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31 Stunning Wedding Table Decorations For All Styles and Budgets

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is designing the decor. It's an opportunity to bring your dreams to life and create a unique celebration that reflects your love story. Wedding table...

Wedding table decorations: wedding reception venue

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is designing the decor. It's an opportunity to bring your dreams to life and create a unique celebration that reflects your love story. Wedding table decorations, including place settings, accent elements, and centerpieces, play a crucial role in making your big day truly memorable.

If you have the budget for it, you can go all out and create over-the-top wedding table decorations that will leave a lasting impression. However, even if you're on a budget, you can still create stunning centerpieces that will make a dramatic impact without breaking the bank. In this article, we'll explore some of our favorite wedding table decorations for all budgets and styles. We'll also provide invitation inspiration to help you match your wedding theme and decor.

Wedding Table Decorations: Finding Your Style

Wedding table decorations: beautiful table setting

When it comes to wedding table decorations, it's essential to consider your style preferences and wedding theme. Decide whether you want to go for simple elegance or something fun and vibrant. Also, think about how your table decor can complement your wedding theme, color scheme, or venue. Here are 31 stunning wedding table decorations to suit your style:

1. Use Floral Garland

Skip the classic table runner and make a statement with floral garland. Choose flowers that match your wedding colors and arrange the garland straight down the center of the table. This wedding table centerpiece adds drama and glamour.

2. Go Rustic with Wooden Lanterns

For a rustic wedding, use wooden lanterns as the centerpiece for your tables. You can place photos in the center of each lantern or light them up with tea candles for a romantic ambiance.

Invite Inspiration: Dreamy Lanterns Invitation

3. Fuel the Fairytale with Fairy Lights

Create a magical and whimsical ambiance with fairy lights. These delicate accents look enchanting inside lanterns and mason jars.

4. Elevate the Look with Tall Florals

Make an impression with tall glass vases filled with slender florals. Pair them with smaller vases and candelabras to add depth to the tablescape and party decorations.

5. Go Wild for Wildflowers

Dress up your wedding reception tables with wildflowers. Choose flowers native to your local area or select your favorite wildflowers from a beloved vacation spot.

Invite Inspiration: Wild Wildflowers Invitation

6. Use Mini Trees

If you're having a summer wedding, miniature citrus trees make excellent wedding reception decorations. They also pair well with summertime wedding favors like mini bottles of limoncello.

7. Pretty in Pink Peonies

Hosting a spring wedding? Fill the wedding table with delicate pink peonies to add romance and whimsy to your celebration.

8. Dramatic Drapery

For long, family-style tables, take the decor to the next level with dramatic drapery. Choose long linens and drape them down the center of the table. Accent them with greenery, string lights, or tea light holders for a touch of romance.

9. Transport Guests to the Tropics

Instead of traditional flower arrangements, opt for full leafy greenery with tropical displays of palm and monstera leaves. Tall vases are ideal for making a dramatic impact.

Invite Inspiration: Vibrant Bouquet Invitation

10. Go Minimal and Chic

Contemporary couples often prefer minimal design over elaborate table centerpieces. Choose two to five flowers or elements of greenery, like pampas grass, to create stunning yet understated wedding table decorations.

11. Create Impact with Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is everywhere these days, from wedding decor to home decor. Select tall vases, jugs, or pitchers and fill them with pampas grass for an elevated look. Add contrast by incorporating smaller flame-free votive candles.

12. Top It Off with Terrariums

For couples who don't want a lot of floral centerpieces, consider the rugged beauty of terrariums. Opt for one large terrarium packed with succulents or arrange smaller terrariums as the centerpiece.

Invite Inspiration: Hanging Terrarium Invitation

13. Add Old World Beauty with Candelabras

Stunning candelabras are perfect for vintage weddings. Choose oversized candelabras and have them tower over small vases filled with white florals.

14. Incorporate Simplicity

For an understated look, use a simple tablecloth and add only one accent item, such as a rose gold vase with a single white candle and a touch of greenery. Complete the pared-down look with acrylic or metallic tableware.

15. Set Sail with Nautical Decor

Create a beachy marina look with nautical elements like anchors, ropes, and lighthouses. Pair them with simple greenery like eucalyptus boughs.

