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28 Stranger Things Party Ideas to Throw the Best Stranger Things Themed Party

Finally, after three long years, Stranger Things is making its much-anticipated return in 2022, and it's coming back with a bang. With nine new episodes across two volumes in May and July, each lasting over...

Finally, after three long years, Stranger Things is making its much-anticipated return in 2022, and it's coming back with a bang. With nine new episodes across two volumes in May and July, each lasting over an hour, Stranger Things is set to achieve yet another cultural milestone. And what better way to celebrate this iconic show than with a Stranger Things party? Here are some Stranger Things party ideas to help you throw a sci-fi bash that will transport you to the Upside Down.

How to Throw a Stranger Things Party

A great Stranger Things party starts with the right ambiance and atmosphere. Set the mood with party snacks and refreshments that will keep your guests satisfied throughout the evening. Consider suggesting Stranger Things costumes in your party invitations to further immerse your guests in the spooky yet fun environment. And don't forget about decorations that will transport you and your guests into the world of the show. You can even enhance the experience with Stranger Things-themed party games or by hosting a Stranger Things viewing marathon.

Stranger Things Decorations

To truly create an unforgettable Stranger Things party, you need to immerse your guests in the world of the show. Transform your house into the Upside Down, Hawkins Middle School, the Starcourt Mall, or even the Hawkins National Laboratory for an extra scare. Here are some convincing and immersive Stranger Things decoration ideas for your party:

1. Tree Trunk Portal

No 80s-themed Hawkins experience is complete without those eerie tree-trunk portals into the Upside Down. Recreate this effect using Halloween party spider webs and LED strip lights wrapped around an opening in a large cardboard box. You can set your LED lights to glow red for a spooky atmosphere or go for an all-white glow to mimic the portals from the show. It's an easy setup that will transport your guests to another dimension.

diy stranger things upside down portal Image Source: Stranger Things Upside Down Portal

2. Red Nebula and Star Lights

When you think of Stranger Things, certain colors immediately come to mind - the steely gray of the Upside Down and the blood-red hue of the intro credits. Create that signature Stranger Things color palette with nebula and star lights. The Sky Lite 2.0 is a perfect choice for any Stranger Things-themed event. You can project a red nebula under shimmering stars to achieve that iconic Stranger Things vibe. And with control right from your phone, you'll be able to set the mood and transport your guests to '80s Hawkins in no time.

3. Cassette Tapes and Vinyl

Jonathan's mixtapes are as much a part of Stranger Things as the characters themselves. Bring his love for music to your party with cassette tape and vinyl record decorations. Adorn your party area with tapes and records you find or make your own mixtapes. Just make sure they include the iconic song "Should I Stay or Should I Go." Let the music fill the room and take your guests back in time.

cassette tapes Image Source: Cassette Tapes

4. Red Glowing Lights

Capture the eerie atmosphere of Stranger Things with red glowing lights. Imagine a scene where someone walks down a dark corridor with occasional flashes of red light. That suspenseful feeling can be recreated at your party with red glowing lights. The BlissRadia is a fantastic choice for adding a glowing red light to your Stranger Things-themed party. With its fading in and out effect, it will playfully immerse your guests in the fear and excitement of the show. Connect the BlissRadia to your phone for ultimate control and turn your party upside down with just a few taps.

multicolor string lights Image Source: Red Glowing Lights

5. Alphabet and Christmas Lights

Further enhance the red vibes at your Stranger Things party with alphabet and Christmas lights. Wrap Christmas string lights around your tree trunk portal to give it a must-have red hue. Spell out messages of doom with your alphabet lightbox or create shorter phrases using marquee letter lights. Get creative and set the mood just like The Party in their epic D&D battles.

BlissRadia smart mood light in deep red Image Source: BlissRadia Smart Mood Light

6. Flashlights

Create an authentic Stranger Things experience by incorporating flashlights into your decorations. Scatter a few flashlights around your party space to enhance the mystery-solving vibe. These flashlights can also come in handy if you decide to play a game where you navigate the Upside Down. With good lighting, you and your guests will be prepared to face whatever dangers lurk in the darkness.

7. Mind Flayer Wall Decoration

Invite the terrifying Mind Flayer to your party and truly make it a Stranger Things experience. Hang a Mind Flayer poster on your wall or print a giant-sized image to cover an entire wall. Make sure this ominous creature is present throughout your party, setting the right atmosphere for all your guests.

Snacks for a Stranger Things Party

No party is complete without delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy. Keep your guests energized as they search for Will with these Stranger Things-themed treats:

1. Retro Candy

Add a touch of nostalgia to your Stranger Things party with retro candy. Pop rocks, Razzles, and other classic sweets will transport your taste buds back to the '80s. You can even stash your candy in your tree trunk portals to add an extra element of suspense as your guests indulge in their favorite treats.

2. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a timeless crowd-pleaser that can satisfy any sweet tooth. Their delicate icing and moist cakes make them the perfect individual-sized desserts for your guests. Get creative with Stranger Things-themed cupcake toppers featuring Eleven or the Mind Flayer to make them part of your party decor.

3. Soda

Bring back the nostalgia of childhood parties with soda. Grab a variety of your favorite sodas and keep them cool with ice cubes and plenty of plastic cups. Place the soda station near your snack table, allowing your guests to quench their thirst while enjoying their favorite treats. If you can find TaB soda, an '80s staple, it will be an extra special touch that will transport everyone back in time.

4. Pizza

Pizza is a classic party food that will keep everyone satisfied. Offer a variety of options such as meatless pizza, vegan pizza, and gluten-free pizza to cater to different dietary preferences. While these specific pizza options may not have existed in Hawkins in the '80s, they will make your Stranger Things party inclusive and enjoyable for all.

