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64 Post Event Survey Questions Examples: Streamline Your Event Feedback Process

Event surveys are a crucial tool for the success and improvement of any event. Pre-event surveys help you prepare, while post-event surveys provide valuable insights for enhancing future events. However, creating effective event survey questions...

Event surveys are a crucial tool for the success and improvement of any event. Pre-event surveys help you prepare, while post-event surveys provide valuable insights for enhancing future events. However, creating effective event survey questions from scratch can be time-consuming. That's where we come in!

Introducing our collection of 11 event survey templates, featuring a total of 64 question examples that are ready for you to use. These templates have been carefully crafted based on the analysis of over 500 event surveys and interviews with event organizers. They will streamline your feedback process, saving you hours of work.

Why Event Surveys Matter

Event surveys allow you to gauge attendee satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and gather valuable feedback. The questions you ask can make a significant impact on the quality and usefulness of the responses you receive.

General Post Event Survey Questions

To what extent did this conference meet your expectations?

This question provides a starting point for understanding attendees' overall satisfaction with your event. If the answer indicates dissatisfaction, follow-up questions can help uncover the reasons for their feelings.

What was the single most valuable takeaway from this conference?

Asking attendees to identify the most valuable aspect of the event encourages them to reflect on what they learned and how they benefited. This enables you to gain insights into the types of content that resonate with your audience.

How engaging were the speakers at the conference?

Speaker presentations play a crucial role in the audience's learning experience. This survey question helps you gather feedback on the effectiveness and engagement levels of your speakers.

How valuable were the networking opportunities for your career development?

Networking is an essential component of any event. By asking attendees about the value they derived from networking, you can assess the effectiveness of your networking initiatives and make improvements.

How would you rate the venue and the location?

Understanding attendees' satisfaction with the event venue and location is vital for future event planning. This question provides valuable insights that can inform decisions for upcoming events.

What do you expect to see in future conferences?

By keeping this question open-ended, you can tap into the creativity of your attendees and gather innovative ideas for future conferences.

Event Survey Questions for Speakers

How helpful was the staff at the event to support your presentation?

Support from the event staff can significantly impact a speaker's experience. Asking about the level of support received helps you identify areas for improvement and ensures a smoother presentation process.

How satisfied were you with the engagement from the audience during your presentation?

Meaningful interactions with the audience can enhance the overall effectiveness of a speaker's presentation. This question allows speakers to provide feedback on audience engagement and provides valuable insights for future event planning.

Event Survey Questions for Sponsors

How satisfied were you with the exposure your company received at this event?

Sponsors attend events to increase brand awareness. Evaluating their satisfaction with the visibility they received helps you assess the effectiveness of your sponsorship offerings and make adjustments accordingly.

What sponsorship packages would you like us to offer at future events?

By seeking input from sponsors on their preferences for future events, you can tailor sponsorship packages to their needs and attract more sponsors in the future.

Event Survey Questions for Exhibitors

How satisfied were you with attendees' interest in your digital exhibitor booth?

Digital exhibitor booths offer unique opportunities for exhibitors. This question helps you gauge the effectiveness of these booths and identify areas for improvement.

Could you tell us about any success stories or clients you've obtained from exhibiting at the conference?

By gathering success stories from exhibitors, you can showcase them as testimonials in your future exhibitor prospectus to attract more exhibitors to your next event.

Tailored Event Survey Questions for Different Event Types

Different events require specific types of questions to gather meaningful feedback. We have created templates for various event types, including leadership conferences, diversity events, women's leadership conferences, annual association meetings, training events, healthcare conferences, environmental events, career development events, educators conferences, and military conferences. Each template has a set of questions tailored to the unique requirements of that type of event.

Pre-Event Survey Questions: Setting the Stage for a Successful Event

To provide attendees with the best possible event experience, it's essential to understand their preferences in advance. Pre-event survey questions can help you personalize the event and meet attendees' expectations. Consider asking about their preferences for SWAG, food allergies or intolerances, ways to enhance their experience, necessary tools or information, desired social activities, and topics they would like the conference to cover.

Getting More Responses to Your Event Surveys

While event surveys are essential, ensuring high response rates is crucial. We recommend reminding attendees to complete surveys before leaving the venue, preferably during the last lunch or coffee break. Making your survey mobile-friendly or integrating it into your event app can also increase response rates. In-app notifications can serve as reminders for attendees to provide their feedback conveniently while on the go.


Event surveys play a vital role in enhancing future events. By utilizing our ready-to-use templates and tailoring them to your specific event type, you can streamline your feedback process and gather valuable insights from attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. Remember, the questions you ask shape the feedback you receive, so put careful thought into crafting them. Start collecting actionable feedback that will help you plan outstanding events today!