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55 Unique Baby Shower Ideas: Celebrating Moms-to-Be in Style

Planning the perfect baby shower can be a daunting task, but don't let that get you down! Whether you're the mommy-to-be or her best friend, we've got you covered with 55 unique baby shower ideas...

Planning the perfect baby shower can be a daunting task, but don't let that get you down! Whether you're the mommy-to-be or her best friend, we've got you covered with 55 unique baby shower ideas that will make for an unforgettable celebration. From locations and activities to simple decorations and themes, we've got everything you need to throw the perfect party. Plus, we've even included tips and ideas for hosting a virtual baby shower, so no matter how you choose to celebrate, you'll be able to make it special.

Why Have A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are both fun and productive. They can help the parents-to-be feel less overwhelmed and relieve stress and anxiety. Plus, who doesn't love receiving gifts? Babies require a lot of things when they finally arrive, and gifts from loving friends can go a long way toward ensuring that all the necessities are covered. Giving essentials like diaper products and skincare products for babies and mommies can also reduce the sense of "Have I got enough?" that all new parents feel. And let's not forget the power of gab! Talking and laughing about the adventures (and misadventures) of parenthood can significantly reduce anxiety and mentally prepare the parents for the important job to come. Even if you're leaning toward a virtual baby shower, don't worry! You can still accomplish both goals (gifts and gab) online and make it a success.

Who Should Plan And Host The Baby Shower?

Anyone who's willing and able is welcome to throw a baby shower! It doesn't really matter who plans and hosts the festivities, as long as it gets done. Plus, sometimes there could be more than one baby shower, each with different groups of people. Some expectant moms even plan their own showers, which is absolutely okay. However, if that's the case for you, consider asking a friend or relative to send the invitations and collect the RSVPs. That way, it won't look like you're throwing yourself a party.

When Should You Throw The Baby Bash?

Our advice when settling on a date for the party is this: Don't wait! Even if your best friend only just found out she's pregnant a week ago, get started planning the shower now. And don't be afraid to hold the shower early in the second trimester, rather than waiting until the third trimester. This gives the prospective parents plenty of time to buy any essentials they still need after the shower and ensures that the mommy-to-be has plenty of energy to enjoy her party.

Who Should You Invite To The Celebration?

Keep it close. Invite only the people who are closest to the new parents so that no one feels obliged to attend. If that means just four friends and their spouses, then so be it. Size doesn't matter where baby showers are concerned. Don't fall into the trap of trying to be the hostess-with-the-mostest and end up inviting everyone and your third cousin, once removed. Parents, close extended family, and a few girlfriends make up the ideal guest list for a truly memorable baby shower.

What Should You Do During The Baby Shower?

A baby shower can be whatever the mom-to-be wants it to be. But typically, it includes yummy food, a couple of games or crafts, and opening gifts. And, of course, plenty of time to sit and chat! Make sure to ask the mom-to-be what she wants to do during the shower to ensure that her preferences are the priority. If you're the expecting mom, make sure there are enough items on your registry before the shower invitations go out. You'll want to make it easy for guests to know what you want for your little one. If you're at a loss for how to create a registry, check out our registry checklist for guidance.

Is It OK To Throw A Baby Shower For A Second Or Third Child?

Absolutely! A baby shower is a celebration of life, so every child deserves to be celebrated. Just because it's not the first baby doesn't mean it can't be a special occasion. Of course, the second or third shower doesn't have to be exactly like the first one. You can plan an intimate brunch with only the girls or have a just-for-mom shower, focusing on gifts for her! Remember, a baby shower is about two things: gifts and conversations. Even if you aren't "showering" the guests of honor with gifts like you did during the first party, enjoying each other's company is still an important part of celebrating their new bundle of joy.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's dive into the fun part: baby shower ideas! Whether you're planning an in-person or virtual baby shower, we've got you covered with plenty of ideas for locations, activities, decorations, and themes. From co-ed parties and outdoor gatherings to pampering the mom-to-be and creating a unique registry, there's something for everyone. So get ready to plan the best baby shower ever and show your love for the expecting mother in style!