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42 Party Supplies to Make Your Next Party Unforgettable!

Are you ready to throw the party of a lifetime? Whether you're planning a birthday bash, a holiday party, or a Super Bowl get-together, having the right party supplies is crucial. From plates and cups...

Are you ready to throw the party of a lifetime? Whether you're planning a birthday bash, a holiday party, or a Super Bowl get-together, having the right party supplies is crucial. From plates and cups to decorations and games, these essentials will ensure that your guests have a blast.

gifts, balloons, and other party decorations with party sign Party supplies are a necessary component of any party. Without the basic party supplies like plates, cups, eating utensils, and food, you’ll be running around your home searching for things for your guests to eat and eat off of.

The Ultimate List of Party Supplies

Here's a curated list of 42 party supplies that will make your next party a huge hit:

Invitations and Tableware

  • Party invitations - paper or email
  • Tables for guests and buffet
  • Chairs, chair covers, and chair cushions
  • Tablecloths, table skirts, and placemats
  • Napkins - cocktail, dinner, dessert
  • Place cards, table cards, and name tags
  • Drinkware - water, wine, coffee
  • Plates - cocktail, dessert, dinner
  • Flatware - forks, spoons, knives
  • Serving utensils
  • Serving platters, trays, and bowls
  • Centerpieces
  • Party favors and treat bags/boxes
  • Balloons, helium, and ribbons
  • Banners and signs
  • Streamers, confetti, and garland
  • Candles, lighting, matches, and lighters
  • Games, supplies, props, and prizes
  • Ice and cooler, ice buckets
  • iPod, speakers, music, and microphone
  • Propane/charcoal, lighter fluid, and grill
  • Tent, umbrellas, backdrops, and stage
  • Bounce house and entertainment
  • Piñata, candy, mask, and stick
  • Other party decorations
  • Bar supplies: bottle opener, etc.
  • Outdoor heaters, fans, misters
  • Drinks: water
  • Drinks: punch, soft drinks
  • Drinks: beer, wine, cocktails
  • Drinks: cocktail mixers
  • Beer keg and other cocktail dispensers
  • Punch bowl and ladle
  • Food: appetizers
  • Food: main course
  • Food: dessert and/or cake
  • Warming trays and cold food ice trays
  • Garbage cans and bags
  • Paper towels and cleaning supplies
  • Take-home containers for guests
  • First Aid kit
  • Misc: coasters, toothpicks, straws

Don't forget the gifts! Make sure you have wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, and a birthday card on hand.

party supplies against a turquoise backdrop with list Are you in the midst of planning your next party? This list of 42 Party Supplies for Your Next Party is meant to help you remember the important components needed, whether you own, borrow, purchase, or rent items, to make your party perfect and the best ever!

Why You Need a Comprehensive Party Supply List

A detailed party supply list can be more than just a helpful tool for your next event. It can also serve as a valuable asset in other situations. For instance, if you've experienced a catastrophic loss, such as a fire, this list can assist you in creating a home inventory for your homeowner's insurance claim.

party supplies against a turquoise backdrop with list Wait??? What?? I’ve lost you… We lost our home in October 2007, to a wildfire and we were in the midst of planning a Halloween party for the next weekend. We’d already decorated the house plus purchased specific paper plates, napkins, drinkware, party favors, etc. My Halloween party had a “bat” theme and while I may have had other paper plates and napkins left over from other parties in our house, I also had brand new paper products and decorations purchased for this specific party. A list like this would have helped me remember, with more detail, what we lost when preparing the paperwork needed for our homeowner’s insurance claim!

The Complete Book of Lists: Your Ultimate Household Inventory Project Companion

Creating a comprehensive home inventory list can be a labor-intensive process. However, to make things easier for you, I've compiled all my 55 lists of 42 essential items into an eBook called "The Complete Book of Lists: Room-by-Room Checklists for Your Household Inventory Project." This invaluable resource will guide you through your home inventory project from start to finish.

party confetti on a turquoise background flatlay After several years of working on this project, there are now 55 lists of 42 things related to household inventory and this list of 42 Party Supplies for Your Next Party is one of those 55.

Get Ready to Party!

No matter what kind of party you have in mind, having the right supplies is key to ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone. From the invitations to the decorations, food, and entertainment, every detail matters. So, grab your party supply list and start planning the event of a lifetime!

collage of party supplies on a turquoise background Gifts! Don’t forget the gifts! Which means you need wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, a birthday card…

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