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34 Company Retirement Party Ideas to Make Your Coworker's Send-Off Unforgettable

To win in the marketplace, you have to win in the workplace first. Every moment from the hiring process to retirement is a chance to strengthen relationships and build loyalty. Naturally, companies put a lot...

Retirement Party

To win in the marketplace, you have to win in the workplace first. Every moment from the hiring process to retirement is a chance to strengthen relationships and build loyalty.

Naturally, companies put a lot of thought and effort into employee satisfaction while employees are still in the office and around the workplace. But what about the employees and coworkers getting ready to call it a career?

“When your coworker is ready to hang it up, you want to be sure that you help them finish their amazing career on a high note. The greatest gift you can give them is a happy memory to close out this chapter of their life. One of the best ways to make the transition smooth and easy is to throw them a retirement party.

Retirement parties have a few key benefits, including:

  • Eliminating hard feelings from the sensation of being pushed aside
  • Building rapport between coworkers
  • Sending a message to current coworkers and employees that nobody is dispensable and everyone is valued as a human

So what does a great retirement party idea actually look like?

Well, let’s jump right in, so you can see for yourself.

Retirement Party Games & Activities For Work

A great retirement party game manages to honor the departing coworker while also celebrating them in the present and, ultimately, having a blast doing it as a team.

In-Person Retirement Games & Activities For Work

Plan A Retirement-Themed Office Event

Office Event

Outback’s In-Person Events are expertly coordinated to guarantee fun for everyone in the workplace. These team building activities feature game show trivia, a murder mystery, code breaking, corporate escape rooms, cardboard boat building, custom events, and much, much more. Outback’s events are available 365 days per year all throughout North America!

Karaoke Rickshaw

Karaoke Rickshaw

Karaoke Rickshaw is a great in-person game for retirement parties. It pairs a rickshaw driver with karaoke singers, creating a unique ride around the party that everyone will love. The rickshaw driver will take singers around to different stops along the way, while they sing out loud! This adds an element of fun to the party that will be sure to make it memorable.

Share One Last Laugh

Retirement Games Bundle

The Retirement Games Bundle is a collection of printable PDFs that come ready to download, print, and play. Get the retirement party started with this assortment of games which includes This or That?, Word Scramble, Retirement Feud, Who Knows The Retiree Best?, Has The Retiree Ever?, and Well Wishes For A Retiree. Your friends, family, and coworkers will relish the chance to play these printable playables at the farewell party!

Toast To Retirement...With Beer

City Brew Tours Beer Tours

City Brew Beer Tours is a brilliant retirement activity to celebrate that last hoorah. These all-inclusive, beer-focused tours combine beer knowledge, history, transportation, incredible food, and total access to the top breweries in 11 different major cities. Additionally, City Brew Beer Tours offers online experiences, so not even a pandemic or remote work can keep your team completely apart!

Try Out An Escape Room

Escape Room

Escape Room is an hour-long adrenaline-packed adventure! You can choose from a variety of themes such as a classic art heist or prison in deep space, then start solving puzzles and complete the objective in less than an hour. The other great thing about the Escape Room is that the areas are disinfected between games, all forms are contactless, and contact is generally minimized to keep everyone safe.

Get The Whole Office Involved With The Go Game

Go Game

The Go Game is a chance for retirees to go out with a team building bang! Whether you have ten people or ten-thousand, this hybrid of America’s Funniest Home Videos and Cranium will keep them entertained and united. Most of the in-person events are held outdoors, which makes them perfect for social distancing.

Toast To Retirement... With A Cocktail You Invented!


Sourced Craft Cocktails’ Shaken & Stirred event is a Chopped-style cocktail competition where a professional mixologist teaches participants the fundamentals of creating a great tasting cocktail before getting put to the test. After a brief introduction and cocktail education, your group will be split into smaller teams to work together to create their own cocktail concoctions.

Each team will then present their final creation to be judged by the onsite mixologist on taste, presentation, originality, and use of the “mystery ingredient” to decide the ultimate winner!

Bonus: Scavenger Hunt Madness

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is one of many experiences by Confetti, which extends to more than 400 cities across the planet. In addition to the Scavenger Hunt, you can take the retirement party up a notch with Ghost Tours, Bar Hunts, and more.

