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65 Best Halloween Games for Kids and Adults

If you're searching for the ultimate Halloween games, look no further. We have compiled a list of the best Halloween party games that will guarantee a spooktacular time! Whether you're planning a classroom party, a...

If you're searching for the ultimate Halloween games, look no further. We have compiled a list of the best Halloween party games that will guarantee a spooktacular time! Whether you're planning a classroom party, a trunk or treat event, an adult party, or a youth group gathering, we've got you covered.

These Games are a Hit!

As a seasoned party planner and Halloween enthusiast, I can confidently say that these games are the cream of the crop. Not only have I personally created most of them, but I have also tested them extensively with family, friends, kids, and youth groups. If a game isn't fun, it doesn't make the cut.

A Game for Every Occasion

No matter the type of Halloween celebration you're hosting, we have a game for you. From classroom parties to activities for kids of all ages, and even adults-only parties, our selection has something for everyone. If you don't find an immediate fit for your event, keep reading because the variety is vast.

1 - Ghostbusters Punch Board Game

Create a ghost punch board using cups, tissue paper, and rubber bands. Players can bust through the ghosts by shooting Nerf guns to win prizes. For a teen or adult twist, have them stand further back or answer Halloween questions to earn a chance to shoot. This classic DIY game never fails to entertain at Halloween parties and trunk or treat events.

2 - Don't Lose your Head

Inspired by the hit musical Six, this Halloween version of the viral candy cane game is a must-try. Each player holds a skeleton hand with one hand and attempts to knock off other players' skulls without losing their own head. The last person with a head intact wins. Just remember, no socks on slippery floors!

3 - Ghost Bowling (aka Skulling)

Create a DIY ghost bowling game using inexpensive materials. Let kids or adults bowl with skulls in a game we like to call "skulling." You can stick to the traditional route or try out five unique variations that teens and adults will love.

4 - Halloween Truth or Scare

Print out over 100 Halloween-inspired clean truth or dare questions for a fun activity suitable for all ages. Give the old favorite a spooky twist and watch the laughter ensue.

5 - Bone to Pick

Craft a DIY spinner using a bone, cardboard, and a straw. Then play one of the three different games that accompany this bone to pick Halloween game.

6 - Pumpkin Pong

Think this game is a piece of cake? Think again. Players must master the art of bouncing ping pong balls into plastic pumpkins. It's a deceptively challenging game that offers endless entertainment.

7 - Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Print out a free Halloween scavenger hunt and set up clues around the house. Hide a pumpkin full of treats or prizes at the end of the hunt. To make it more challenging, hide the clues even harder or do it with a group.

8 - Guess & Feel Mystery Bags

Put your sense of touch to the test with these Halloween-inspired mystery bags. Try to figure out what's inside by reaching in without looking. Get ideas for bag fillers from Edventures with Kids.

9 - Roll A Jack O Lantern

See who can roll the perfect jack-o-lantern face first in this fun free printable game. You can also play with cards, stickers, and a small pumpkin. It's a race against time to create the spookiest pumpkin face.

10 - Halloween Decorations Hunt

Embark on a family hunt to find different types of Halloween decorations throughout your neighborhood. Alternatively, have kids or party guests search your house for fun Halloween-themed items.

11 - Witch Hat Ring Toss

Order a ready-made ring toss game or get creative by using witch hat chip containers from the Dollar Tree. Add prizes to each base and have players stand at different distances based on their age. Ring a witch's hat to win a prize!

12 - Ghost Stack

Stack up ghost cups and challenge kids to knock them down using Nerf guns from 10 feet away. Reward successful knockdowns with small toys. For more ghost-themed games, check out Organize Your Stuff Now.

13 - Halloween Mystery Boxes

Spray-paint Tupperware containers orange and fill them with creepy food items. Kids will love touching and guessing what's inside. Get a list of creepy food ideas from Christina's Adventures.

14 - Spider Races

Give kids a straw and a plastic spider and watch them race to the finish line. The first spider across wins the race. Learn more and get instructions from Still Playing School.

15 - Pumpkin Toss

Challenge kids to toss candy pumpkins into plastic cauldrons and see who can score the most points. Playground Parkbench provides full instructions for this engaging game.

These are just a few examples from our extensive list. For the full array of 65 best Halloween games, head over to our website. We guarantee you'll find the perfect games to make your Halloween celebration a memorable one.

More Fun Halloween Games

If you're still hungry for more Halloween party games, don't worry! We have additional recommendations on our website. Whether it's birthday party games, giant games, Let's Make a Deal, dice games, name that tune, or many other options, we've got you covered. You can even add a Halloween twist to your favorite games.

So, get ready for a hauntingly good time this Halloween with these amazing party games. Let the laughter and spookiness commence!