8 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Hosting a virtual Christmas party can feel quite different from hosting an in-person event. Instead of focusing on festive decorations and table settings, you find yourself wondering how to make your virtual celebration feel special...

Virtual Christmas party ideas: woman hugging her gift while on a video call

Hosting a virtual Christmas party can feel quite different from hosting an in-person event. Instead of focusing on festive decorations and table settings, you find yourself wondering how to make your virtual celebration feel special and memorable.

To help you plan the best virtual get-together this season, we have compiled a list of virtual Christmas party ideas. Whether you are hosting a party for your friends or a holiday office party, our mini-guide will provide you with plenty of options to create a warm and festive atmosphere, even if you are miles apart.

How to Host a Virtual Christmas Party

Before you gather your loved ones on a video call, there are a few essential steps you need to take. Here are some virtual Christmas party ideas to get you started.

Choose a Theme

While a theme is not necessary for a Christmas party, it can add an exciting touch. Consider a celebration inspired by your favorite holiday movie, festive clothing such as ugly Christmas sweaters, or even a cozy Christmas pajama party. Your chosen theme can guide your playlist of holiday songs, games, activities, and even mailed gifts.

Plan a Few Activities

No Christmas party is complete without games and activities. To bring your virtual celebration to life, plan a handful of activities that everyone can participate in. Popular options include at-home scavenger hunts, quizzes, bingo, and party games like charades and Pictionary. If there are children joining your video call, you can even consider a festive disco, sing-off, or a virtual visit from Santa Claus. For more ideas, check out the list below.

Select a Date and Time

This time of year can get busy quickly, so it's important to set your party date early in the month or work around existing schedules. For casual events with friends, choose a date that is within the holiday season but not too close to the main celebration days. For a family gathering, consider meeting virtually on Christmas Day to recreate some of that holiday magic. Alternatively, a late-night Christmas Eve happy hour event with festive drinks can be a fun option. Take into account everyone's availability and find a date and time that works best for all.

Invite Your Christmas Party Guests

Once you have the basics of your virtual get-together planned out, it's time to build your guest list and send out party invitations. For a seamless virtual Christmas party celebration, digital holiday party invitations are the way to go. You can easily share links to your video call platform, communicate with guests about the details, and have them RSVP all in one place. Consider using Greenvelope for a wide variety of holiday party invitations that can be transformed into virtual invites and customized with your own colors and wording.

Our Favorite Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Ready to plan an epic virtual Christmas party? Here are some of our most-loved holiday party games and virtual holiday party ideas to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

1. Host a Christmas Movie Watch Party

Get into the holiday spirit by hosting an old-fashioned movie-watching party. Gather virtually, ask your guests to turn down the lights, and watch a Christmas movie together while enjoying some popcorn and eggnog. You can choose a favorite Christmas movie or ask your guests for suggestions ahead of time.

2. Play Festive Bingo

One of the best Christmas games to play together is a few rounds of bingo. It's a game that anyone can join, from your little cousin to your young-at-heart grandma. Create a fun, festive-themed version using Christmas imagery. If you're sending gifts by mail, include a party package that includes games like free printable Christmas bingo cards.

3. Arrange a Christmas Gift Exchange

While you can't meet in person to exchange gifts, you can still share holiday cheer with a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange. Have your guests sign up to a list or service like Elfster, pair them off, and ask them to create wishlists. Set a budget, mail the gifts on time, and open them together during your virtual event.

4. Host a Virtual Cookie Decorating Party

Create a care package loaded with gingerbread or holiday cookies that need to be decorated. Include icing, candy, and hot cocoa mix. Send the goodies at least a week in advance of your celebration so that your guests can decorate their cookies during the virtual party.

5. Have an Ugly Sweater Contest

Ask your guests to show up in their favorite ugly festive sweater and award a prize for the best, funniest, or most awful design. You can make it a DIY contest by sending marker pens and accessories in the mail for your guests to decorate their sweaters ahead of the party.

6. Sing Christmas Carols

Put singing on your virtual Christmas party ideas list. Ask your guests for their favorite carols or songs before the day, and put together links to lyric sheets to share during the party. You can have a traditional round of carols or even host a karaoke session.

7. Play a Holiday Trivia Quiz

Put together a list of trivia questions all about Christmas and the holiday season. Create rounds based on festive songs, holiday movies, seasonal food, and more. Keep score as you play and select a winner at the end of the game.

8. Send Gifts by Mail

Prepare your gifts ahead of time and mail them out so that your guests can open them during the virtual event. Consider sending everyone a Santa hat, too, to snap fun photos during the party. If sending gifts by mail isn't practical, you can always include a gift card alongside your online invitations.

Let These Virtual Christmas Party Ideas Help You Celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Transform your standard video call into an exciting, fun-filled holiday extravaganza with these virtual Christmas party ideas. Whether you're watching holiday movies, decorating cookies, donning ugly Christmas sweaters, or singing carols, you're sure to create lasting memories. Once you have your virtual Christmas party ideas planned out, excite your guests by sending out wonderfully themed virtual holiday party invitations.