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47 Thoughtful Pearl Anniversary Gift Ideas, from Pearl Necklaces to Picture Frames

A Celebration of Love and Strength "A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year." - Paul Sweeney If you’re looking for a pearl...

Pearl Anniversary Gift Ideas

A Celebration of Love and Strength

"A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year." - Paul Sweeney

If you’re looking for a pearl anniversary gift, this guide is for you. Below, we’ll go over 47 gift ideas for your husband, wife, or parents. We’ll start with the classic 30th-anniversary gift ⁠— pearls ⁠— and move on to other categories.

In this article:

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  • Gifts for Him
  • Gifts for Parents

The 30th Anniversary is the Pearl Anniversary

Pearl Anniversary

The pearl is an organic gemstone and the only precious gem that begins life as a tiny speck, becoming stronger and more beautiful as the years go by.

Pearls as an anniversary gift symbolize love, patience, loyalty, and integrity.

Beyond the pearl gift itself, elements such as color, the number of gems, or a play on words can make this anniversary gift absolutely unforgettable.

Pearl Anniversary Gifts for Her

Up first, let's review the classic 30th-anniversary gift: pearls.

Before you buy pearls, you should know that the pearl industry doesn’t have straightforward quality standards like you’d find for diamonds or other gems. Most companies use an A-AAAA grading scale and price accordingly, but one company’s “A” grade might be equivalent to another brand's AAA.

This makes it hard to compare pearls across multiple brands. For example, you may see an AAA necklace selling for $1000 in one store and an A+ necklace selling for the same price somewhere else. The first option might seem like a better buy, but really, it’s impossible to tell. You need more information than just a letter grade and a price.

The best place to start is by learning how pearls are graded and how much they should cost. Even ten to fifteen minutes of research will save you time, confusion, and money in the long run. Plus, it’ll help you make sure you’re getting the best deal.

In the meantime, feel free to browse the suggestions below for inspiration. All the pearl pieces below are high quality and worth a look.

And if you don’t find the exact piece you want, check out our complete collection of pearl jewelry in every style and price range: Shop luxury-grade pearls at up to 80% off retail.

Pearl Necklace

One of THE most classic pearl anniversary gifts you can give your wife or loved one on your pearl wedding anniversary is a gorgeous string of pearls.

The most classic option is white pearls, which can be found in Freshwater, Akoya, or South Sea varieties:

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Freshwater pearls are beautiful, durable, and affordable, making them versatile and perfect for everyday wear. Freshwater pearls are often white but come in other colors, such as pink and lavender:

From left to right:

  1. White Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 7.0-7.5mm - AAA Quality
  2. Freshwater Multicolor Pearl Necklace, 7.0-7.5mm - AAA Quality
  3. Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 7.0-7.5mm - AAAA Quality

Akoya Pearl Necklace

Akoyas are THE pearls most people think of when they picture a radiant string of white gems. Akoyas are harder to produce than freshwater pearls and have higher luster and overall quality, so they’re a bit more expensive.

From left to right:

  1. White Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace, 7.0-7.5mm - AAA Quality
  2. White Japanese Akoya Graduated Pearl Necklace, 6.0-9.0mm - AAA Quality
  3. Black Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace, 7.0-7.5mm - AAA Quality

Note: You may see some Akoyas referred to as “Hanadama pearls” or “Hanadama quality.” Hanadama is simply a name for Akoyas that are top 0.1% quality and certified by the Pearl Science Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan.

South Sea Pearl Necklace

South Sea pearls are often called the “Queen of Pearls” because they’re some of the most stunning pearls you’ll find anywhere. They’re harder to find or create than other pearls and typically much larger, so they’re an order of magnitude more expensive.

But for momentous occasions like a 30th anniversary or a once-in-a-lifetime present, nothing can compare to South Sea pearls (especially for pearl lovers):

From left to right:

  1. Golden South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace, 10.0-12.0mm - AAA Quality
  2. White South Sea Pearl Necklace, 9.0-11.0mm - AAA/GEM Quality
  3. White South Sea Pearl Necklace, 15.0-17.0mm - AAA/GEM Quality VENUS CERTIFIED

Notice that the smallest set of South Sea pearls is 9.0mm in diameter, compared to Freshwater and Akoyas that commonly go as low as 6.0mm.

Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Tahitian pearls are known for their deep, vibrant colors, ranging from deep blacks to purple and teal-tinted.

Tahitians can range in price from the Akoya ballpark all the way up to the South Sea tier and are popular with pearl enthusiasts and women who want a truly unique accessory.

From left to right:

  1. Dark Tahitian Circled Baroque Pearl Necklace, 8.0-10.0mm - AA+ Quality
  2. Multi-Color Tahitian Baroque Pearl Necklace, 8.0-10.0mm
  3. Peacock Tahitian True Round Pearl Necklace, 8.0-10.0mm - AAAA Quality

Pearl Pendant

Pearl pendants are a great gift choice if your significant other prefers a simple, elegant style. Pendants are also a great way to try unique pearls like Golden South Sea pearls without committing to a multi-thousand-dollar investment.

