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35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Celebrating 35 Years of Love and Devotion

Don't you remember when you were thirty-five years old? It feels like just yesterday when you were chasing around kids in diapers or settling into your home and career with your spouse by your side....

Don't you remember when you were thirty-five years old? It feels like just yesterday when you were chasing around kids in diapers or settling into your home and career with your spouse by your side. After thirty-five years of marriage, the two of you have been through a lot - moments of happiness, sadness, and pure joy!

A commitment as strong and loving as yours deserves to be honored. You don't need a big party or an announcement in the paper (although those options are totally valid). Instead, show each other how much you still care with sweet and sentimental 35th anniversary gifts that will keep the passion alive (and give you butterflies all over again)!

What Are the Traditional & Modern 35th Anniversary Gifts?

Both traditional and modern gifts symbolize the emotions and characteristics that come with 35 years of wedded bliss. Traditionally, coral was used to celebrate this milestone anniversary. Coral takes time to develop and requires a delicately balanced ecosystem, just like a lasting marriage. It also represents protection and healing, which are wonderful qualities for a union to have.

But don't worry, you don't have to pilfer the oceans for coral. There are plenty of coral-themed gifts available that capture its essence. On the other hand, the modern 35th anniversary gift is jade. Its striking green hue is a beautiful contrast to coral, representing love, good fortune, and wisdom. Jade has been highly prized for centuries, making it an impressive gift.

While there aren't specific flowers associated with the 35th wedding anniversary, you can find arrangements with shades of jade and coral. And if you want to go all out, you can opt for a gift that includes the traditional 35th anniversary gem: the emerald.

Now that you know the traditional and modern gifts, here are some amazing gift ideas that incorporate these themes!

35th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

1. Coral Earrings

Coral Earrings by Etsy: GemazoneJewelry

These delightful earrings are perfect for couples who want to stick with the traditional gift theme. Each 14k gold earring holds a petite coral sphere, creating a beautiful minimalist design that adds a pop of color to any outfit.

2. Jade Necklace

Jade Necklace by Etsy: JadeiteAtelier

For modern couples, this jade necklace is a great choice. It's simple, sophisticated, and perfect for everyday wear. The natural jade stone is surrounded by sparkling 18k gold on an adjustable chain, complementing a variety of personalities and styles.

3. Coral Reef Bangle

Coral Reef Bangle by Saks: Ippolita

This coral reef bangle is incredibly impressive. Delicate gold and gleaming diamonds are formed into natural coral shapes, resembling the beauty of a sparkling ocean. It's an elegant statement piece that will stand out in her jewelry collection.

4. Coral Candle

Coral Candle by L'Objet

What would coral smell like? We're not sure, but if it smelled like this pink-champagne coral candle, we would gladly sniff it all day. Aside from its inviting fragrance, the candle itself is a work of art with an ornate red coral branch on top.

5. Marquise Emerald and Gold Pendant

Marquise Emerald and Gold Pendant by Etsy: ElizabethJewelryInc

Emerald is the gem of choice for the 35th wedding anniversary, and this marquise pendant is a stunning choice. Expertly cut into a classic shape, the emerald twinkles in any light. Set in delicate 14kt yellow gold, this pendant is an enchanting accessory for everyday wear or special occasions.

6. Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum by Saks: Armani Beauty

This alluring Eau de Jade Perfume from Saks La Collection line is a tribute to traditional perfumery. Its intoxicating fragrance is reminiscent of beach strolls on the Mediterranean. Topped with a gorgeous faux jade topper, this perfume is the icing on the cake for your special 35th anniversary gift.

7. Flowers

by Bouqs

While there aren't specific flowers associated with the 35th wedding anniversary, you can never go wrong with a stunning bouquet. Select arrangements with vibrant coral and lush jade hues to capture the theme and create a beautiful display.

35th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

8. Jade Cufflinks or Coral Cufflinks

Does your man have a collection of cufflinks? These handsome jade cufflinks, with their minimalist design and mesmerizing dark green hue, would be a valuable addition. Or, add a burst of color with these striking coral cufflinks crafted into marine topiaries.

