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30 Fun Stitch Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking to throw a fun and memorable birthday party for your little one who is a fan of Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch franchise? Look no further! We have gathered some unique...

Are you looking to throw a fun and memorable birthday party for your little one who is a fan of Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch franchise? Look no further! We have gathered some unique and exciting ideas to help you create the perfect Stitch-themed celebration. From decorations to games and activities, we've got you covered!


1. Balloons

Inflate blue-colored balloons and ones that feature Stitch characters to create a lively atmosphere. Use an arch stand to display the balloons for an eye-catching centerpiece. If you want floating balloons, make sure to have a helium tank on hand.

2. Ukuleles

Stitch is known for his musical talents, particularly playing the ukulele. Decorate the party room with kid-sized ukuleles to give the space an authentic Stitch vibe.

3. Posters and Surf Boards

Hang posters of waves and place a pool float surfboard nearby to add a touch of the Hawaiian beach theme. You can even place a Stitch stuffed toy on the surfboard to make it look like he's catching the waves. A poster featuring a surfing surfer is also a great addition to enhance the overall decor.

4. Table Decor

Create a tropical ambiance by incorporating a pineapple and artificial palm leaves into your table decor. Spray-paint the palm leaves blue to match the Stitch theme, and add a grass skirt to the dessert table for an extra touch of fun.

5. Banner

Hang a leaf banner to fill any empty spaces on the backdrop or walls. Complete the look by adding swirly danglers and paper party lanterns around the room for additional decoration.

Stitch Birthday Party Menu

6. Cookies

Shape adorable Stitch-themed cookies and serve them on a tray. These cute treats will surely be the talk of the party!

7. Hawaii's Pulled Pork Sliders

Serve delicious pulled pork sliders with a tropical twist. Add a surfboard topper to the sandwiches for an extra element of fun. Don't forget to provide BBQ sauce for guests to enjoy.

8. Nutter Your Flipflops

Create edible flip-flop treats using Nutter Butter cookies, edible flowers, chocolate candy melts, and icing. This DIY project will add a unique touch to the party menu.

9. No Punch Back

Serve Blue Hawaiian punch as a refreshing and theme-appropriate beverage for your guests. The sweet blue drink will complement the other delicious foods at the party.

10. Pina Colada Cupcake and Cake

For dessert, indulge in coconut-themed treats like Pina Colada cupcakes and a themed cake. Top the cupcakes with Stitch-themed toppers, and have a baker create a cake featuring Stitch, a ukulele, or a surfboard. Display the cake and cupcakes on a cake stand or cupcake serving stand.

Stitch Birthday Party Favors

11. Stitch Socks

Send guests home with a cute pair of Stitch socks as a warm and memorable gift. These adorable socks will be loved by all Stitch fans.

12. Temporary Tats

Gift children with fun temporary tattoos featuring Stitch. These removable body art pieces will provide hours of entertainment.

13. Stickers and Candy

Sticky gifts are always a hit with kids. Include Stitch-themed slime candy and stickers in the party favor bags for a fun and creative gift.

14. Hawaiian Lei

Since Stitch's spaceship landed in Hawaii, welcome your guests by gifting them blue Hawaiian leis. These leis will add a touch of authenticity to the party favors.

15. Popcorn

Package blue popcorn in popcorn boxes or bags to give guests a tasty and on-theme treat to enjoy at home.

16. Party Favor Box and Bags

Choose a party favor box or bag with Stitch elements to package all the party favors. This out-of-this-world packaging will delight all the little Stitch fans.

17. Beach Gifts

Include beach-themed items like buckets, shovels, and sunglasses in the party favor bags. These fun and practical gifts will remind guests of the sun and surf.

Games and Activities

18. Hula Hoop Musical

Create a lively game of musical hula hoop using Hawaiian music. Players walk around the hula hoops and when the music stops, they grab a hoop and start hula hooping. The last player hula hooping wins the game.

19. Hot Coconut

Similar to the game of hot potato, pass a coconut around in a circle while Hawaiian music plays. Whoever is left holding the coconut when the music stops is out. Continue playing until only one player remains to claim their sweet prize of candy.

20. Limbo

Get guests into the Hawaiian spirit by playing limbo. Lower a limbo bar or have someone hold it while guests attempt to limbo under it. The bar gets lower as the game progresses, adding to the fun and excitement.

21. Ocean Dive

For an outdoor game, blindfold players and have them reach into a bucket filled with non-ocean-related items and nautical toys. If they guess an item related to the ocean correctly, they win a sweet prize.

22. DIY Pin the Coconut

Create a fun game of Pin the Coconut using a palm tree poster, sticky tacks, and DIY coconuts made from brown construction paper. Blindfold the players and see who can attach the coconut to the palm tree with the most accuracy.

Stitch Birthday Party Supplies

23. Tableware

Set the table with Stitch-themed dinnerware sets, including plates, cups, and napkins. This complete dinnerware set is perfect for serving food at the party.

24. Cutlery

Don't forget to provide cutlery for your party, especially if you are serving finger foods. Choose blue cutlery to complement the Stitch birthday party theme.

bulk-light-blue-plastic-cutlery-sets-for-70-210-ct Photo credit: Oriental Trading

25. Party Hats

Make sure your guests wear cute blue party hats to show their appreciation for Stitch. These adorable accessories will add to the festive atmosphere.

26. Straws

Sip your Hawaiian beverages in style with Stitch-themed silly straws. These reusable straws also double as a party favor.

27. Tablecloth

Protect your table and enhance the overall decor by using a Stitch tablecloth. A solid blue tablecloth is also a great option to complement the theme.

Stitch Birthday Party Invitations

28. Stitch Invites

Send out fillable invitation cards that are perfect for a Stitch-themed party. These invites come with envelopes and sticker sealing labels for your convenience.

29. Stitch Invites and Tags

For another option, choose an editable invitation that can be sent digitally or printed. This pack also includes thank you tags to express your gratitude to guests.


A Stitch birthday party is an exciting way to celebrate your little one's special day. With these fun ideas, inspired by the Lilo and Stitch movie, you can create a memorable and enjoyable party for all. Let the spirit of Stitch and the Hawaiian beach transport you and your guests to a world of fun and adventure!

Written by: Brittany Mathis