5. Eggo Waffle Bar

Pay homage to Eleven's favorite food with an Eggo waffle bar. Set up a toaster oven, place a box of frozen waffles nearby, and prepare a selection of toppings. From classic maple syrup to whipped cream and berries, let your guests unleash their creativity. Experiment with ice cream and other sweet toppings for a true '80s breakfast experience.

6. Toaster Pastries

Toaster pastries like Pop-Tarts are a simple yet nostalgic snack for any Stranger Things party. Guests can enjoy them straight out of the box or toast them for a warm treat. White and blue Pop-Tarts are an excellent choice, as they match Dustin's iconic hat and add an extra touch of authenticity to your party.

Stranger Things Costumes

To fully immerse yourself and your guests in the Stranger Things universe, encourage everyone to come dressed as their favorite characters. Here are some convincing costume ideas to bring your Stranger Things party to life:

1. Eleven

Eleven offers a variety of costume options, from her trademark sensory-deprivation outfit to her more typical teenage looks in later seasons. Make sure whoever dresses up as Eleven is prepared to occasionally switch the lights on and off to mimic her telekinetic abilities.

2. Mike

Capture the essence of Mike with a bowl-cut wig, a yellow tee, a denim vest, and tan pants. Striped polos, especially retro-looking ones, are also a great choice. Don't forget to embrace Mike's determination to find Will at all costs.

3. Lucas

Transform into Lucas with a camo headband, a reddish-brown jacket with a fur collar, and a trusty backpack. Sit down for a few rounds of Dungeons and Dragons and let the immersive experience of Stranger Things unfold.

4. Dustin

Dustin's red, white, and blue hat and curly hair make him an instantly recognizable character. A wig or hat, paired with a tee and vest that scream '80s style, are the essentials of this costume. Consider adding a headset with a big microphone for that authentic Dustin touch.

5. Steve

Steve is an iconic character who undergoes a transformation from bully to hero throughout the show. Dress up as early-season Steve with a simple costume or don the Scoops Ahoy uniform from season three. Scoops Ahoy costumes are readily available online for an effortless Stranger Things look.

6. Robin

As Steve's trusty co-worker and best friend, Robin played a significant role in popularizing the Scoops Ahoy outfit. Dress up in a white-and-blue striped tee, a blue vest, and a red bandana to capture Robin's laid-back style. Scoop ice cream at your Eggo waffle bar or perfect that "so over it" stare for the complete Robin experience.

7. Nancy

Nancy's evolving hairstyles and fashion choices make her costume versatile and open to interpretation. Channel your inner investigative journalist with a pen and pad and ask questions to engage your fellow partygoers. A Nancy costume is the perfect excuse to bond with others and keep the party lively.

8. Billy

Dressing up as Billy Hargrove puts a Stranger Things twist on the classic Halloween lifeguard costume. With a whistle, sepia shades, and curly auburn hair, you're ready to channel Billy's character. Stick to the heroic version of Billy and be prepared to face any Demogorgons or Mind Flayers that may appear at your party.

9. Hopper

Hopper is one of the most iconic Stranger Things characters, besides Eleven. Whether as Chief of Police Hopper, Russian prisoner Hopper, or any other variation, dressing up as Hopper will make a statement at any Stranger Things event. Fearlessly face the Demogorgons and Mind Flayers that may lurk around your party.

10. Max

Don't forget about Max, Billy's step-sister and a beloved character in the Stranger Things universe. If you have red hair, you're in luck. All you need is a retro striped tee, denim shorts, and maybe even a skateboard to transform into Maxine Mayfield.

Stranger Things Party Games

While binge-watching Stranger Things is a great party activity, consider incorporating some Stranger Things-themed games to keep the excitement going. Here are a few ideas:

1. Guess that Stranger Things Quote

Test everyone's knowledge of the show with some Stranger Things trivia. From iconic quotes like "Friends don't lie" to deeper cuts, see who can match the quote to the character. A game like this is sure to spark lively conversations and friendly competition.

2. Dungeons and Dragons

Since Dungeons and Dragons plays a significant role in Stranger Things, why not gather your friends for a tabletop gaming session? Immerse yourselves in the world of Hawkins and let your imagination run wild. It's a perfect opportunity to recreate The Party's favorite game and bring everyone closer together.

3. Upside Down Marco Polo

Turn off the lights and recreate the suspenseful moments of searching for Will in the Upside Down. Play a game of Marco Polo with a Stranger Things twist. Have someone play as Will and others as the characters who searched for him. Keep shouting for each other until you're reunited, adding a thrilling element to your party.

4. '80s Trivia and Board Games

Transport your guests back to the '80s with trivia questions and board games from that era. Test everyone's knowledge of major events and pop culture from that time. Break out classic board games like Battleship, Sorry, and Hungry Hungry Hippos for a nostalgic game night. It's an opportunity for laughter and bonding, just like The Party in the show.

5. Bike Race

If weather permits, organize a bike race as a fun outdoor activity. It's a nod to the numerous bike rides The Party embarks on during their missions in Hawkins. Encourage your guests to come in costume and enjoy a ride around the town, turning heads and spreading the Stranger Things spirit. Afterward, relax, watch the show, and immerse yourselves in the Upside Down.

Throw a Great Stranger Things Party with BlissLights

To elevate your Stranger Things party to the next level, consider incorporating BlissLights into your decorations. These lights will add that iconic Stranger Things red and create a spooky atmosphere. Browse through the BlissLights collection to find the perfect lighting options that will transport your party to Hawkins, the Upside Down, and beyond.

Remember, a successful Stranger Things party is all about creating an immersive experience for you and your guests. From decorations to costumes and games, every element should contribute to capturing the essence of the show. So gather your friends, unleash your creativity, and prepare for a night filled with nostalgia, thrills, and unforgettable memories.