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37 Epic ‘Eras’ Taylor Swift Themed Party Tips & Ideas

If you’re a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, what better way to celebrate your love for her music and artistry than by throwing a Taylor Swift-themed party? From her catchy pop anthems to her heartfelt ballads,...

If you’re a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, what better way to celebrate your love for her music and artistry than by throwing a Taylor Swift-themed party? From her catchy pop anthems to her heartfelt ballads, Taylor Swift has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Whether you’re planning a birthday bash or just want to have a fun get-together with fellow Swifties, I have some tips to help you throw an unforgettable Taylor Swift themed party.

Photo collage of Taylor Swift in all of her eras. Caption: Taylor Swift in all of her eras.

Epic ‘Eras’ Taylor Swift Themed Party Tips

First up, let's start with some top tips to help you decide on games, foods, and decorations!

1. Set the Tone with Invitations

Start the excitement by designing Taylor Swift-inspired invitations. Incorporate elements from her album covers, song lyrics, or iconic outfits. You can also use concert ticket-style invitations to build anticipation for the event. Request guests to dress up as their favorite Taylor Swift era or album.

If you're short on time or not artistically inclined, don't worry. There are plenty of pre-made options available.

2. Decorate with Swiftie Style

Transform your party space into a Taylor Swift wonderland by using a color palette inspired by her album covers, such as red, pink, gold, and pastels. Hang up posters and album artwork, create a Taylor Swift photo booth area with props like oversized sunglasses, guitars, and red lipstick. Add Taylor Swift song lyric banners or create a timeline highlighting her musical journey for an extra flare.

3. Dress Like Taylor

Channel your inner Taylor Swift by dressing up as your favorite era or iconic music video character. From the cowboy boots and sundresses of her country days to the glam outfits of her pop era, the options are endless. Award a prize for the best costume or have a Taylor Swift look-alike contest!

Add soundtrack to the party. Photo of girls dancing. Caption: Add soundtrack to the party. Photo of girls dancing.

4. Soundtrack the Party

Craft a playlist featuring Taylor Swift’s greatest hits and deep cuts. Include songs from different eras to cater to all fans. Consider playing music videos on a screen or setting up a karaoke station where guests can belt out their favorite Taylor Swift tunes. Incorporate games like “Guess the Taylor Swift Song” or “Finish the Lyrics” for added entertainment.

5. Treats and Eats

Create a menu inspired by Taylor Swift’s favorite foods or songs. Name dishes after her albums or popular songs. Serve classic American fare like burgers and fries or have a tea party with finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and tea party games. You could also create a dessert bar with treats like “Love Story” cookies or “Shake It Off” milkshakes. Get creative with the food and let your imagination run wild!

6. Taylor Swift Trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge of all things Taylor Swift with a trivia game. Prepare a list of questions about her albums, song lyrics, music videos, and personal life. Award small prizes to those who answer correctly or have the highest score. It's a great way to engage with your guests and have some fun!

7. Swiftie Swag

Send your guests home with Taylor Swift-themed party favors. Consider items like custom-made Taylor Swift keychains, temporary tattoos, or personalized lyric notebooks. You could also include mini replicas of her iconic stage outfits or her signature red lipstick. It's a thoughtful gesture that will remind your guests of the fantastic night they had.

8. Capture the Memories

Designate a designated photographer or create a DIY photo booth with Taylor Swift-themed props and backdrops. Encourage guests to take pictures and share them on social media using a party-specific hashtag. This way, everyone can enjoy the memories long after the event is over.

Taylor Swift decorations for party Caption: Taylor Swift decorations for party

Taylor Swift Themed Party Decorations

Here are some awesome Taylor Swift themed party decorations that will help you create the perfect Taylor Swift-approved atmosphere:

  1. Speak Now Taylors Version Banner
  2. Taylor Themed Cupcakes
  3. Birthday Invitations
  4. Taylor Swift Pillow
  5. Eras Banner Idea
  6. Taylor Themed Card Wall
  7. Cute Birthday Hat Idea
  8. Tay Swiftie Nation Flag
  9. Marry Me Juliet Sign
  10. Life Lessons

Taylor Swift Themed Party Food

When it comes to party food, let your creativity soar. Here are some Taylor Swift-themed food ideas to inspire you:

  1. T. Swift Cupcakes
  2. I Get Older But Never Wiser Cake
  3. Taylor’s Cookie Recipe
  4. Taylor Sugar Cookie
  5. Lover Cookies
  6. Taylor Swift Pizza
  7. Themed Cocktails
  8. Taylor Themed Cheese Board
  9. Lover Cake
  10. Folklore Cookies

Taylor Swift themed party tips & Ideas

If you’re looking for Taylor Swift party invitations, here are a couple of my favorite “Birthday Era” ones:

  • Custom digital download
  • A version you can share on your phone and social platforms
  • Already printed Midnight invites

Taylor Swift Themed Party Games

Games are a great way to bring everyone together and make the night feel more special. Here are some Taylor Swift-themed party games that are sure to be a hit:

  1. Swiftie Song Bracket
  2. Printable Eras Bingo
  3. 9 Different Printable Games
  4. Printable Word Search
  5. Swift Themed Jeopardy
  6. Speak Now Drinking Game
  7. T. Swift Trivia
  8. Karaoke
  9. Drink If You…
  10. Coloring Pages

A Taylor Swift-themed party is a fantastic way to celebrate your love for Taylor’s music and connect with fellow Swifties. By incorporating elements of her music, style, and personality into your party, you’ll create an atmosphere that captures the magic of Taylor Swift’s world. So, gather your squad, sing your heart out, and have a night filled with unforgettable memories at your Taylor Swift-themed extravaganza!

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