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65 Unique Wedding Themes That Will Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality

If you're in the midst of wedding planning, you've probably come across numerous articles on how to choose a wedding theme. While it's not mandatory to have a theme for your big day, selecting one...

If you're in the midst of wedding planning, you've probably come across numerous articles on how to choose a wedding theme. While it's not mandatory to have a theme for your big day, selecting one can add a touch of personality and uniqueness to the event. Plus, having a central idea can make all other decisions flow effortlessly. So, if you're feeling inspired and curious about wedding themes, we've gathered 65 incredible ideas just for you!

A Journey Through Time

  1. Ancient Greece: Host a wedding fit for gods and goddesses with gold filigree, extravagant centerpieces, and dainty arm cuffs. Ancient Greece Photo by Eric K Choi Photography via Wedluxe

  2. Eighteenth Century: Indulge in the elegance of Marie Antoinette and the 18th-century aesthetic. Transport your guests to a whimsical world filled with vibrant colors and magical décor. Eighteenth Century Photo by Axioo via Rock N Roll Bride

  3. The 20s: Step into the Roaring Twenties with authentic 1920s fashion, candlelit dining, and vintage lace tablecloths. Create a wedding straight out of an heirloom scrapbook. The 20s Photo by Josh Goleman of The Wedding Artists Co. via 100 Layer Cake

  4. The 70s: Embrace the disco era with a chic 70s-themed wedding. Incorporate orange and berry hues into your décor and dance the night away on a sparkly dance floor. The 70s Photo by Lara Hotz Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

  5. The 80s: Put a twist on the typical neon 80s theme by opting for a Miami Vice-inspired color palette. Mix holographic and geometric designs for a modern and edgy feel. The 80s Photo by Cameron Ingalls via Green Wedding Shoes

  6. The 90s: Channel your inner 90s kid with table numbers featuring popular sayings, a Nintendo station for guests to enjoy, and a reception held in a converted gymnasium. The 90s Photo by Elaine Palladino Photography via Every Last Detail

All About Style

  1. Midcentury Modern: Capture the retro feel of midcentury modern with minimalist elements and pops of midcentury design. Add lush greenery for a touch of garden freshness. Midcentury Modern Photo by Peakography via Rock N Roll Bride

  2. Cogs and Gears: Combine industrial and steampunk vibes with the cogs and gears theme. Achieve a vintage feel with an edgy twist that's sure to impress. Cogs and Gears Photo by Cameron Ingalls via Green Wedding Shoes

  3. Great Gatsby Meets Steampunk: Blend the opulence of The Great Gatsby with the edginess of steampunk. Incorporate vintage furniture, classic cars, and unique steampunk elements. Great Gatsby Meets Steampunk Photo by Chellise Michael Photography via Ruffled Blog

  4. Vintage Circus: Step into the big top with a vintage circus-themed wedding. Fascinators, classic circus fun, and perhaps even some stilt walkers or acrobats will make your day unforgettable. Vintage Circus Photo by Cameron Ingalls via Green Wedding Shoes

Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. Harry Potter: Transport your friends and family to Hogwarts with a magical Harry Potter wedding. Decorate with mystical elements and encourage guests to dress up as their favorite characters. Harry Potter Photo by Nirav Patel via Green Wedding Shoes

  2. Wes Anderson: Pay tribute to the iconic director Wes Anderson by infusing your wedding with his signature pastel color palette. Transform your celebration into a whimsical movie set. Wes Anderson Photo by Konstantin Semenikhin via Mon Cheri Bridals

  3. Alice in Wonderland: Create your very own wonderland by mixing elegance and eclectic whimsy. Incorporate timepieces, teacups, and larger-than-life blooms to achieve a fantastical feel. Alice in Wonderland Photo by Konstantin Semenikhin via Mon Cheri Bridals

  4. Wizardry and Whimsy: Infuse your wedding with small whimsical and wizardry details to create a magical atmosphere. Add touches like Cauldron Cakes for a subtle nod to the wizarding world. Wizardry and Whimsy Photo by Katie Pritchard via Green Wedding Shoes

