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8 Best Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheets to Plan Your Perfect Day

Planning a wedding involves a lot of budgeting and keeping track of expenses. From guest lists to seating arrangements to vendors, it can be overwhelming. But don't worry, there are plenty of helpful wedding planning...

Planning a wedding involves a lot of budgeting and keeping track of expenses. From guest lists to seating arrangements to vendors, it can be overwhelming. But don't worry, there are plenty of helpful wedding planning spreadsheets available to make the process easier. We have compiled a list of the best wedding budget spreadsheets that will help you plan your perfect day without breaking the bank.

Free Wedding Budget Template by Katie Jakub for Google Sheets

wedding planning spreadsheet 2 Image source: starevent.vn

Katie Jakub, a budget-conscious bride-to-be, created a comprehensive wedding budget spreadsheet to track all her expenses. This spreadsheet includes categories such as wedding budget, addresses for invitations, seating chart, vendor contact sheet, and more. The best part is that she decided to share this template for free with Femme Frugality audiences. You can download it by providing your email.

Free Wedding Budget Template by Offbeat Bride for Google Sheets

Offbeat Bride also offers a fantastic free wedding budget template. Although it doesn't include some features like a DJ page or countdown clock, it compensates with additional pages such as hotel block comparison, point-of-contact list, venue comparison chart, and packing list. You can make a copy of the spreadsheet under the "File" menu to customize it according to your wedding planning goals.

Free, Interactive Wedding Planning Spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel

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After the Wedding provides a free interactive wedding planning spreadsheet that offers similar features to the Jakub and Offbeat Bride spreadsheets. It has the added advantage of in-document linking, which allows easy access to different data sets without scrolling. However, if your wedding is happening after 2020, you might need to rewrite the calendar function using Excel skills.

Wedding Budget by a Professional Wedding Planner

If you want insights from a professional wedding planner, you should check out the free wedding budgeting spreadsheet shared by Always Andri Wedding Design, run by Bridal Musings' wedding expert. This spreadsheet provides a glimpse into the budget line items that professionals consider important.

All the Wedding Planning Spreadsheets

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A Practical Wedding offers not just a wedding budget spreadsheet, but an entire suite of free wedding planning spreadsheets. This includes a complete wedding workbook for formal and DIY weddings, a wedding checklist, vendor contact list, guest list, day-of timeline, photography shot list, and more. You can explore all the options in the suite by providing your email.

Bridal Checklist Spreadsheet for Excel

If you're unsure where to start with your wedding planning, Castle Hall Creative offers a free bridal checklist spreadsheet. It provides helpful tips and a timeline from a year out to a week before the wedding. Although it focuses on tasks rather than an in-depth budget, it can keep you organized throughout the planning process.

Wedding Venue Comparison Spreadsheet

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The venue cost is one of the major expenses in a wedding. To help you make a well-informed decision, The Budget Savvy Bride offers a free venue comparison spreadsheet. This spreadsheet allows you to compare costs and save money on your wedding venue.

Everything but the Budget

If you have already found your ideal wedding budget spreadsheet but still need assistance with the other planning details, My Spreadsheet Lab's Wedding Planning Spreadsheet might be perfect for you. It suggests basics and can be easily customized to fit your events and tasks. Additionally, you can log guest contact information and create a seating chart.

Bonus: Manage Your Wedding Budget with Tiller

If you want to manage your wedding budget with ease, Tiller is the perfect solution. With its fast and user-friendly interface, Tiller automatically updates your financial transactions into Google Sheets or Excel. It keeps your wedding budget updated, organized, and easy to understand, without the hassle of data entry or dealing with multiple accounts. Sign up for a completely free 30-day trial, and enjoy the flexibility and support Tiller offers to make your wedding planning a breeze.

By using these free wedding budget spreadsheets, you can stay organized, track your expenses, and ultimately plan your perfect day without the stress of overspending. Happy planning!