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The 7 Best Conference Apps: Transforming Event Experiences

Conference apps have revolutionized the way we attend events, making them more efficient, enjoyable, and memorable. These apps offer a range of features that enhance the conference experience and help attendees make the most of...

Conference apps can help make events more efficient, enjoyable, and memorable for all involved with the help of their features.

Conference apps have revolutionized the way we attend events, making them more efficient, enjoyable, and memorable. These apps offer a range of features that enhance the conference experience and help attendees make the most of their time at the event. In this article, we will introduce you to the seven best conference apps that are a must-have for event attendees and organizers alike.

What is a Conference App?

A conference app is a mobile application that provides participants with easy access to information and resources related to a specific conference or event. It allows attendees to access event schedules, speaker information, maps and directions, attendee lists, and other crucial details. Conference apps offer various features and benefits, such as personalized calendars, real-time notifications, and engagement metrics measurement, making them an essential tool for event planners.

Conference apps can enhance the attendee experience by providing a centralized platform for all event-related information such as the agenda, speakers’ profiles, session details, and networking opportunities.

The 7 Best Conference Apps That Are a Must-Know

The digital era has made event applications a necessity rather than a luxury. Here are the seven best conference apps that will transform your next event:

1. Whova

Whova is a user-friendly conference app that offers a range of features to enhance the attendee experience, from networking opportunities to real-time interaction with speakers and fellow attendees.

Whova is an all-in-one event management platform that offers features such as event registration, agenda management, networking tools, and more. Attendees can easily access event information, customized schedules, real-time updates, and networking opportunities through Whova's user-friendly mobile app.

Use cases - Whova benefits event organizers seeking a comprehensive platform to manage their events. Meanwhile, attendees benefit from numerous features that make exploring and interacting with other participants easy.

Cost - Free of Cost


  • AI-powered system for tailored schedule recommendations
  • Networking features for easy interaction
  • Real-time alerts on schedule changes and updates
  • Interactive elements for higher engagement
  • Digital copies of event programs for sustainability

2. Attendify

Attendify offers real-time interaction during the conference, such as live polling, Q&A sessions, and chat rooms.

Attendify is a mobile event app that enhances the attendee experience with features like agendas, speaker profiles, social network integration, and real-time chat. Attendees can connect with others, create personalized calendars, and access event information easily through Attendify.

Use cases - Attendify helps event planners build a branded mobile app for their events, making it easier to explore and communicate with other participants.

Cost - Attendify provides various membership options with fees ranging from $200 to $5,000 or more, depending on the event's scope and features.


  • Customized itineraries based on interests
  • Networking tools for easy connections
  • Real-time information on event modifications
  • Engaging interactive elements
  • Deep data analytics for future event improvements

3. Pathable

Pathable is available as a mobile app and web platform, providing attendees with flexibility in how they access conference information and engage with other attendees.

Pathable is a virtual and hybrid event platform that offers features like gamification, attendee networking tools, and virtual event hosting. Attendees can access event information, custom timetables, and virtual meeting rooms through Pathable's mobile app and web platform.

Use cases - Pathable is ideal for event planners looking to hold virtual or hybrid events and provide attendees with networking opportunities, real-time updates, and exciting content.

Cost - Pricing options vary based on the number of attendees and features required. Basic plans start at $1,999 for up to 250 people.


  • Tailored attendee profiles
  • Networking tools for easy connections
  • Virtual breakout rooms for one-on-one or group meetings
  • Thorough analytics for future event improvements

4. SwapCard

Swapcard allows organizers to customize the app’s branding to match the event’s branding and theme, providing a seamless experience for attendees.

SwapCard is an event platform that creates a lively event atmosphere with features like live streaming, networking tools, gamification, and virtual event hosting.

Use cases - SwapCard is perfect for event planners wishing to stage virtual or hybrid events and provide attendees with an immersive and engaging experience.

Cost - Pricing options range from $0.99 to $12.99 per participant, depending on the event's size and features.


  • AI-powered matchmaking for relevant connections
  • Customizable branding for a seamless experience
  • Interactive elements for participant engagement
  • Virtual breakout sessions for meetings
  • Deep insights into attendee engagement and behavior

5. Bizzabo

Bizzabo provides organizers with tools to market their events, including email campaigns, social media promotion, and personalized event websites.

Bizzabo is a robust event platform that simplifies event preparation and improves the attendee experience with features like networking tools, event website creation, and ticket selling.

Use cases - Bizzabo is helpful for event planners who want to simplify the planning process and provide attendees with a fun and engaging experience.

Cost - Annual price options start at $7,500 for up to 1,000 participants.


  • All-in-one platform for seamless event management
  • Marketing automation tools for event promotion
  • Real-time performance data analysis
  • Integration with popular event platforms
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access to event information

6. EventMobi

EventMobi offers gamification features, such as leaderboards, scavenger hunts, and challenges, to increase attendee engagement and participation.

EventMobi is an event technology platform that creates engaging and tailored event experiences with features such as gamification, configurable event apps, and live polling.

Use cases - EventMobi is helpful for planners who want to provide visitors with a fully immersive event experience.

Cost - Pricing options start at $1,499 per year for up to 100 participants.


  • Customizable event applications for a branded experience
  • Registration and ticketing components
  • Live polling and Q&A for interactive sessions
  • Gamification features for attendee engagement
  • Sponsor and exhibitor management services

7. Brella

Brella offers organizers detailed event analytics and reporting features that provide insights into attendee engagement, satisfaction, and networking activities.

Brella is an event networking application that facilitates interaction and engagement among event attendees with features like networking lounges and one-on-one video conferencing.

Use Cases - Brella helps event planners foster networking and connections among attendees, boosting engagement and participation.

Cost - Prices start at $799 for up to 100 participants.


  • AI-powered matching system for relevant connections
  • Personalized agenda creation
  • One-on-one video meetings
  • Virtual networking spaces
  • Detailed event analytics for data-driven improvements

Benefits of the Best Conference Apps

Conference apps offer numerous benefits for both organizers and attendees, from improved event planning to increased engagement and networking opportunities.

Using conference apps can greatly enhance the conference experience for attendees. Here are some key benefits:

  • Quick access to information: Conference apps provide immediate access to event details, helping attendees make the most of their time.
  • Customized experience: Apps allow attendees to personalize their schedules and receive tailored suggestions based on interests.
  • Real-time updates: Stay informed with real-time notifications about schedule changes and other important information.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with other participants, arrange meetings, and expand professional networks.
  • Engagement boost: Interactive elements like live polling and Q&A sessions increase attendee engagement.
  • Sustainability: Digital event programs reduce paper waste, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Key Features of the Best Conference Apps

Conference apps are designed to enhance the attendee experience, provide valuable information, and facilitate networking and engagement opportunities.

To identify effective conference apps, look for the following key features:

  • User-friendly interface: An intuitive interface for easy navigation and information discovery.
  • Personalized schedule: The ability to customize your agenda and stay organized.
  • Real-time information exchange: Instant updates on schedule changes and important announcements.
  • Networking tools: Easy ways to connect with other attendees and arrange meetings.
  • Interactive maps: Navigate the event location and find specific sessions and events.
  • Speaker information: Access speaker biographies and presentation materials.
  • Surveys and feedback: Provide feedback to help improve future events.

Attending a conference or organizing an event can be challenging, but with the right conference app, it can become a rewarding experience. These apps enhance engagement, networking, and offer valuable event information. By utilizing the latest technology, organizers can create more productive and efficient events, ensuring attendees get the most out of their conference or event.