  5. Superhero: Embrace your inner superhero by incorporating your favorite characters into your wedding. From boutonnières adorned with tiny superhero figurines to playful details, let your love for superheroes shine. Superhero Photo by Katie Pritchard via Green Wedding Shoes

  6. Game of Thrones: Live out your favorite TV show with a Game of Thrones wedding. Dress in capes and swords, but let's hope your wedding turns out happier than the show! Game of Thrones Photo by Karl Verkade Photography via Offbeat Bride

Rustic Charms

  1. Farm: Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with an intimate and simplistic farm wedding. Embrace the countryside beauty and invite some farm animals to join the party. Farm Photo by Jorge Santiago Photography via A Practical Wedding

  2. Southwestern: Combine Texas roots with Mexican influences for a colorful and charming Southwestern wedding. Embrace the vibrant details and tasty treats that this region is known for. Southwestern Photo by Helen Byrd Photography via Southern Weddings

  3. Winter Rustic: Celebrate your favorite season with a touch of rustic charm. Embrace flannel blankets, hot cocoa stations, and wooden chargers for a cozy winter wedding. Winter Rustic Photo by Isaiah & Taylor Photography via 100 Layer Cake

  4. Country and Cattle: Embrace the beauty of country living and add a touch of glam to your wedding. Combine the best elements of country life with luxurious details for a cute and country celebration. Country and Cattle Photo by SB Creative Co. via Nouba

  5. Equestrian: If you love horses, consider an equestrian-themed wedding. Incorporate delicate leather details, stables, and simple florals for a classic yet rustic ambiance. Equestrian Photo by KT Merry Photography via Southern Wedding

Burst of Colors

  1. Pastel: Make your favorite color palette the theme of your wedding. This outside-the-box couple made their love of pastel the backdrop for their wedding party. Pastel Photo by Días de Vino y Rosas via Green Wedding Shoes

  2. Neon: Break free from traditional wedding colors and go bold and fun with a neon-themed wedding. Embrace fun and eclectic elements to create a vibrant celebration. Neon Photo by Ariel Renae via Green Wedding Shoes

  3. Color and Texture: Create a wedding full of color and texture. Incorporate unique elements, such as a multicolored streamer wall, to add character and vibrancy to your celebration. Color and Texture Photo by Laura Power Creative Photography via Junebug Wedding

  4. Pop of Color: Keep it simple and add a pop of color to your wedding. Surprise your guests with unexpected bursts of bold hues throughout the venue. Pop of Color Photo by JC Lemon via A Practical Wedding

  5. Mural: Let the venue do the decorating for you by choosing a location with stunning murals. Go mural hunting in your city to find the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Mural Photo by Maggie Gaudean via A Practical Wedding

Celebrate the Seasons

  1. Fourth of July: Celebrate Independence Day with a Fourth of July-themed wedding. Incorporate patriotic décor or add pops of red, white, and blue to your wedding photos. Fourth of July Photo by Lara Hotz Photography

  2. Winter Wonderland: Embrace the best parts of winter with a whimsical winter wonderland wedding. Incorporate ornament favors, warm textures, and spruce to create a magical atmosphere. Winter Wonderland Photo by Valorie Darling via Lauren Conrad

  3. Pink Candy Land Christmas: Put a twist on the classic Christmas wedding by adding bold pinks, glitter, and, most importantly, candy! Deck the halls with your favorite sugary treats. Pink Candy Land Christmas Photo by Lauren Conrad

  4. Pumpkin Patch: Embrace the fall season by incorporating pumpkins into your wedding. Research pumpkin patch venues or add pumpkin-inspired décor to your celebration. Pumpkin Patch Photo by Jessamyn Harris Photography via A Practical Wedding

  5. Haunted Harvest: Combine the spirit of Halloween and Thanksgiving into a moody fall celebration. Add touches of spooky decor and embrace the moody beauty of autumn. Haunted Harvest Photo by Tyler Branch via Green Wedding Shoes

  6. First Date: Make your wedding theme personal by recreating your first date. Share your unique love story with your friends and family and create a wedding that reflects your journey. First Date Photo by Amy Gray Photography via A Practical Wedding

