gatsby party decor.

7. Art Gallery Invitation

Art Gallery Invitation Caption: This modern Art Deco invite is bold and eye-catching, featuring strong angles and muted geometric designs, allowing for personalization with various typography and color options.

Go Glam With an Art Deco Wedding

Host the ultimate Art Deco wedding with these design ideas and invitation inspiration. From velvet furniture and metallic accents to geometric backdrops, you can create the vintage and glamorous wedding of your dreams. With stunning Art Deco wedding invitations from Greenvelope, you'll set the scene for a glamorous and gorgeous day. For more wedding inspiration, continue browsing the Stationers blog, where you'll find party decor ideas, wedding etiquette, and planning tips.