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52 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas You’ll Want to Bookmark

After your wedding day has come and gone, you'll want to make sure that part of your wedding planning to-do list was to find a way to capture the best memories and transform them into...

After your wedding day has come and gone, you'll want to make sure that part of your wedding planning to-do list was to find a way to capture the best memories and transform them into something you'll have forever—like a wedding guest book. Your wedding guestbook is a keepsake you'll cherish forever (like your wedding photographs!)—and it's definitely something you'll want to put thought into before your big day.

While the classic wedding guest book comes with paper pages and binding, if you want something a bit different, there's no need to keep things traditional! Whether you are showing off your personality as a couple or tying your guest book in with your wedding theme, there are plenty of reasons to ditch the traditional guest book in favor of something more distinct.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas for the Adventurous Couple

You and your partner are embarking on the greatest journey of all, so celebrate with a guest book that captures your free-spirited love and knack for travel. These wedding guest book ideas will inspire you and your spouse to stay bold and courageous in your marriage for many years to come. Check out some of our favorite adventurous guest book ideas here:

  1. Globe guest book: If you and your partner are travel enthusiasts, share your love of the world with party guests by asking them to sign a globe near their favorite vacation destination.

  2. Bucket list: Build out your bucket list by having guests write out adventure ideas for you and your partner to embark on.

  3. Postcards: At your wedding reception, leave out postcards for your guests to sign from all the places you and your spouse have traveled to, or are dreaming of going, so you have reminders of these special places saved forever.

  4. Surfboard: Why have guests sign a book when they can sign a surfboard instead? This totally tubular idea is perfect for beach enthusiasts and couples throwing a coastal wedding.

  5. Snowboard: If you’re more of a snow person, have guests sign the bottom of a snowboard or a pair of skis for a cozy-chic home decor piece you can display in your home forever.


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Wedding Guest Book Ideas for the Vintage Couple

Vintage is a romantic and timeless wedding theme that never goes out of style. Use pieces from generations past to add touches of glamour and nostalgia into your ceremony and reception. Take something old and make it new again with these vintage guest book ideas, perfect for thrifty couples.

  1. Quilt: You can cuddle with this wedding guest book, made up of fabric signed by your guests and then sewn together with love.

  2. Vintage keys: Unlock the key to a happy marriage by having guests sign their name and wedding advice on collectible vintage keys.

  3. Polaroid guest book: Shake it like a polaroid picture with this guest book idea. Have a polaroid camera stationed at your guest book table; then, encourage loved ones to snap a pic and add it to your photo guest book. Not only is this a fun idea for a guest book, it's also a great way to capture additional wedding photos of your guests!

  4. Typewriter: This Instagram-worthy guest book idea lets your guests leave old-fashioned messages typed on an antique typewriter.

  5. Bird cage: Upcycle an antique birdcage by filling it with signed letters from family and friends you’ll treasure forever.


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Wedding Guest Book Ideas for the Playful Couple

Your sentimental keepsake can also be a fun activity for guests at your wedding ceremony and reception. Here are some entertaining and interactive unique guest book ideas:

  1. Cornhole: This lawn game is a backyard favorite. After all your guests have finished signing the cornhole boards, bring them to the afterparty and start tossing.

  2. Anniversary piñata: Fill up a piñata full of well wishes and love for you and your partner to crack open on your anniversary.

  3. Puzzle: Love is like a jigsaw puzzle, so make your puzzle complete with a personalized set your guests can sign and help put together.

  4. Thumbprints: Make a picture come to life by having guests dip their thumb into ink and add it to the image of choice.

  5. Guest libs: Silly mad libs guest book entries are guaranteed to make you laugh for years to come.


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Wedding Guest Book Ideas for the Sentimental Couple

Personalize your wedding guest book with tender touches like photo walls and video recordings. Here are some of our favorite guest book ideas for the affectionate couple:

  1. Photo book: Collect photos of your guests in front of an Instagram-worthy photo wall or photo booth and then compile them into a photo album you’ll treasure forever.

  2. Date night jar: You’ll never run out of ideas for a night out on the town if you utilize a date night jar to collect inspiration. You can download our free printable here.

  3. Tablet: Capturing video is now easier than ever. Have guests record and save video messages on a tablet so you and your spouse can go back and watch whenever you need a boost.

  4. Shadow box: Create a crafty guest book by asking guests to sign wooden hearts with well wishes and then display them in a shadow box.

  5. Clear acrylic sign: Have your guests sign their names onto a piece of glass that you can hang in your home forever.


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Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Guest Book for You

Need some more help choosing the perfect wedding guest book for you? Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your options:

  • Match the look of your wedding: Your wedding guest book should generally match the look and feel of your wedding decor and wedding venue. For example, if you're throwing a rustic wedding, a super modern guest book would feel out of place; instead, opting for a more rustic design (like a wooden guest book) would make more sense. If you're having trouble deciding which guest book to go with, look at the design elements of your decor, venue, and wedding theme—and use those elements as inspiration for choosing your guest book.

  • Consider your venue: Where your guests will be signing your guest book will also play a part in choosing the right guest book for your wedding. You want to choose a guest book idea that makes sense for your wedding location and venue; for example, if you're getting married on the beach and expecting a good amount of wind, having guests sign individual slips of paper—which could easily fly away—probably isn't the right move. If you're getting married in a very small venue—and there's not much space for decor—going with a larger guest book alternative (like a snowboard) would probably feel too cluttered. When choosing your guest book, think about how it will work in the space.

  • Think about how you want to use your guest book after the wedding: Getting clear on what you want to do with your guest book after your wedding will also help you make the best choice. For example, do you want a scrapbook that you can keep as a memento and display on your coffee table? Then, you'd want to go with a more traditional guest book—while if you want something you can display as home decor, you would likely want to explore wedding guest book alternatives.

Adding personalization to your wedding day makes it more intimate for you, your partner, and your party guests. Your wedding guest book is a great way to show off your creativity. For more tips on how to make your wedding day extra special, head over to our expert advice section. Here, you’ll find dessert ideas, unique centerpieces, and much more.