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35 Unforgettable 4th Anniversary Gifts You Can Make By Hand

After four bliss-filled years as newlyweds, you’ve hit a stride as a married couple. Even if the four years have flown by, you’ve surely come a long way since your wedding, growing and tackling new...

After four bliss-filled years as newlyweds, you’ve hit a stride as a married couple. Even if the four years have flown by, you’ve surely come a long way since your wedding, growing and tackling new challenges together each year. If you glance through all the anniversary gifts by year, the fourth year features flowers, fruit, and blue topaz presents. More recently, appliances and linens have made it on the list. We’ve rounded up 35 gifts that not only fall within these categories but are also easy to make by hand and personalize for your partner. Whether you’re on the hunt for 4th-anniversary gifts for your spouse or a personalized present for your favorite couple, check out our list of personalized projects below.

1. Medley Of Memories Board

DIY Photo Board Build this DIY photo board by deconstructing a large wooden picture frame and adding push pins to the inner casing. Link craft wire from pin to pin and attach photos with decorative clips. Switch out new photos with each passing anniversary.

2. Rose And Poppy Seed Scrub

4th wedding anniversary gifts hand polish This unique combination of gritty poppy seeds and soothing roses creates a hand scrub perfect for the winter. Package your hand scrub with other DIY spa gifts like bath salts and facial sugar scrub.

3. Personalized Mugs

custom drinkware Choose a memorable photo and create personalized mugs that celebrate your 4th anniversary and give your partner something to kindle your relationship. Choose from a vast collection of mug designs and sizes with plenty of room for customization. Edit text, upload favorite photos and choose your preferred colors to make custom coffee mugs that are truly unique.

4. Anniversary Memory Book

A wedding photo book with pictures from the wedding day Your four-year anniversary is a time to celebrate the countless memories and magical moments you’ve spent together. Turn the special images you’ve collected over the past four years into custom photo books.

5. Struck With Love Pillowcase

photo pillow Greet your partner each morning with this custom photo pillow and add cute messages like, “Good Morning Gorgeous,” or your family name. With a few simple steps, you can turn your favorite photographs into home accents by creating a custom pillow with your most cherished moments.

6. Restorative Tub Tea

4th wedding anniversary tub tea Your partner will love “steeping” in a tub of bath salts, comforting essential oils, and calming herbs. Combine skin-soothing ingredients in small sachets to easily transform a bath into a spa experience. Package up an assortment of bathtime teabags into a gift set to go with your bathroom color scheme.

7. Fruit And Family Tea Towels

4th wedding anniversary gifts custom tea towel This personalizable tea towel set features your family name, a color photograph, and a 4th anniversary-themed set of festive lemons and limes. Mix and match your design with quotes, monograms or different fruits and veggies.

8. Terrazzo Catch-All

4th wedding anniversary triangle trinket box Gift a custom necklace in a handmade jewelry trinket box. With the help of some clay, temporary tattoo paper, and a printable terrazzo pattern, build this versatile catch-all from scratch by following the attached design.

9. Wall Art

Canvas gallery wall hanging on wall. A thoughtful way to re-live your wedding day and beyond is with wall art unique to you. Choose one of our stylish, easy-to-use templates, connect your photo storage service, and you’ll create a personalized gift to last a lifetime.

10. Rose Petal Body Scrub

4th wedding anniversary sugar scrub Great for an at-home spa day, combine rose water, culinary rose petals, grapeseed oil and sugar in a decorative glass jar. Tie a pink ribbon around the lid and attach a loving anniversary quote for personalized packaging.

11. Kitchen Linen Upgrade

4th wedding anniversary gifts gold kitchen linens Following the traditional linen theme of 4th wedding anniversaries, add gold accents and designs to pot holders and tea towels for a modern gift set. Play with alternating geometric shapes for a clean pattern.

12. Bouquet Of Roses Lip Mask

4th wedding anniversary lip mask Your partner can pamper their lips with this all-natural rose lip mask. Combine ground rose petals, yogurt and honey into a delicately scented combo. Build a complete gift set by combining with a pre-mask scrub made from sugar and avocado oil.

13. Vintage Hanging Vases

4th wedding anniversary hanging flower vases Adorned with a hand-painted quote from The Princess Bride, line up three milk bottles against a rustic plank of wood and fill them with fresh wildflowers as a daily reminder of your anniversary celebration.

14. Floral Travel Journal

4th wedding anniversary travelers notebook Design a one-of-a-kind travel notebook from scrapbook paper, a Cricut machine and these simple instructions for hand-binding your book. Including a happy anniversary message inside to inspire their writing.

15. Gold Leaf Accent Vases

4th wedding anniversary gold accented vase Cut out several stripes of gold temporary tattoo paper and add a simple design to the front of several slim vases or mason jars. Pair them with varying patterns and fill with roses, wildflowers or festive ferns.

16. Accent With A Rose

4th wedding anniversary gifts rose bucket An array of anniversary gifts can use this simple felt rose pattern — from planters to cards and gifts boxes. Trim a spiral from a red circle of felt, roll it together into a rosebud and secure with hot glue.

17. Hand-Stamped Garden Coasters

4th wedding anniversary clay coasters Fill a clay disc with textured floral stamps and transform into garden-inspired coasters. Pair this themed 4th anniversary gift with a hand-painted mug, their favorite blend of coffee and some homemade cookies to dunk.