  7. Kentucky Derby: Blend old traditions with modern touches for a Kentucky Derby-themed wedding. Encourage guests to wear their most extravagant hats and celebrate your big day in style. Kentucky Derby Photo by Chris Cornwell Photography via Wedding Row Kentucky

Artistic Expressions

  1. Fine Art and Sculpture: Turn your wedding into a sophisticated fine art affair. Host your celebration in an art museum and let famous sculptures serve as the backdrop to your special day. Fine Art and Sculpture Photo by Clare Tam-Im Photography via Love My Dress

  2. Modern Art: Embrace your love for modern art with sleek lines, angles, and shapes. Transform your venue with a 3D backdrop and simplistic yet sophisticated wedding florals. Modern Art Photo by Chelsea Denise Photography via Junebug Wedding

  3. Art Deco: Go back to the glamour of the 1920s with an art deco-themed wedding. Incorporate geometric designs and a fabulous art deco cake for a perfect Gatsby-inspired celebration. Art Deco Photo by Nessa K Photography via Junebug Wedding

  4. Folklore: Celebrate the cultural heritage of you and your partner with a wedding inspired by folklore. Incorporate traditional décor, activities, and crafts to create a unique and personal celebration. Folklore Photo by Cinzia Bruschini and Lisa Poggi via 100 Layer Cake

Geek Chic

  1. Super Mario Bros.: Show your love for video games by planning a Super Mario-themed wedding. Infuse elements from your favorite characters into your wedding attire and decorate your reception space with game-inspired details. Super Mario Bros. Photo by Jerry Yoon Photographers via Rock N Roll Bride

  2. Board Games: Incorporate your love of board games into your wedding celebration. Add playable games for guests to enjoy or use board games as unique, interactive décor pieces throughout your venue. Board Games Photo by Soda Fountain Photography via Offbeat Bride

  3. Typography: Showcase your love for design with a typography-themed wedding. Use formal, modern, or industrial typographic fonts for your stationery and signage to create a wedding celebration that truly reflects your style. Typography Photo by Erica Loeks via Ruffled Blog

  4. Aviation: Take your wedding to new heights with an aviation-themed celebration. Incorporate paper airplanes as table décor or add a gold airplane cake topper for a touch of whimsy. Aviation Photo by Helena & Laurent via A Practical Wedding

  5. Kawaii: Embrace cuteness overload with a kawaii-themed wedding. Fill your celebration with colorful kitschiness, childhood nostalgia, and playful décor elements. Kawaii Photo by Jenn Emerling via Green Wedding Shoes

  6. Children’s Museum: Unleash your inner child by centering your wedding theme around a children's museum. Incorporate kid-friendly features like Lego tables, piñatas, and pizza for a fun and carefree celebration. Children’s Museum Photo by Jenn Emerling via Green Wedding Shoes

  7. Literary: Delve into your favorite books with a literary-themed wedding. Decorate your tables with paperback books and create an enchanting atmosphere that reflects your love for literature. Literary Photo by Ash Carr via A Practical Wedding

  8. School: Take a trip down memory lane with a school-themed wedding. Rent a school bus to transport your guests and incorporate nostalgic elements like a piñata and pizza for a truly unique celebration. School Photo by Ash Carr via A Practical Wedding

Celebrate the Party

  1. Pizza Party: Celebrate your favorite food by transforming your wedding into a pizza party. Delight your guests with a variety of pizza options or even a make-your-own pizza station. Pizza Party Photo by Cassie Castellaw via A Practical Wedding

  2. Wedfest: Turn your wedding into an all-day festival with a Wedfest. Set up tents, fun stations, and even invite guests to camp out to create a casual and vibrant celebration. Wedfest Photo by Briars Atlas via Nouba

  3. Rock Concert: Celebrate in style by turning your wedding into a rock concert. Hire a fantastic band or even perform yourself for a night of music, dancing, and unforgettable fun. Rock Concert Photo by Justine Bursoni via A Practical Wedding

  4. Prince: Pay tribute to your favorite musician, Prince, with shades of purple and metallic décor. Dance the night away to Prince's greatest hits and celebrate in true Prince fashion. Prince Photo by James & Jess via Green Wedding Shoes