Virtual Retirement Games & Activities For Work

Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual Happy Hour is the perfect way to celebrate retirement in a virtual setting. It allows colleagues and coworkers to come together, virtually, and enjoy a few drinks and some good company. They can share stories of their time working together, reminisce on memories they’ve made, and even toast to the retiree’s future.

80’s Game

80's Game

80’s Game will get everyone involved in the retirement party and celebrate the retiree’s decades of hard work. The game could involve trivia about songs, films or fashion trends from the era, as well as 80s-themed challenges or activities to enjoy throughout the evening.

Virtual Jeoparty Social

Virtual Jeoparty Social

Virtual Jeoparty Social is a cool way to have everyone join in the retirement celebration. This game is designed to be played remotely and can include fun categories like Music, Movies, TV, and Pop Culture Trivia. Participants can compete against each other in head-to-head battles and work together on team challenges. The retiree will love this virtual retirement game!

Take A Trip To Paris

Trip To Paris

Trip To Paris is the virtual trip to the City of Lights. Whether your team is still virtual, in-person, or hybrid, every member is going to be able to enjoy wine and cheese tastings, French stereotype trivia, team building activities, icebreakers, French vocabulary, and live bike ride tours from the streets of Paris. This internationally-themed remote trip is a fun, silly way to bid your beloved retiree adieu.

Test Your Coworkers

Test Your Coworkers

This retirement party game is the Family Feud-style challenge that pits contestants against each other through a series of rounds, plus a lightning round. The team with the most points wins the competition. Of course, you can still give your guest of honor a retirement gift even if they aren’t on the winning squad.

Guess Who [Virtually]

Guess Who [Virtually]

Virtual Guess Who starts with the Confetti team collecting photos and answers from participants. Every employee provides, for example, photos of pets, baby photos, facts about themselves, and hobbies. After all of the submissions are compiled, Confetti turns them into an interactive quiz about the team!

The Guess Who Game is hosted by a Confetti member, who will direct the quiz and provide answers when needed. At the event’s opening, everyone guesses which anonymous photos belong to which coworkers based on the clues. The team to get the most correct is the winner!

Escape Quest

Escape Quest

The Virtual Escape Quest is a team building scavenger hunt designed to boost leadership and rapport. At this point in their career, your soon-to-be retired coworker is probably the ultimate leader with all that experience, so they should fare well in this retirement party activity.

The 2-5 person teams follow the game’s quest instructions and backstory to solve the puzzle and gain access to the next clue. In the end, the aim is to solve the mystery and return to the main room.

Bonus: Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show

Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show

Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show is the interactive retirement party idea your coworkers need to be left in awe and wonder. This live magic show is conducted over Zoom by a magician or illusionist who performs a variety of mesmerizing magic tricks and optical illusions. Simply plug in or mirror your computer to a big screen and join via Zoom link!

Retirement Party Ideas For Work

The best retirement party ideas for work bring everyone closer together. The spotlight shines the brightest on the soon-to-be retired coworker, but the team builds rapport during the celebration.

In-Person Retirement Ideas For Work

Send Them On A Trip

Memorable Trip

A Memorable Trip is the experiential in-person retirement idea designed to create a lasting memory. Instead of giving a material gift, you can give your employees or coworkers a moment in time. Between the Mickey Mouse Experience, Hawaii, Wyoming, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, the Northern Lights, Broadway, and a Southern Hospitality Experience, there’s a trip to suit their passions.

Team Lunch At Their Favorite Local Restaurant

Team Lunch At Their Favorite Local Restaurant

Team Lunch At Their Local Restaurant lives up to its name. Figure out what your coworker’s favorite local restaurant is and spoil the heck out of them. Considering they only get one retirement office party, don’t hesitate to spend a lot on this meal. If they mention a few restaurants they love, make sure to take the team to the one they might not usually get the chance to go to. Also, be sure to pay attention to allergies and dietary restrictions.

Bring In The Experts

Outback Team Building

Outback Team Building offers more than 60 activities to help you throw the perfect retirement party. Start by selecting a location, group size, and budget to get a custom idea or browse through pre-set options like trivia, clue murder mystery, game shows, code-breaking, a wild goose chase, corporate escape rooms, charity drives, and much, much more.

Bring In Their Favorite Speaker

Favorite Speaker

If you happen to know your retiring coworker’s favorite speaker, there’s a chance they’ll be open to speaking at the retirement party. Of course, more than likely the company will need to be willing to pay their fee. But this could be an experience your coworker will never forget and it’s going to feel deeply personal.

