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4 Types of Events That Can Revolutionize the Motor Industry

The motor industry is known for its investment in events, with a projected increase of 5% for this year, according to the latest report by American Express M&E "Global Meetings and Events Forecast". In this...

The motor industry is known for its investment in events, with a projected increase of 5% for this year, according to the latest report by American Express M&E "Global Meetings and Events Forecast". In this article, we will explore some unique event ideas and offer advice for event organizers in the motor industry, as well as those looking to apply these concepts to other types of events.

Road Trips: Experience the Drive Sensation

One exciting event concept for the motor industry is organizing road trips. These trips allow a group of people to embark on a two or three-day journey, experiencing the thrill of driving and getting to test different vehicles. To ensure the best experience, it is recommended to form small groups of no more than 20 people or 10 vehicles. The route chosen should feature roads with minimal traffic, excellent surfaces, and picturesque scenery.

rutas en coche por el pirineo Image: Road trip event at Barceló Monasterio de Boltaña.

These road trips are an opportunity for brands to directly connect with their consumers, fostering loyalty and offering a unique experience centered around their vehicles. Luxury brands often utilize this format to engage with their high-end clients. Additionally, influential individuals such as journalists and industry influencers can participate, subsequently sharing their experiences through media publications.

Product Exhibition: Unveiling the Future

Product exhibitions are an effective way to showcase the latest vehicle models that will soon hit the market. These events are primarily targeted towards industry professionals, journalists, and opinion influencers. Occasionally, the general public may also be invited on designated days to experience the excitement firsthand.

Exhibición de vehículos en eventos Image: Presentation of the new Porsche GT3 at La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel.

When organizing a product exhibition, it is essential to select a venue spacious enough to accommodate multiple vehicle models and a large number of participants. Availability of additional spaces and rooms for press conferences, meetings, and related activities is also crucial. In some cases, short test drives can be incorporated into the exhibition, allowing attendees to experience the vehicles in action.

Test Drives in a Controlled Environment: Pushing the Limits

Conducting test drives in controlled environments provides a unique opportunity to test both new and upcoming vehicle models. These environments can include specially designed circuits or existing race tracks. The choice of circuit depends on the target audience and the characteristics of the vehicles being tested.

eventos para industria automovil Image: Test drive circuit set up in the hotel parking area at Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento.

For off-road or four-wheel drive vehicles, circuits that simulate mountainous terrain, complete with elements like mud, water, rocks, and uneven surfaces, provide the most accurate testing conditions. Sports cars or performance-focused vehicles, on the other hand, may require circuits with high-speed tracks to evaluate their capabilities. It is essential to ensure the safety of participants by having experts on hand, as some tests may require a higher level of experience or pose potential dangers.

Vehicle Presentation: Unveiling the Masterpiece

Vehicle presentations are ideal for introducing new products that have undergone significant changes or innovations. These events typically involve substantial investments of time and resources. To create a lasting impression, a unique venue with an avant-garde design is chosen to align with the brand's image and communicate its core values.

Presentaciones de coche Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Image: Launch event of a new Renault model.

When planning a vehicle presentation, it is crucial to select a spacious and versatile venue capable of accommodating a large-scale event. Apart from the main presentation, additional areas for press conferences and various activities should be available.

Motor industry events possess unique characteristics dictated by the nature of the product. It is vital to carefully consider the type of event and its requirements. Opting for a venue that has previously hosted similar events instills confidence, ensuring the venue's team understands your needs and can offer tailored solutions.

Accessibility and proximity to participants' accommodations are key factors to consider when selecting a venue. Additionally, the venue's surroundings, such as attractive landscapes or proximity to a race track, can enhance the overall event experience.

To create impactful events in the motor industry, organizers must think outside the box and consider the specific needs and expectations of their target audience. By exploring these four event types, event planners can revolutionize the motor industry, leaving a lasting impression on both professionals and consumers.