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60+ Wonderful Wedding Invitation & Card Design Samples

Weddings are not just a celebration of love, but they also provide incredible opportunities for various professionals to showcase their talent. From photographers to caterers and designers, weddings offer a plethora of job opportunities. One...

60+ Wonderful Wedding Invitation & Card Design Samples

Weddings are not just a celebration of love, but they also provide incredible opportunities for various professionals to showcase their talent. From photographers to caterers and designers, weddings offer a plethora of job opportunities. One area that truly allows for creativity to shine is wedding invitation card design. Talented designers go above and beyond to create stunning and inspirational pieces that set the tone for the wedding. In this article, we will explore over sixty examples of wonderful wedding invitation and card designs, and discuss some exciting trends in this field.


Before diving into the extensive list of invitations, let's take a moment to explore some of the trends in the world of wedding invitation design. Familiarizing ourselves with these trends can provide valuable insights and spark creative ideas as you plan your own wedding or work with clients.

Floral Design

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding, and it's no surprise that they feature prominently in wedding invitation designs as well. Incorporating beautiful floral decorations into the design adds a touch of elegance and beauty. The versatility of floral designs allows for endless possibilities to create stunning invitations that capture the essence of the occasion.


The chalkboard design trend, popular in greeting cards, has made its way into wedding invitations. This refreshing change offers a minimalist look while allowing the text to stand out clearly. The combination of simplicity and readability makes chalkboard designs truly unique and appealing.

Watercolor Design

Watercolor designs add an authentic and handcrafted touch to wedding invitations. They offer a unique and colorful background that highlights the important sections while maintaining an overall minimalist look. Watercolor-themed invitations are perfect for couples who want their invitations to stand out with a touch of personalization.


Letterpress printing is a popular and timeless trend in wedding invitation design. This relief printing technique uses inked, raised printing plates to create a classic and high-quality imprinting effect on text and images. The elegance and sophistication of letterpress invitations never fail to impress guests.

Vintage Typography

Using typographic treatments as the primary design feature is another trend that has gained immense popularity. Vintage typography combines various old-style typefaces, interesting word shapes, and intricate line graphics to create visually captivating layouts. The vintage-type treatment adds a touch of nostalgia and timeless elegance to wedding invitations.

Custom Illustrations

For those with artistic skills, wedding invitations offer the perfect outlet to showcase their creativity. Personalized and comically drawn versions of the couple add a unique and whimsical touch to invitations. Custom illustrations instantly convey the effort and thoughtfulness put into the design, setting the tone for a memorable wedding.

The Whole Package

Why stop at invitations? Wedding planning involves a myriad of printed materials, and offering a comprehensive package that includes "Save the Date" cards, RSVP cards, custom envelopes, maps, wedding day programs, and "Thank You" cards can be a compelling offer for clients. Providing all these materials under one cohesive theme ensures a harmonious and memorable wedding experience.

Unique Packaging

For clients with a generous budget, creative packaging can enhance the overall experience. Imagine sending invitations in a pop-open can that guests can later tie to the back of the bride and groom's car for the classic "just married" look. Thoughtful and unique packaging adds an extra touch of excitement and creativity to the invitation process.

The Invitations

Now that we have explored the trends, let's dive into the extensive list of wedding invitation templates and designs. Here are some standout examples to inspire your own creativity:

  1. Art Deco Wedding Invitation Suite: This kit features elegant designs in the Art Deco style, providing a timeless and sophisticated look.

  2. Purple Leaf - Wedding Invitation Templates: Subtle floral designs combined with purple leaves create a soft and romantic invitation set.

  3. Brown and Grey Ink - Wedding Invitation Kit: This versatile kit includes templates for invitations, save-the-date cards, place cards, and more.

  4. Floral Wedding Invitation Templates: Modern and clean floral designs that can be customized for a contemporary wedding.

  5. Elegant Wedding Invitation Template: A stylish invitation design that exudes sophistication and high-end aesthetics.

  6. Flower Brush Wedding Invitation Template: A handcrafted look achieved through a brush-based floral design for a unique and artistic touch.

These are just a few examples of the extensive range of wedding invitation template kits available. Each design offers its own unique flair and customization options, ensuring that the invitations reflect the couple's personality and style.


Weddings hold a special place in our hearts, and as a designer or photographer, they provide an incredible opportunity to showcase your skills and create memorable experiences. From personalized invitations to carefully curated stationery and websites, every detail contributes to the overall ambiance of the celebration. As you embark on this creative journey, remember to let your imagination soar and infuse the designs with the essence of the couple's love story. Feel free to share your favorite invitation designs or any invitations you have designed yourself in the comments below. Let's celebrate love and design together!

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