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36 Gorgeous Pink and Gold Party Invitations!

Planning a pink and gold party? Start with a stunning invitation that sets the tone for your event. At Catch My Party, we've handpicked the most gorgeous pink and gold party invitations for every occasion....

Planning a pink and gold party? Start with a stunning invitation that sets the tone for your event. At Catch My Party, we've handpicked the most gorgeous pink and gold party invitations for every occasion. From girl birthdays to baby showers, bridal showers to quinceaneras, milestone birthdays to baptisms, and even sweet-themed parties, we've got you covered!

1: Pink and Gold Birthday Party Invitation

Our first pick is a versatile girl birthday invitation that can be customized for any pink and gold-themed party. With its pink and gold dot design and elegant typography, this invitation is sure to impress.

Pink and Gold Birthday Party Invitation Caption: Swoon Over These 36 Gorgeous Pink and Gold Party Invitations!

2: 1st Birthday Party Invitation

Celebrate your little one's first birthday with this adorable pink and gold balloon invitation. It's the perfect way to invite friends and family to join in the fun!

1st Birthday Party Invitation

3: Teen 13th Birthday Party Invitation

For a stylish and elegant invitation for a teen's birthday party, look no further than this pink watercolor and gold geometric design. It's sure to impress the young trendsetters!

Teen 13th Birthday Party Invitation

4: Quinceanera Party Invitation

If you're planning a pink and gold "coming of age" quinceanera celebration, this rustic invitation is perfect. Its delicate watercolor flowers add a touch of preciousness to the design.

Quinceanera Party Invitation

5: Sweet 16 Party Invitation

Turning 16 is a milestone that deserves a fabulous celebration. Kick off the party with this fun pink and gold invitation featuring a dazzling gold foil '16' balloon as the centerpiece.

Sweet 16 Party Invitation

6: 30th Birthday Party Invitation

Celebrate your 30th birthday in style with this elegant and modern party invitation. The clean design proves that sometimes less is more.

30th Birthday Party Invitation

7: 40th Birthday Party Invitation

If you're excited about turning 40, this stunning invitation is perfect for your celebration. The scripted "forty" adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

40th Birthday Party Invitation

8: 80th Birthday Party Invitation

An 80th birthday calls for the best party ever, and this invitation matches the occasion perfectly. The beautiful flowers and typography add charm to the design.

80th Birthday Party Invitation

9: Princess Party Invitation

Treat your little princess to a party invitation fit for royalty. This dazzling design featuring a sparkly gold crown is sure to impress her guests.

Princess Party Invitation

10: Minnie Mouse Party Invitation

Minnie Mouse is a beloved character and a popular theme for 1st birthday parties. This striped floral invitation with a gold sparkly Minnie and her cute pink bow is absolutely adorable.

Minnie Mouse Party Invitation

11: Barbie Party Invitation

For little fashionistas, a Barbie-themed party is a must. This gold silhouette Barbie surrounded by pretty flowers will make your daughter's birthday party shine.

Barbie Party Invitation

12: Unicorn Party Invitation

Unicorns are all the rage, and this pink and gold unicorn invitation is truly magical. Its sprinkle of magic adds the perfect touch to any unicorn-themed party.

Unicorn Party Invitation

13: Llama Party Invitation

Llamas are another popular choice for girls' parties, and this pink and gold llama invitation is an absolute dream. The gold dots and pink flowers create a warm and delightful design.

Llama Party Invitation

14: Carousel Party Invitation

If you're looking for a vintage party theme, a carousel party is a wonderful choice. This pink and gold invitation adorned with stars, flowers, and a dazzling gold carousel creates a whimsical atmosphere.

Carousel Party Invitation

15: Ballerina Party Invitation

Many girls adore ballet, making a pink and gold ballerina party a perfect choice. This invitation features a gold silhouette of a little prima ballerina surrounded by stars against a stripy pink and white backdrop.

Ballerina Party Invitation

16: Brunch Party Invitation

Sometimes, simplicity is key. If you prefer a low-key celebration with close friends and family, why not invite them to a birthday brunch? This elegant pink and gold invitation is perfect for such an occasion.

Brunch Party Invitation

17: Butterfly Party Invitation

Butterflies never fail to captivate, and this invitation is no exception. With a gold and floral number surrounded by whimsical pink butterflies, it's a delightful choice for a girl's birthday party.