Location Love

  1. New York City: Capture the essence of the city that never sleeps with a New York City wedding. From city hall ceremonies to hot dogs from street vendors, embrace the energy and charm of the Big Apple. New York City Photo by Jacoby Andrick via A Practical Wedding

  2. Vegas: Add a touch of excitement to your wedding by eloping to Vegas. Say your vows at The Little White Chapel or choose an Elvis-themed celebration for a wedding that's sure to be remembered. Vegas Photo by Andre Bisdale via A Practical Wedding

  3. Ferry (aka Public Transit): Design your wedding theme around transportation, such as a ferry or public transit. Get married on a ferry boat and celebrate on a train or subway, creating unique and unforgettable memories. Ferry Photo by Andrew Bisdale via A Practical Wedding

  4. Urban Jungle: Combine the allure of the city with the beauty of nature by creating an urban jungle-themed wedding. Incorporate bursts of greenery and modern elements for a vibrant and eclectic celebration. Urban Jungle Photo by Our Labor of Love via 100 Layer Cake

  5. White Desert Sands: Embrace the beauty of white sand with a wedding theme centered around desert landscapes. Keep your celebration minimalistic, allowing the natural beauty of the desert to shine through. White Desert Sands Photo by Ellen Ross via A Practical Wedding

  6. Lake: Create an enchanting celebration inspired by the tranquility of a lake. Decorate with hammocks, plan a firework show, and add personal touches like painting your initials on a nearby tree. Lake Photo by Ellen Ross via A Practical Wedding

Whimsical Wonders

  1. Fairytale: Transform your wedding into a whimsical fairytale. Incorporate cascading flowers, dainty umbrellas, and calligraphy menus for a romantic celebration straight out of a storybook. Fairytale Photo by Ely Fair via Ely Flair Photography

  2. Citrus: Freshen up your wedding with a citrus theme. Pair fruity details with bright colors to create a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of an orchard. Citrus Photo by Ana Lui Photography via Bespoke Bride

  3. Mermaid: Dive into a world of fantasy with a mermaid-themed wedding. Adorn yourself with a seashell crown and embrace all things glittery for an ethereal celebration. Mermaid Photo by Let’s Frolic Together via Green Wedding Shoes

  4. Sequins and Glitter: Embrace the glitz and glamor of sequins and glitter. Let your venue sparkle with sequin-topped dresses and golden glittered table runners. Sequins and Glitter Photo by We Heart Pictures via A Practical Wedding

  5. Cat: Celebrate your love for felines with a cat-themed wedding. Incorporate cuddly little kittens into your stationery and signage, and let your feline friends be present in spirit if they can't attend. Cat Photo by Let’s Frolic Together via Green Wedding Shoes

  6. Tropicana and Balloons: Create a playful and vibrant celebration by combining the Tropicana theme with balloons. Add flair with balloons and flamingos, giving your wedding a relaxed and fun vibe. Tropicana and Balloons Photo by We Heart Pictures via A Practical Wedding

  7. Woodland Wonderland: Combine Victorian elegance, bohemian charm, and woodland fairies for a whimsical yet boho celebration. Let your imagination soar in a three-day festival of love and enchantment. Woodland Wonderland Photo by Our Labor of Love via 100 Layer Cake

  8. Unicorn: Live out your wildest fantasies with a unicorn-themed wedding. Create an ethereal wonderland filled with rainbows, glitter, and enchantment. Unicorn Photo by Roberta Facchini Photography via Wedding Chicks

Outside the Box

  1. Celestial: Celebrate love and spirituality with a celestial-themed wedding. Let the sun, moon, and stars guide you through a magical day filled with enchantment. Celestial Photo by Brandi Potter

  2. Rocker Glam: Embrace your unique style with a rocker glam wedding. Ditch the traditional white gown and opt for an outfit that reflects the true you. Rocker Glam Photo by Jose Villa Photography via Style Me Pretty

These 65 wedding themes cover a wide range of styles and interests, ensuring there's something for every couple. Whether you choose to embrace a specific era, a beloved movie, or a whimsical fantasy, your wedding will be an unforgettable celebration that reflects your unique love story.

Planning a wedding is an exciting journey, and we'd love to see your amazing décor and photos. Share your wedding theme and inspiration with us!