From left to right:

  1. Drop-Shape Freshwater Pearl Hope Pendant
  2. Akoya Pearl & Diamond Aria Pendant
  3. Golden South Sea Pearl & Diamond Asterie Pendant
  4. Black Tahitian Pearl & Diamond High Life Pendant

Pearl Bracelets

If your wife or girlfriend already has one or more pearl necklaces, a bracelet could be the perfect addition to their collection. Pearl bracelets are special because even the wearer sees them constantly (unlike necklaces or earrings that can only be seen in a mirror), so it’s a frequent reminder of your love and relationship.

From left to right:

  1. White Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet, 6.5-7.0mm
  2. Golden South Sea Tin Cup Pearl Bracelet
  3. Tahitian True Round Pearl Bracelet, 10.0-11.0mm - AAA Quality

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are arguably as versatile as an understated necklace or pendant, working as a standalone accessory or working with a necklace and/or bracelet as part of a larger set.

From left to right:

  1. 6.0-6.5mm White Akoya Round Pearl Stud Earrings
  2. White Akoya Pearl Linda Earrings
  3. Golden South Sea Round Pearl Stud Earrings, 10.0-11.0mm
  4. White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Fame Stud Earrings

Full Sets of Pearls

Finally, if you want to go all out for your anniversary, nothing will beat an entire set of pearl jewelry.

Of all the suggestions on this list, this is perhaps the best option for a big day, such as your 30th anniversary.

From left to right:

  1. White Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace & Earring 2-Piece Set, 7.5-8.0mm
  2. White Japanese Akoya Pearl 3-Piece Jewelry Set - AAA Quality
  3. Golden Round South Sea Pearl Jewelry Set, 8.0-10.0mm

Pearl Anniversary Gifts for Him

While it’s traditional for women to receive pearls for their 30th anniversary, that’s not the case for men.

You can find a mother of pearl watch or pearl cufflinks for your man if you’d like to stick to the theme, but it’s not necessary. If you’d like to explore pearls as a gift, we’d recommend starting with Tahitian pearls.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are a great gift for men because deep blacks and greens are often seen as a bit more masculine. Of course, white South Sea or other pearls are an option as well, but if you’re on the fence, we recommend you choose Tahitian.

From left to right:

  1. Black Tahitian Baroque Pearl On Leather Bracelet ($149.00)
  2. Black Tahitian Pearl Braided Maui Bracelet ($419.00)
  3. Tahitian Baroque Pearl On Leather Adjustable Necklace ($169.00)

A Watch

A watch is a classic gift that works with any man’s style and is an excellent pick for a big anniversary. A watch will always be with your significant other, reminding him of you and the time you’ve spent together.

If you’d like an upscale option, a Hamilton or IWC model will please even the most high-end watch enthusiast:

  1. Left: Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono ($2,195)
  2. Right: IWC Schaffhausen ($13,000)

For a more moderately priced timepiece, check out Seiko. They make quality watches for any budget. For a casual option, try the classic Seiko 5, or for a more formal look try the Presage “Cocktail Time” line.

  1. Left: Seiko 5 SRPD51($295)
  2. Right: Seiko Presage SSA343JI (~$350)

30 Year Scotch

Scotch gets better over time, with the best bottles being aged for a decade or more. A 30-year scotch is high-end and full of complex flavor ⁠— the perfect drink for mulling over 30 years of laughter, love, and memories.

  1. Left: Glenfiddich 30 Year Old Scotch Whiskey ($899.99)
  2. Right: Dewar’s Double Double 32 Year Old ($187.99)

Pearl Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Some of the best anniversary gifts don’t involve spending extravagant amounts of money. Instead, they remind the recipient of fond memories and act as regular reminders of a special event.

That’s what this list of anniversary gift ideas for your parents is all about. You’ll find suggestions ranging from $12 up to more than $250, all with an extra dose of thoughtfulness.

Most of these gifts can also supplement the gifts mentioned earlier in this article if you’d like to gift something sentimental and a bit more expensive. Feel free to mix and match.

Custom Picture Frame

Here are two ways to transform a simple picture frame into an extra meaningful gift:

  1. Make sure the frame is customized for the event (in this case, an anniversary).
  2. Second, if you have pictures, add them ahead of time.

Together, these take a simple picture frame and turn it into a thoughtful anniversary gift that's a joy to receive.

  1. Left: Two Tone Silverplated Wedding Anniversary Gift Photo Frame ($32.99)
  2. Right: Then and Now Picture Frame ($34.95)

Thoughtful Wall Art or Display

If your parents already have enough pictures and you want to gift something a bit more unique, try custom wall art featuring their wedding date, a quote, or a simple congratulations.