Butterfly Party Invitation

18: Dinosaur Party Invitation

Dinosaurs aren't just for boys' parties! Embrace the trend of dinosaur parties for girls with this cute pink and gold dinosaur invitation. Get ready for a wild and roaring celebration!

Dinosaur Party Invitation

19: Fairy Party Invitation

For a delicate and incredibly girly theme, look no further than this gorgeous fairy-themed pink and gold invitation. Decorated with flowers, butterflies, and a gold fairy, it's a magical choice.

Fairy Party Invitation

20: Farm Party Invitation

If your child loves farm life and animals, a farm-themed birthday party is a cool idea. This pink and gold invitation with gold animals and pink dots captures the essence of a fun farm celebration.

Farm Party Invitation

21: Flamingo Party Invitation

For a tropical vibe, consider a pink flamingo and gold birthday party. This adorable flamingo invitation will add a touch of fun and flamboyance to your celebration.

Flamingo Party Invitation

22: Luau Party Invitation

If you're planning a summer birthday party, why not go for a luau theme? Set the mood with these fun pink and gold pineapple invitations and transport your guests to a tropical paradise.

Luau Party Invitation

23: Hot Air Balloon Party Invitation

Hot air balloon parties have an enchanting charm that's perfect for a girl's birthday celebration. These floral pink and gold party invitations will make your guests feel like they're soaring through the sky.

Hot Air Balloon Party Invitation

24: Mermaid Party Invitation

If your little one dreams of being a mermaid, this sweet pink and gold mermaid-themed invitation is the perfect choice. The design is simple but beautiful, featuring a gold mermaid tail and cute pink and gold elements.

Mermaid Party Invitation

25: Parisian Party Invitation

Transport your guests to the streets of Paris with this chic pink and gold invitation. The gold Eiffel Tower and pink flowers create an enchanting atmosphere for a Parisian-themed party.

Parisian Party Invitation

26: Rainbow Party Invitation

Rainbows are all the rage, especially boho rainbows that fit perfectly with the pink and gold party theme. This stunning pink and gold watercolor rainbow invitation will make everyone feel lucky.

Rainbow Party Invitation

27: Safari/Jungle Party Invitation

Safari parties never go out of style and are loved by both boys and girls. Get everyone excited for the wild celebration with this pink and gold invitation featuring cute jungle animals.

Safari Party Invitation

28: Spa Party Invitation

Pamper yourself with a pink and gold spa-themed party. This amazing invitation adorned with makeup motifs will have your guests ready for a makeover and a day of relaxation.

Spa Party Invitation

29: Swan Party Invitation

Make your little one's birthday party truly exquisite with this delicately designed pink and gold swan-themed invitation. The gold swan against a pink watercolor circle adds a touch of elegance.

Swan Party Invitation

30: Tea Party Invitation

Invite your guests to a charming tea party with this lovely pink and gold invitation featuring stacked teacups and pretty flowers. It's the perfect choice for an afternoon of tea, cakes, and delightful conversations.

Tea Party Invitation

31: Woodland Party Invitation

Let the enchantment of woodland creatures inspire your daughter's birthday party. This adorable woodland animal invitation is perfect for a magical celebration surrounded by cute little animals.

Woodland Party Invitation

32: Sleepover Party Invitation

Sleepovers are all about fun and bonding with friends. Invite your guests to an amazing all-nighter with this cool pink and gold invitation featuring pink and white stripes and gold stars.

Sleepover Party Invitation

33: Baptism Party Invitation

For a modern and elegant baptism celebration, this invitation is the perfect choice. The gold geometric shape combined with pretty pink flowers creates a graceful design.

Baptism Party Invitation

34: Baby Shower Invitation

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one with this stunning baby shower invitation. The gold typography and pink flowers create a flawless design for this joyous occasion.

Baby Shower Invitation

35: Bridal Shower Party Invitation

Throwing a bridal shower? Wow your guests with this simple yet amazing pink and gold invitation. The pink watercolor tint and gold typography create a beautiful combination that is sure to impress.

Bridal Shower Party Invitation

36: Graduation Party Invitation

Celebrate your achievements with this lovely pink and gold graduation party invitation. The pink ripples and gold dots add a touch of celebration to this special occasion.

Graduation Party Invitation

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