18. DIY Floral Hoop Earrings

4th wedding anniversary floral hoop earrings For a playful 4th anniversary gift for her, construct these colorful earrings from miniature paper flowers, crochet thread and gold hoops. Stick with blue flowers to stay in line with the blue topaz theme or mix and match for a spring look.

19. Year-Round Wreath Of Greens

4th wedding anniversary evergreen wreath Design a wreath for your home that never goes out of style with the seasons. Weave silk greenery like eucalyptus and ivy onto a twig wreath and attach with hot glue. Add a twine loop to the top of the wreath to hang on your door as an anniversary reminder.

20. Bits Of Golden Flair

4th wedding anniversary gold heart pin Looking for a creative reason to use your 3D printer? Design a simple anniversary gift by building small heart accent charms. Attach a pin backing to each heart and spruce up a scarf, purse, lapel or pair of shoes.

21. Colorblock Planter

4th wedding anniversary planter basket Grow your very own love fern in a stylish wicker planter that’s hand-painted at home. Block off the bottom half of a basket with painter’s tape and cover with acrylic paint until opaque. If you want to stick to the traditional 4th wedding anniversary gift plant, choose a geranium!

22. Asymmetrical Flower Wreaths

4th wedding anniversary gifts flower wreath If your anniversary aligns with spring, gather together a collection of small embroidery hoops and attach a bouquet of pastel faux flowers with hot glue. Hang in a collection of similar colors and gift for a spring display in your home.

23. A Touch Of Velvet

4th wedding anniversary quilted velvet pillows If you want to highlight the linen category of 4th anniversary gifts, personalize these cozy quilted throw pillows in your partner’s favorite color and fabric. Add a playful stitching pattern to the front to match the season or your home decor.

24. Homemade Clay Planter

4th wedding anniversary rubber stamp planter Construct a planter completely from scratch without the pottery class. Wrap bakeable clay around a wide drinking glass to shape evenly and stamp with your choice of design. Spray with metallic paint for a copper appearance and fill with your favorite flower or succulent.

25. Warm And Cozy Handknit Blanket

4th wedding anniversary gifts chunky blanket Minimal knitting skills are required to create this soft and chunky throw blanket. You’ll need seven to eight balls of thick yarn to create the full-sized throw in the photo. Customize with your partner’s favorite color and design!

26. Modern Beaded Planter

4th wedding anniversary gifts wooden bead planter As another unique take on the DIY planter, cover a small pot with lines of large wooden beads. Add small cylindrical dowels to the base to heighten your planter and fill it with your favorite flower or succulent.

27. DIY Sign Of Love

4th wedding anniversary love sign Emulate the iconic L-O-V-E signs around the country by creating your own from wooden craft letters. Glue a collage of floral paper scraps onto one of the letters for a garden-inspired look.

28. Air Plant Terrarium

4th wedding anniversary air plant terrarium Air plants require minimal care and add a touch of lush green to a desk or coffee table. Fill a large decorative jar with terracotta clay pebbles, patches of moss and a collection of air plants to complete your love garden.

29. Clay And Paper Pendant

4th wedding anniversary clay napkin pendant Seek out unique designs on decorative paper napkins to cut and attach to handmade clay pendants. Form the clay into a full circle as a symbolic anniversary gift idea and attach to a matching chain or string.

30. Blooming Hoop Wreath

4th wedding anniversary hoop wreath Line an embroidery wreath with flowers that last all year. Bulk up the blossoms with faux eucalyptus and wax flowers, then add a small string to the top of the hoop for easy hanging in your home or loved one’s office decor.

31. Personalized Kitchenware

Custom kitchenware products laid out on green background including personalized wooden utensils and custom pot holders Flowers and fruit make for a traditional fourth anniversary gift, and we’re here to help you spin this tradition on its head with modern gift themes that can perfect your kitchen. From coffee mugs to grilling utensils to wine glasses, we have kitchenware that will make meaningful gifts for your partner and your long-term relationship.

32. Super Simple Soaps

4th wedding anniversary lavender pine soap New to the homemade soap game? This easy DIY soap recipe includes your choice of floral and herbal essential oils to personalize with your partner’s favorite scents.

33. Chamomile Bath Salts

4th wedding anniversary gifts calming bath salt Mix the top natural and calming herbs and oils — lavender, chamomile and calendula — into a stress-beating bath salt combo. Gift in a resealable bottle or mason jar and add a relaxing message to the front with a white glass marker.

34. Quilled Paper Flower Jewelry

4th wedding anniversary floral paper earrings Construct colorful flowers from rolled paper art made by hand. Use a quilling set to create customized paper blooms and attach them to your choice of wooden earrings for a natural design.

35. Blooming Purse Strap

4th wedding anniversary flower bag strap If you’re new to leather-working, this project is for you. Cut out several tones of leather petals and connect them to an existing purse shoulder strap. Create a set of different colors as a stylish gift collection.

Wrapping Up

The color bouquet of fruits and flowers in 4th anniversary gifts symbolize how much you’ve blossomed together in the past four years. As you celebrate, look back on how far you’ve come since your third anniversary, a year that was marked by gifts of leather and glass. With your wooden anniversary on the horizon, the best days are still to come.

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