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30 Dazzling New Year’s Eve Decorations to Make the Evening Sparkle

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the ups and downs of the past 365 days, welcome bright new beginnings, and create your list of New Year’s resolutions—you know, the one you miraculously...

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the ups and downs of the past 365 days, welcome bright new beginnings, and create your list of New Year’s resolutions—you know, the one you miraculously forget about by mid-January?

This year, ditch the resolutions in favor of a fabulous New Year’s Eve party. We’re talking Champagne toasts, fireworks, and plenty of glitter.

Whether you already have a color scheme in mind or you’re still sketching out the details of your extravaganza, festive NYE décor can go a long way. We’ve got a shiny list of New Year’s Eve party decoration ideas to get your December 31st glimmering in gold and ringing in an unforgettable year to come.

How to Decorate for New Year’s Eve

There’s no wrong way to throw a New Year’s Eve party, but there are many ways to ensure your party is one to remember. Once you’ve selected your New Year’s Eve party idea, follow these tips to ring in the new year with style.

  • Clear out the Christmas stuff. You don’t have to take down the tree yet—see our tips below for a proper holiday transfer—but the décor in your house should be less Santa-centric than it was a week ago. Opt for New Year’s Eve decorations from Paperless Post Party Shop to step things up a notch.
  • Choose your vibe. Is this a tux-and-gown type of New Year’s Eve party, or a feather-boa-and-wild-glasses shindig? Decide whether guests should dress up or party down long before you select your New Year’s Eve décor.
  • Opt for gold, silver, and black. No matter the mood, you can’t go wrong with a gold, black, and silver motif. It channels sparkling Champagne against a midnight sky—the perfect energy for any NYE event.
  • Set your theme early. Don’t let your guests arrive in ball gowns when you’re serving Jell-O shots! Establish the dress code and theme early with Paperless Post New Year’s Eve invitations, which you can send via email, text, or shareable link for the most replies possible.

Give Your Tree a Little New Year’s Eve Makeover

Tree Decoration “Bright and New” by Paperless Post; Image via Sanctuary Home Decor.

After shopping for the perfect tree for two hours in unmentionable temperatures (or hauling it out of storage), you—and your tree—deserve admiration well past Christmas Day. That said, once Santa has gone back to the North Pole, it’s time to give your beloved tree a New Year makeover.

  1. Gold ornaments: Replace your red and green Christmas ornaments with colors for the new year. Opt for simple and sophisticated gold and silver.
  2. Sparkly tinsel or garland: If you want your tree to sparkle brighter than a disco ball, consider sprinkling gold or silver tinsel on your tree from top to bottom.
  3. New Year banner: Add a letter banner across the front of your tree for a dash of pizzazz.
  4. Champagne ornaments: Bring cheers to the new year with a set of glass bottle ornaments. Tiny bottles in tiny buckets of ice are just the adorable—yet boozy—touch your party needs.
  5. Shooting star ornament: Hang a hand-embroidered White Shooting Star Ornament on your tree. This wool beauty works for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
  6. Black tassel garland: Add a black-tie detail to your Christmas tree with Paperboy’s Tassel Garland Kit.

Blow Up the Party Vibes with Breathtaking Balloons

Balloons Balloons by Oh Happy Day, Champagne crackers by Caspari, Happy New Year banner by Meri Meri, all available at Party Shop; “Impasto” by Paperless Post.

No matter your theme, glimmering golden balloons work—we promise. They’re quick and easy to find, adding a bold New Year’s flair without too much effort on your behalf. It’s a win-win.

  1. Golden number balloons: Remind everyone of the better-than-ever year they’re about to embark on with digit balloons that proudly display the imminent new year.
  2. Golden balloon arch: Hit everyone with the New Year’s Eve feels as soon as they walk up your driveway with a Gold Balloon Arch Kit by Meri Meri parked outside your front door.
  3. Champagne bubble balloons: Craft a giant Champagne bottle bursting with Champagne bubbles. With a large helium Champagne balloon in place, you can incorporate a mini arch of glittering gold, cream, and baby pink balloons.
  4. Jumbo tassel balloon: The Jumbo Balloon & Tassel Tail by Paperboy is 36 inches of festive fun that hovers or hangs in any corner of your party space.
  5. Balloon banner: There’s no better New Year’s Eve sentiment than “Hooray.” Hang up the Hooray Balloon Banner by Coterie to get the message across properly.
  6. Balloon bouquet: The Balloon Bouquet by Paperboy adds the right New Year’s Eve colors with a requisite amount of fun.