Invite Inspiration: Swanky Stripes Invitation

16. Play It Up with Pinecones

Pinecones are perfect for winter weddings and couples who love the great outdoors. Add pinecones to large vases and pair them with florals or candles. For extra glitz and glam, consider adding faux snow or glittering snowflakes.

17. Light It Up with Lamps

For old-world lovers, elegant lamps are an excellent option. Look for vintage-inspired lamps in metallic shades like gold or silver. Choose classic white shades or select a hue that matches your wedding theme.

18. Be Bold with Bud Vases

Forget large bouquets and consider a long line of charming bud vases, each featuring one bloom. This unique twist on centerpieces creates a striking visual.

19. Go for Subtle Elegance with Baby's Breath

For a simple floral arrangement, drape baby's breath down the center of the table and accent it with tall, white candles. For a rustic touch, use a burlap table runner, or for a dramatic look, opt for a velvet or satin runner.

20. Fall for Fruits and Vegetables

For fall weddings, incorporate apples and pumpkins into your wedding table decor. Create a casual look by setting out a few apples surrounded by cinnamon sticks and fall florals. Greenery like artichokes and eucalyptus boughs also pair well with fruits.

Invite Inspiration: Flowing Fall Frame Invitation

21. Use Accent Table Numbers

Make it easy for guests to find their seats by incorporating table numbers into the decor. Use Himalayan salt blocks, wooden tree stumps, gold frames, or even antique books to add a unique touch.

22. Celebrate with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are popular wedding flowers for their lush look and cheery appearance. Use them to fill vases and create beautiful centerpieces, particularly for spring and summer weddings.

23. Play with Patterns

Don't limit your creativity to just centerpieces. Play with patterns on tablecloths and runners to create a memorable look. Consider using placemats as a backdrop for your place settings.

24. Use Bold Branches

In addition to popular wedding flowers, such as ranunculus and hydrangeas, incorporate bold elements like branches for a striking look. Manzanita branches paired with tropical florals like orchids or tropical lilies make a unique combination.

Invite Inspiration: Spring Cherry Blossoms

25. Create Contrast with Color

If you prefer a touch of contrast, create a color burst by pairing bright florals in two or three hues. Alternatively, you can opt for a timeless black and white combination.

26. Make It Monochromatic

Choose one color and use various shades of it to create a stunning monochromatic look. Fill glass vases with lilac-colored sand and add a lavender candle. Pair with bouquets of wisteria or bellflowers.

27. Hang Greenery

Instead of starting from the ground up, consider hanging floral party decorations like vines, ivy, and ferns from the ceiling or a metal frame above the tables. This unique approach adds a sense of magic to the wedding atmosphere.

Invite Inspiration: Arched Greenery Invitation

28. Go Rustic with Burlap

Burlap table runners and tablecloths perfectly complement rustic weddings. Add small candle holders wrapped in twine for a finishing touch.

29. Wonder in White

Create a magical evening by hosting an all-white wedding. Choose white tablecloths and top them with white florals, white tableware, and white napkins.

30. Add Personality with Place Card Holders

Complete your table settings with creative place card holders that double as decor. Use fruits, mini succulents, seashells, or other unique items to guide guests to their seats.

31. Celebrate with Confetti

Confetti adds a cheerful touch to any tablescape. Use metallic confetti for glamorous wedding table decorations. Diamond-shaped or glass confetti can also create an elegant spread. For a rustic look, consider using wood confetti.

Invite Inspiration: Rose Gold Confetti Invitation

Pair Your Decor With Gorgeous Invitations

Wedding table decorations: wedding table with flowers and candles

The options for wedding table decorations are endless, allowing you to create the wedding of your dreams. To complete your vision, pair your decor with stunning wedding invitations from Greenvelope. Our digital invitations are completely customizable, so you can personalize the typography, color scheme, and design to make them truly your own.

The best part? Our digital invites save you the hassle of mailing physical invitations and managing paper RSVPs. You can easily keep track of who has opened the invite and who has responded through your online dashboard.

Whether you're planning a DIY wedding or working with a wedding planner, Greenvelope's invitation options and Stationer's blog provide endless inspiration and tips for your special day.