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7 Wedding Invitation Inspirations for a Nautical Knot-Tying

You've always been captivated by the allure and abundance of the sea. Whether you have a deep love for the boating lifestyle, reside in a seaside community, or simply want to exchange vows near the...

You've always been captivated by the allure and abundance of the sea. Whether you have a deep love for the boating lifestyle, reside in a seaside community, or simply want to exchange vows near the water, a nautical-themed wedding allows you to express your shared passion for the waterside while staying true to your unique love story.

"A nautical wedding reflects the styles, textures, and lifestyle of the harbor, seaside, or boating life," says Rosemary Hattenbach, the creative director and principal owner of Rosemary Events, an event planning studio. "I encourage couples to tap into one aspect that inspires them and make it authentic to the location or their relationship."

To bring this special wedding theme to life, Rosemary incorporates colors and patterns of the sea, including shades of blue and white, striped motifs, and accents of orange. "We contrast these details with textures such as sailcloth, heavy weight rope, net, and industrial metals such as anchors, chains, and a compass," she explains.

Nautical Wedding Invitations

Before your big day arrives, your wedding invitations offer a chance to unveil your unique nautical theme. Will you go for classic invitations with a hint of the sea or fully embrace nautical-themed stationery?

Classic motifs and designs that perfectly complement a nautical-themed wedding invitation include stripes, nautical flags, rope detailing, and illustrations of a compass, anchor, or ship wheel. Rosemary also suggests incorporating canvas textures, oars, or vintage Chris Craft boats with wood accents.

To help you create your nautical wedding invitations, we've curated a selection of our favorite sea-inspired designs that boast maritime aesthetics.

Bold Union

The Bold Union wedding invitation exudes chic and contemporary elegance with its nautical-inspired blue and white striped border. Crafted by Petite Lemon, this beautiful stationery features lovely script and an anchor symbol that represents your steadfast love for one another and shared passion for the sea. If white and blue doesn't match your color palette, this invitation is also available in yellow and bright orange. Personalize the Bold Union wedding invitation with the details of your big day.

Bold Union Wedding Invitation Caption: The Bold Union wedding invitation showcases a nautical-inspired blue and white striped border, perfect for your nautical knot-tying celebration.

Forever in Love

Forever in Love is an elegant and contemporary wedding invitation featuring a soft watercolor illustration of waves that fade from light blue to navy blue. With the words "love always" showcased in cursive gold script, this stunning stationery hints at a romantic waterside setting, ideal for a nautical-themed affair. Designed by Yours Truly, this invitation is also available in sea green and soft pink. Customize the Forever in Love wedding invitation with your wedding day information.

Beautiful Border

Embrace the deep blue sea and your intense love with the Beautiful Border wedding invitation designed by Stacy Claire Boyd. Featuring a stylish bracket trim, this maritime-inspired wedding stationery showcases bold white font and soft peach script that creates a modern look to match your yacht, beach, or nautical-themed wedding. You can also order it in peach or sea green. Order the Beautiful Border wedding invitation for your friends and family.

Painted Blooms

Are you planning to tie the knot at a yacht club or a seaside resort? The impressive Painted Blooms wedding invitation, designed by Stacy Claire Boyd, is a perfect match for any upscale nautical-inspired wedding. With a border of loose flowers in chic nautical hues of navy blue and gold, this sophisticated stationery comes with an ocean blue envelope that completes your elegant maritime theme. Invite your loved ones to your wedding day with the Painted Blooms wedding invitation.

Stylishly Striped

Sea green and white stripes border the delicate nautical wedding invitation designed by Yours Truly. The Stylishly Striped stationery features a contemporary look that suits any casual boat, yacht, or seaside wedding. The beauty of this template lies in its customization options, allowing you to match the color palette to your unique scheme. Purchase the Stylishly Striped wedding invitation in time for your big day.

Refined Monogram

The Refined Monogram wedding invitation is an elegant template that enables you to upload your own nautical-inspired photograph within a chic white border. This stationery is the perfect choice if you're planning an engagement or special sea-inspired photo shoot for your invitations. Along with beautiful cursive script and a customizable color palette, the design features a lovely wreath around your initials.

Forever More

An elegant soft blue wedding invitation with the word "forever" boldly scrawled across the top serves as a lovely nautical invitation for your laid-back boat or seaside wedding. Designed by Yours Truly, the Forever More wedding invitation is simple yet sophisticated, evoking serene blue waters and calm skies. Send the Forever More wedding invitation to your friends and family.

Personalized Nautical Wedding Invitations

Shutterfly offers a stunning collection of nautical wedding invitations that are simple to customize. Select the design you love the most and personalize it with your custom color palette, favorite trim, and preferred type of paper. The design possibilities are endless, making it easy to create unique wedding invitations that reflect your nautical theme and express the essence of your relationship.

"Depending on how you choose to express your theme, a wedding invitation holds the power to generate excitement for your big day," advises Rosemary Hattenbach, creative director of Rosemary Events.

Five Free Wedding Invitation Samples

Finding the perfect wedding invitations takes time. Let us help you find your match. As you narrow down your search, don't forget to order five free samples from Shutterfly. Seeing and feeling the designs in person will give you the confidence to trust your heart in making the right choice.

Your nautical-themed wedding invites are more than just pieces of paper. They serve as a delightful prelude to your special day, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration of your love by the water. So, dive into the ocean of possibilities and create the perfect nautical wedding invitations that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.