The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Planner Course

Are you someone with a passion for romance? Do you dream of creating unforgettable moments for couples on their special day? If you're looking for the best online wedding planning courses, you've come to the...

Are you someone with a passion for romance? Do you dream of creating unforgettable moments for couples on their special day? If you're looking for the best online wedding planning courses, you've come to the right place. We've curated a list of the top wedding planning tutorials on the web, offering you a variety of options to choose from.

What is Wedding Planning?

Wedding planning involves the meticulous organization and coordination of every aspect of a wedding, from the bridal makeup to the evening cake cutting. Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful task for couples, which is why they often turn to a wedding planner to alleviate their worries and provide a calming presence. Being entrusted with the responsibility of planning the most important day in someone's life is an honor that requires knowledge, commitment, and skill.

1. Wedding Planning Diploma (New Skills ACADEMY)

Wedding Planning Diploma Image Source: New Skills ACADEMY

Whether you dream of planning your own wedding or helping couples create their perfect day, the Wedding Planning Diploma offered by New Skills ACADEMY is the ideal choice for you. In just 15 hours, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your role as a wedding planner. You'll learn what clients expect from you and what you can expect from them. The course covers essential wedding day details such as time lines, daily plans, transport options, wedding entertainment, cakes, flowers, and much more.

2. Wedding Planner MBA: The Complete How-to-Start 4-in-1 Course (Udemy)

Wedding Planner MBA Image Source: Udemy

As a bestseller on Udemy, the Wedding Planner MBA course equips you with the skills to organize weddings of any size. Suitable for beginners and experienced individuals alike, this course covers a wide range of topics. You'll learn how to start a wedding planning business, secure funding, deliver top-quality service, and master wedding etiquette. Additionally, you'll gain insight into proposal writing, creating amazing gifts, pricing strategies, and effective marketing techniques to attract clients.

3. Certified Wedding & Event Planner (Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute)

Certified Wedding & Event Planner Image Source: Lovegevity's Wedding Planning Institute

If you're committed to becoming a highly skilled wedding planner, the Certified Wedding & Event Planner course offered by Lovegevity's Wedding Planning Institute is the perfect choice. This extensive 340-hour course covers every aspect of the wedding industry, including wedding cultures, music, bridal shows, relationships, and successfully running your own wedding planning company. By completing this course, you'll earn an internationally recognized certificate, providing you with a competitive edge in the industry.

4. Advanced Certificate in Wedding Planning, Styling & Business (Wedding Academy)

Advanced Certificate in Wedding Planning Image Source: Wedding Academy

Designed for aspiring wedding planners, the Advanced Certificate in Wedding Planning, Styling & Business offered by Wedding Academy combines modules and lessons from three core wedding courses. This comprehensive course teaches you how to launch and grow your own successful wedding business. You'll learn how to book consultations, find reliable suppliers, understand color styling, lighting, and venue selection, as well as creating effective marketing and social media plans. This course equips you with the skills necessary to thrive in the wedding planning industry.

5. Wedding Planning Short Course (Oxford Home Study Centre)

Wedding Planning Short Course Image Source: Oxford Home Study Centre

Join a community of wedding planners in one of the fastest-growing industries by enrolling in the Wedding Planning Short Course offered by Oxford Home Study Centre. This course offers an internationally recognized certificate upon completion. You'll explore the traditions and concepts of marriage in different religions, such as Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Jews. Additionally, you'll gain insights into wedding traditions across various regions, including Pakistan, Thailand, Africa, and Turkey. This course provides you with a well-rounded understanding of the skills required to be a successful wedding planner.


With a plethora of online wedding planning classes available, you can easily enhance your skills and knowledge in this field. Whether you're an experienced event planner looking to expand your expertise or a complete beginner, there's a course to suit your needs. While some courses may be more expensive than others, remember that they all represent the crème de la crème of online wedding planning education. Choose the course that aligns with your skill level, budget, and desired time frame, and embark on an exciting journey in the world of wedding planning.