Bedazzle Your Door with New Year’s Eve Décor

Door Decoration “Confetti New Year” by kate spade new york; Disco ball by Libby & My, star garland by Meri Meri, rattan wine coaster by Caspari, and star plate by Meri Meri, all available at Party Shop.

While a Christmas wreath on your front door is cheery, New Year’s Eve door décor captivates your guests with glam from the moment they arrive. These ideas will supply your home’s exterior and entryway with a glitzy atmosphere long before the clock strikes midnight.

  1. Tulle garland: Fancify your front door with a chic tulle-inspired garland. Pick up some gold or silver tulle and drape it delicately over the frame of your front door.
  2. Countdown clock: Pick up a vintage clock at your local thrift shop or splurge on a new one. Later use it as sophisticated wall décor that doubles as a clock!
  3. Black banner: Hang the Classic Black Banner Table Accent by Hester & Cook on your front door. Just write the new year you’re hearkening in, and open the door to a party.
  4. Sparkle chandelier: Hang up Meri Meri’s Gold Sparkle Star Chandelier to set an elegant scene the moment guests walk through the door.
  5. Gold star wreath: A 23-inch Gold Star Wreath adds a hint of sophistication to your doorway.
  6. Gold party fans: Adorn your doorway with shimmering Gold Party Fans. These classy New Year’s Eve decorations let everyone in the neighborhood know where the party is this year.

Give Your Dining Table a Makeover

Dining Table Hypnotic Napkin Set by Atelier Saucier available at Party Shop; “Deco Delight” by Paperless Post.

Whether you’re preparing a formal feast or keeping it simple with must-have hors d’oeuvres, one thing is for certain: your dining table deserves some sparkle.

  1. Gold serving tray: A gold serving tray is an excellent choice of ornamentation for your dining table. Load it up with party favors or use it to host the condiments in individual mini jars.
  2. Gold cutlery: What conjures the New Year’s Eve vibes you seek? Gold spoons, of course. Round it out with forks and knives.
  3. Napkins: Class up the table settings with an aptly chosen napkin set.
  4. Place cards: If you plan to set seating arrangements or label appetizers, we’ve got just the idea to seal the deal—place cards adorned with golden trim.
  5. White wreath centerpiece: Add a glass vase in the center of the wreath filled with silver ornaments and twinkly fairy lights.
  6. Gold fringe party cups: On New Year’s Eve, treat yourself to Gold Fringe Party Cups by Meri Meri like the sophisticated bunch you are.

Ring in the New Year with Memorable Party Favors

Party Favors “We’ll Have Another One” by Paperless Post; Champagne crackers by Caspari available in the Party Shop.

Even as adults, finding yourself with an unexpected party favor brings your inner child to life. Whether your party favors come in the form of decadent homemade cookies or personalized party hats, they won’t soon be forgotten by your guests.

  1. Champagne crackers: This spirited celebration cracker is stuffed with candy, confetti, and other fun surprises that spill out when you pull on both ends.
  2. Mini Champagne bottles: Offering mini Champagne bottles to enjoy at a later date can be an indulgent reminder of the intoxicatingly fabulous time they had at your New Year’s Eve soiree.
  3. Goodie bags or jars: Fill with a few favorite favors, like office supplies, makeup, or whatever your imagination can muster.
  4. Surprise balls: Distract them with Gold & Silver Surprise Balls. Each one comes with a trivia card, friendship bracelet, and a gold or silver foiled hat.
  5. Mini disco balls: Send guests home with mini Mirrored Disco Balls by LIBBY & ME. They can hang these beauties in their office or home to catch everyday sparkles long after January 1st.

Plan Your Countdown with Paperless Post

Countdown Party Shop decor items including a disco ball, a star plate, a star banner, and champagne-bottle-shaped crackers.

Planning a New Year’s Eve party is a breeze with Paperless Post by your side. Choose among hundreds of invitations, from classic stationery-inspired invites to more casual animated Flyers. Check out our guide to New Year’s Eve party invitation wording to get your message just right for the new year.

Once you’ve found your perfect match, customize it to your liking and send it to your guests using whichever delivery method you prefer—text, email, or shareable link. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll receive RSVPs in real time.

With your New Year’s Eve party invitations set, you can (virtually) saunter over to the Paperless Post Party Shop to gather the ultimate supplies and décor to match your decorations—an aesthetic that rivals the Time’s Square New Year’s Eve bash. With free shipping after a $75 purchase and 10% off your first order, it’s guaranteed to be a happy new year!

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