9. Jade Bracelet

Jade Bracelet by Etsy: SacredHealthJewelry

We adore male jewelry, and this suave jade bracelet is no exception. Deep green jade spheres and a mixture of green Epidote and Piemontite known as dragon's blood create a casual, boho vibe. It's believed to bring prosperity, energy, strength, and vitality to the wearer.

10. Emerald and Black Ceramic Ring

Emerald and Black Ceramic Ring by Thorsten

This emerald and black ceramic ring is an impressive choice for an emerald 35th anniversary gift. Made from durable black ceramic with an inlaid green carbon fiber and an inset emerald, this ring gives a superhero vibe that's perfect for your knight in shining armor.

11. Coral Letter Opener

Coral Letter Opener by Saks: L'Objet

This fashionable and functional present is a coral letter opener with a 24k gold-plated blade and an intriguing branched coral handpiece. It will make a captivating desk accessory in his office, as long as he's aware that it may come with high expectations for love letters!

12. Jade Cologne

Jade Cologne by Bond No 9

Is this cologne, or a work of art? This Jade Cologne bottle is absolutely stunning, with green tones concealed beneath a latticework of gold. The inviting fragrance features hints of cedarwood, amber, jasmine, raspberry, and cumin, making it a truly special gift.

13. Silicone Ring

Silicone Ring by Halo

Whether it's time to replace his old wedding ring or he wants another ring to accessorize, this green silicone ring is the perfect choice. Soft, breathable, and comfortable, it's the ideal jade hue and can even be personalized with a sentimental message.

14. Jade Pen

Jade Pen by Etsy: WoodNotchPens

This ornate jade pen is intricate and intriguing. Crafted from Arizona Jade TruStone with brass dragon scales and a miniature dragon clip, it's a one-of-a-kind gift that will capture his attention whenever he needs to sign something important.

35th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Either

15. Jade Art Print or Coral Art Print

Jade Art Print by Etsy: VoiceAndSound

These couple's anniversary gift prints are the perfect way to adorn your walls with beauty. The jade art print features watercolor circles of lush green, while the coral art print punctuates blue and white with pops of color. Each time you see these prints, you'll be reminded of your special day 35 years ago.

16. Jade Color Bath Towels

Jade Color Bath Towels by Nordstrom: Matouk

Who said anniversary gifts can't be practical and pretty? These ultrasoft and 100% cotton jade color bath towels will freshen up any bathroom and make you feel like royalty every time you step out of the shower.

17. Coral Print Wine Glass

Coral Print Wine Glass by Saks: Varga

Cheers to 35 years! These sophisticated coral print wine glasses are perfect for toasting to your relationship. With their narrow stems, sleek bowl, and engraved coral branches, they're elegant and add depth to any celebration.

18. Soundwave Art

Soundwave Art by Etsy: VoiceAndSound

Capture a special sound or recording with soundwave art. Choose your favorite song, movie quote, or other audio recording and have it printed in jade green on canvas. This unique gift will be a one-of-a-kind work of art that holds sentimental value.

19. Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware Set by Wayfair: Elama

Impress your guests with this opulent dinnerware set in shades of green. With unique shapes and textures, these place settings are intriguing to look at and durable enough to last for another 35 years.

20. Jade Plant

Jade Plant by Hirt's Gardens

A jade plant is a no-brainer when it comes to a 35-year anniversary gift. These succulents symbolize growth, prosperity, and renewal, and they're simple to care for and look lovely in any home.

21. Coral Tumbler

Coral Tumbler by Yeti

This coral tumbler is the perfect beverage vessel for your daily drinks. Insulated and tough, it can go wherever you go while keeping your drinks perfectly chilled or hot. Plus, its coral coating makes it effortlessly stylish.

22. Coral Lamp

Coral Lamp by Perigold

This coral lamp set adds a playful twist to the traditional 35th anniversary gift. Its bleached white color complements any decor, making it a charming focal point in any room.

Happiest of Anniversary Wishes!

Though it may have gone by in the blink of an eye, 35 years of marriage is truly something to celebrate. Whether you're looking for a traditional gift for him, a modern gift for her, or something special for both of you, we hope you've found inspiration in these 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas.