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7 Essential PPT Templates for Engaging Strategic Planning Presentations

Creating a presentation deck on strategic topics can be challenging. It's crucial to convey the big picture in a way that resonates with everyone involved. By replacing text blocks with easy-to-follow infographics, you can effectively...

Creating a presentation deck on strategic topics can be challenging. It's crucial to convey the big picture in a way that resonates with everyone involved. By replacing text blocks with easy-to-follow infographics, you can effectively communicate long-term and strategic planning concepts.

Strategy Management Pillars Graphics

The metaphor of ancient columns is often used to present foundational elements that hold a building. In the example below, the pillars of business excellence represent core values and form the foundation for the company's vision.

strategy-management-pillars-infographic-diagram-ppt-template Strategy Management Pillars Infographic Diagram PPT Template

You can use pillars to present various concepts such as the foundation your company was built on, your vision and mission, key values, core principles, and project plan essentials.

Roadmap Diagram Templates for Clear Vision and Goals

A well-designed roadmap is like a GPS for your business or project. It visually communicates your vision and the steps required to achieve it. Roadmap diagrams are excellent tools for showcasing yearly or quarterly goals, project steps, and phases of your plan.

roadmap diagrams for strategic planning Roadmap Diagrams for Strategic Planning

Roadmaps don't necessarily have to contain a "road" image; they can be visualized as tables too. Whether you're discussing product development, sharing responsibilities, or tracking projects across departments, roadmap tables can help illustrate these concepts effectively.

Vision & Mission Presentation Diagrams

Every company has a mission - a reason for its existence, and a vision - a striking statement that clarifies the business's meaning and purpose. To emphasize the importance of these statements and differentiate your company, try using creative and fresh designs for your vision and mission slides.

Vision Mission Presentation Diagrams Vision Mission Presentation Diagrams

For more ideas on presenting these statements, check out our collection of slides that illustrate vision, mission, and values.

Business Model Canvas Template

The Business Model Canvas framework is a strategic management tool used to describe and alter existing business models, as well as develop new ones. It allows you to see the big picture of your core activities, resources, and partners.

Business Model Canvas Template for KPI Business Model Canvas Template for KPI

Visualizing the Business Model Canvas without cluttering the slide helps you keep the audience's attention and convey your ideas clearly.

Go-To-Market Strategy Plan Framework

A go-to-market strategy is a tactical action plan that outlines the necessary steps to deliver a unique value proposition to customers and gain a competitive advantage in a new market. It can be applied to launching products, re-launching your company, or building your brand.

go-to-market-strategy-plan-framework-diagrams-ppt-template Go-To-Market Strategy Plan Framework

Use these graphics to design a framework for your go-to-market strategy, describe the competitive landscape, visualize your targeted customer profile, present financial highlights, illustrate key milestones, and describe the key success factors of your expansion strategy.

Business Recovery Plan Graphics Template

If you are working on a business recovery or transformation plan, it's crucial to illustrate key business challenges, trends, and your crisis management strategy in a clear and informative manner.

business-recovery-plan-covid-pandemic-crisis-management-transformation-strategic-planning-ppt Business Recovery Plan Graphics Template

These slides can be used to describe phases of business reaction, visualize methods for reshaping future ways of working, present contingency plans, highlight digitalization strategies, cover responsibility and sustainability aspects, illustrate the circular economy model, explain areas of "remotization," and summarize digital co-working success elements.

Gap Analysis Types and Tools Presentation

Gap analysis compares actual performance and results with expectations. It helps evaluate current results and identify necessary improvements to close the gap and reach desired performance levels.

gap-analysis-diagrams-ppt-template for strategic planning-position-current-desired Gap Analysis Diagrams PPT Template

Our Gap Analysis Diagrams deck includes templates to show the concept of gap analysis, its benefits and types, brand perception and customer experience gaps, efficiency gap benchmarks, and more.


When designing your strategic planning presentations, remember that a simple visual metaphor can convey a complex message effectively. Infographics and visuals don't have to be overcomplicated; choose a good visual metaphor such as pillars, road, mountain, gap and bridge, target bullseye, or DNA helix.

For more design ideas and examples of presenting strategic planning topics, visit our blog.

Explore the complete collection of presentation graphics about long-term planning and business strategies topics in the Strategic and Long-term Planning PowerPoint Templates collection.

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Remember, consistency is key when combining slides from different sources. It will make your presentation look more professional and help you make a lasting impact on your audience.