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30+ Awesome DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas You Can Try Yourself!

Having a small, cute, and intimate Mehendi in your house? Then why not DIY a few decor elements to add a personal touch and save some money at the same time? Here are some cool...

Having a small, cute, and intimate Mehendi in your house? Then why not DIY a few decor elements to add a personal touch and save some money at the same time? Here are some cool DIY decor ideas for your upcoming Mehendi that are easy, peasy, breezy, and pretty!

Decor Centrepiece Ideas

Roses in Teacups

Roses in teacups Image via PhotozAapki

These cute red roses in small teacups with art printed on the cup are just perfect for a DIY Mehendi decor! You can also try using mason jars, the ones with a lid and a straw.

Flowers in Ice Cream Cones

Flowers in ice cream cones Image via Kisses By Candlelight

Ditch the old school flower vase and go for this unique table decor idea!

Marigolds and Roses in a Ceramic Pickle Jar

Marigolds and roses in a ceramic pickle jar Image via Wedding Tales

Marigold and roses are essential parts of any wedding, regardless of the culture. The pickle jar adds a traditional vibe to the decor.

Flowers in a Tin Can

Flowers in a tin can Image via Amit - Fine Art Photographer & Filmmaker

This unique golden painted tin can is a beautiful replacement for a flower vase.

Petals in Cutting Chai Glasses

Petals in cutting chai glasses Image via Atisuto and Gaurav Hingne

We all love chai, and this DIY Mehendi decor idea with flower petals in cutting chai glasses served in a traditional cutting chai stand is simply stunning!

Matte Painted Bottles with Flowers

Matte painted bottles with flowers Image via VLW

These matte painted beer bottles look incredibly pretty and unique!

Suspended Decor Ideas

Mehendi Cones

Mehendi cones Image via Indian weddings by Katia

These unique Mehendi decor elements are perfect for a daytime Mehendi.

Coloured Bulbs Suspended with a Rope

Coloured bulbs suspended with a rope Image via Atisuto

These colorful and pleasing light bulbs hanging with a rope give out a great vibe!

Painted Mason Jars with Baby's Breath

Painted mason jars with baby's breath Image via Exquisite Events

These coral green mason jars are perfect for night Mehendi functions. The baby's breath flowers add a touch of romance and are commonly used in wedding bouquets.

Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops Image via Pratha Weddings and Events

This creative quilling idea is simple, sober, and decorative.

Colourful Kettles

Colourful kettles Image via Filmy Shaadi

This artistic and pleasant decor idea is sure to impress.

Painted Tiffin Carriers

Painted tiffin carriers Image via Talking Pictures by Hitesh

These colorful hanging tiffin carriers are pleasing to the eye.

Lanterns and Paper Cranes

Lanterns and paper cranes Image via George Seemon Photography

If you're going for a royal wedding theme, this idea is perfect. From antique lanterns to hanging elephant sealings, this decor adds a royal vibe to your Mehendi.

Dreamcatchers Mehendi Decor

Dreamcatchers Mehendi Decor Image via Altair

For the bohemian chic bride who loves dreamcatchers and the bohemian vibe, this dreamcatcher-themed decor will rock your day Mehendi vibe.

Other Decor Elements

Pom Pom Sticks Mehendi Decor

Pom pom sticks Mehendi decor Image via Vintage Nutters

This bright and lively pom pom decor will add a lot of happiness to your Mehendi function.

Inverted Bulbs with Bits and Bobbles

Inverted bulbs with bits and bobbles Image via Rajesh Digital

Light bulbs filled with colorful gummy candies will add a sweet touch to your night Mehendi.

Painted Tyres as a Table

Painted tyres as a table Image via The Event Yarn

If you're looking for a fun and peppy DIY Mehendi decor, why not use painted tyres as a table?

Genda Phool in Earthen Pots

Image via Rani Pink★ 4.8

Genda phool or marigold is an important element in wedding functions. Ditch the expensive glass bowl and use earthen pots with scented floating candles as a decor element for your Mehendi function.

Personalised Decor Elements

Polaroid Photos in Paper Planes

Polaroid photos in paper planes Image via PhotozAapki

Hanging paper planes with polaroids in them will add a nostalgic touch to the bride's Mehendi function.

Love Story Timeline on Chalkboard

Love story timeline on chalkboard Image via Gautam Khullar Photography

A love story timeline for your Mehendi decor is a cute idea that will let everyone know how you reached this milestone.

Strings Interspersed with Flowers and Photos

Image via North Water Star★ 4.9

Memories are what we live for, and pictures play an essential role in capturing those memories. This DIY Mehendi decor idea with strings interspersed with flowers and photos is beautiful and meaningful.

Centrepiece with Wooden Sticks and Photos in a Mason Jar

Centrepiece with wooden sticks and photos in a mason jar Image via Little Big Weddings

This centerpiece mason jar with wooden sticks and photos clipped on them from the bride and groom's pre-wedding shoot is a simple and beautiful Mehendi decor idea.

Bunting with Hanging Photos

Bunting with hanging photos Image via Happyframes

Colorful buntings with photos clipped onto them using colorful clips make for an awesome DIY Mehendi decor idea.


A Frame with Florals and a Chair

A frame with florals and a chair Image via Through the Barrel

If you're having a sundowner Mehendi function, this photobooth idea will add a lot to the decor.

Genda Phool Wrapped Frames

Genda phool wrapped frames Image via ZeroIn Wedding Factory

Get your best friends framed in these genda phool frames for a fun and quirky touch.

Full of Kites

Full of kites Image via The Wedding Minions

A picture with a wall full of kites will definitely get you 100+ likes!

Paper Umbrellas and Ribbons

Paper umbrellas and ribbons Image via Regale - The Event Company

This easy DIY decor idea with paper umbrellas and ribbons is perfect for a photobooth at your day Mehendi.

Window Frame with Florals

Window frame with florals Image via SM Weddings

This cute photobooth idea is incredibly creative and will definitely rock your day Mehendi function.

Tin Cans and Ribbons

Tin cans and ribbons Image via Vintage Nutters

This tin can and ribbon theme for a photobooth at your day Mehendi function is a unique and fantastic idea.

Remember, these DIY Mehendi decor ideas will add a personal touch to your special day and save you some money. So, get creative and have fun while trying them out!