Office-Wide Tournament

Office-Wide Tournament

Start an office-wide tournament! With employee engagement so important to the success of your business, taking the time to set up some fun games can go a long way to boosting team morale after the retirement party. Some common in-person office games include ping pong, Mario Kart, mini basketball, and non-alcoholic beer pong. At the end of the games, hand out a prize to the winner or the winning teams. But here’s the kicker: Name the prize after your coworker who’s entering retirement to honor them in an extra special way.

Virtual Retirement Ideas For Work

Buy A DoorDash Credit

DoorDash Credit

Who doesn’t love to eat? A digital credit card gives them the flexibility to really get what they want. DoorDash offers tons of great food delivered straight to their door. Of course, now that they’ll be spending extra time at home, they’ll find themselves craving DoorDash. The gifting service, Caroo, has a large catalog of gift card options for you to choose from including DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

AirBnB On You


Did you ever hear your coworker mention their dream vacation? To celebrate their time with the company in an extra special way, send your coworker off to Bali, Cabo San Lucas, the Grand Canyon, or wherever it is that tickles their fancy. AirBnB is affordable, convenient, and reliable.

Pay For A MasterClass


You’ve probably been around your coworker long enough to have learned their passions. One of the coolest things you can do to reward all the hard work they put in is to pay for a MasterClass in an area of interest. Maybe they love golf, maybe they love cooking. No matter what it is that makes them feel truly alive, there’s a masterclass to match.

1 Year Pass of Sports

1 Year Pass of Sports

Sports fans rejoice! Get your coworker a year-long sports pass for Direct TV, Spectrum, or another provider. Perhaps they like UFC? You can also cover a few PPV events. In any fashion, they’re going to love it!

Give Them A Spa Day

Five Star Spa Package

A spa day is an excellent idea to let your soon-to-be retired coworker relax after all the hard work they have put in. The Five Star Spa Package is a curated experience by the expert team at BlueBoard. Now that your retiree friend is leaving the office, they can go ice caving, voyaging to Thailand, trekking through Mongolia on horseback, fulfilling Greek Island fantasies, sunbathing in the French Riviera, or roaming the Gold Coast of Australia.

Retirement Party Themes For Work

While you may not necessarily want to get a specific retirement party game or set up a retirement bash activity for your coworker, you can go a bit broader by choosing a fun retirement party theme!

In-Person Retirement Themes For Work



A casino night is always a blast. You can pack the office with fun by bringing music, blackjack, poker, a photo booth, and several other cool games. In typical Vegas style, you could even hire a performer in honor of the special coworker and give our party favors!

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Send your retiring coworker on a bucket list-worthy voyage around Paris. Woyago offers online tours around the City of Lights as well as several in-person options like a food tasting of Paris’ best flavors!



Retirement almost begs to visit Hawaii, doesn’t it? Nothing says relax and take it easy quite like a Luau. Encourage the team to wear Hawaiian shirts, crank up the ukulele or make a tropical playlist, prep that island cuisine, and if you’re feeling extra, hire a few fire dancers for the night.



Rent out a country club and have a ball! If your coworker likes a laidback sport, this might just be the move. If golf is their favorite hobby, then this is definitely the move.

Virtual Retirement Themes For Work

Vintage Wine

Vintage Wine

For a memorable time — with perhaps a little fuzz around the edges — set up a wine night for your retiree coworker. Hook them up with a virtual wine tasting to treat them to world-class wines and amazing tasting experiences.



A safari-themed retirement party is the perfectly wild way send-off for your fantastic coworker. You could rent out a zoo for the night, hire out a traveling petting zoo, or invite your coworkers to dress their pets as whatever animals they’d like. Besides, what’s cuter than a doggy dressed as a lion? For the virtual twist, however, you can simply invite them on a virtual safari.



For a classy virtual retirement-themed party, get everyone on a video call and raise a toast to the person of the hour. Dress in your finest attire!



You can almost see the tumbleweeds rolling by, can’t you? This virtual retirement party idea is perfect for anyone who loves the oft-romanticized Wild West.

Disney / Superhero

Disney / Superhero

They’re never too old to play pretend. Get the team to dress up like their favorite superhero or Disney character and celebrate the retirement of the office hero. You could even suggest that everyone wears DIY costumes and is welcome to invite friends and family.