  1. Left: Corfara Framed 30th Anniversary Pearl Burlap Gift ($28.99)
  2. Right: Personalized 30th-anniversary pebble art ($42.00+)

Other Memorabilia

You can also gift something even more unique, like a garden sundial or a custom keychain if they fit your parents' interests.

  1. Left: 30th Wedding Anniversary Sundial ($102.11+)
  2. Right: 30 Year-Old Uncirculated Penny Keychain ($12.95)

Plates & Housewares

Plates, dishes, and other housewares are a great anniversary gift if your parents or loved ones lean more practical. With one of these gifts, your parents will be reminded of your gift every time they open a cabinet or a new bottle of wine.

Cake Cutting Set

Cake cutting sets are the perfect gift for a 30th wedding anniversary party. You can use the set during the party to make the event more special, then have it act as a reminder of the event afterward when displayed in a china cabinet or in the kitchen.

  1. Left: Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set with Faux Ivory Pearl-filled Handles ($16.27)
  2. Right: Rose Gold Engraved Cake Knife & Server Set ($79.99)

Wine Decanter or Carafe

If your parents love wine, you can’t go wrong with a decanter. You could spring for a full set if your parents need wine glasses or get a high-end Waterford crystal piece to upgrade their existing collection.

  1. Left: Personalized Wine Decanter Set ($61.65)
  2. Right: Waterford Crystal Wine Carafe ($260 - Add Engraving for $45)

Other Dishes

If a cake-cutting or wine-themed set is too niche, try more commonly used dishes such as mugs or a pearl-themed bowl set.

  1. Left: Haysoms 30th Pearl Wedding Set Ceramic Mugs ($29.99)
  2. Right: 30th Anniversary Pearl-Themed Ceramic Bowl Set ($55.98)

Did You Know?

That pearls are not just for the 30th Anniversary? On modern Anniversary lists, a gift of pearl jewelry is also considered suitable for the 12th Anniversary, too.

Other Tips For Picking the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind to help you pick the perfect pearl anniversary gift.

Consider Her Style When Choosing The Perfect Gift

Pearls Jewelry Style

Finding the perfect Pearl Anniversary Gift for your spouse can be tricky; with the endless array of jewelry designs, pearl types, and colors to choose from, it can be easy to get hung up on making a decision. Not to worry, though - Pure is here to help!

Think about your wife’s style...

  • Does she prefer more sedate, traditional styles, or does she love bright colors and statement jewels?
  • Does she prefer to wear earrings, pendants, bracelets, or full necklaces?

Once you have a clearer idea of what she likes to wear day to day, it becomes much easier to choose something special that she is sure to love.

Other Anniversary Gifts & Symbols By Year

Below is a helpful list of each anniversary, its associated gifts, and symbols to help keep you up to date. Feel free to print this out and keep it somewhere safe so you are always guaranteed to be on point with each one of these special occasions.

1st Wedding Anniversary - The Paper Anniversary

  • Paper has many meanings. It can represent the fragility of marriage - caring for it properly can ensure it lasts for a lifetime. Paper also represents a blank slate, the beginnings of a new life together.
  • The Modern Symbol is a clock. Clocks mean that time is precious and can pass swiftly. Use it wisely together.
  • Color: Yellow and/or Gold
  • Flower: Pansy or Orange Blossoms
  • Gemstone: Mother of Pearl

2nd Wedding Anniversary - The Cotton Anniversary

  • The threads of cotton are woven tightly together and are interconnected, just like your lives together as a married couple.
  • Modern Symbol is fine china or porcelain. Fine china is both delicate and strong; this symbolizes the strengths and weaknesses of your union.
  • Color: Linen White
  • Flower: Lily of the Valley
  • Gemstone: Garnet

3rd Wedding Anniversary - The Leather Anniversary

  • Leather is rich, warm, rugged, and durable. Leather represents how strong your marriage has become and how you care for each other.
  • Crystal or Glass is the modern symbol, representing different facets of your married lives. Both crystal and cut glass can clarify and enhance light, focusing it into a single beam or refracting into a dazzling rainbow.
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Flower: Fuchsia
  • Gemstone: Moonstone

4th Wedding Anniversary - The Abundance Anniversary

  • Fruit or flowers are the traditional gift for the 4th. Both flowers and fruit represent the blossoming of love and the bounty of sweetness your union provides.
  • Appliances are given as a modern substitute and represent practicality. A well-chosen gift will simplify your home lives and give you more time to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Color: Green
  • Flower: Geraniums
  • Gemstone: Blue Topaz

5th Wedding Anniversary - The Wood Anniversary

  • Like a tree, your union has grown deep roots and can endure the many storms that life brings.
  • The modern gift is silverware as sharing meals together will bring you closer.
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Flower: Daisies
  • Gemstone: Rose Quartz

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