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27 Modern + Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Are you in need of the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your spouse? Look no further! This extensive list of anniversary gift ideas is sure to have something that will wow your significant other with...

Are you in need of the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your spouse? Look no further! This extensive list of anniversary gift ideas is sure to have something that will wow your significant other with your thoughtfulness. Did you know that there are twenty-seven traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year? In this post, we will share a plethora of amazing anniversary gift ideas by year, including both traditional and modern options.

The Story Behind the Unique Gift List

You may be wondering why there are only twenty-seven suggestions. Well, the creators of these 'traditional' anniversary gift ideas either ran out of ideas or wanted to give gift-givers free rein on the in-between years. We like to think it's the latter. So, you have suggestions for anniversary gifts from the 1st through 15th year, and then you're on your own until the 20th. The list picks back up again at the 5s and 10s: 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 50th, and 60th. That's a total of twenty-seven suggestions. Sidebar: Did you know that the 60th anniversary is symbolized by a diamond? Quite impressive, isn't it? They probably should have saved it for the 70th! #longlifehusbandwife

Now let's dive into the list of hand-picked, totally knock-your-socks-off anniversary gifts!

1st Paper

Start off with the 1st anniversary, which calls for paper as the traditional gift. You can celebrate by eating the top tier of your wedding cake (if you froze it, as tradition suggests) and give each other a simple, heartfelt gift: a card. A card is a simple and sweet gesture that doesn't have to be pricey to be meaningful. For example, you could get a card that says, "I've been in love with you for _____ days." How cute is that?

ive been in love with you for days card

Another option for a paper gift is a beautiful photo print like this one from Minted. You can customize it with your favorite words and choose a beloved photo. Plus, it comes with a frame included!

wedding anniversary gifts by year

Other paper gift ideas include movie tickets, football tickets, a certificate for a fun experience, lottery tickets, a book they've been wanting to read, or a journal that puts all other journals to shame.

2nd Cotton

For the second anniversary, cotton is the traditional gift. Consider giving an embroidery hoop with cotton fabric and custom embroidery. It's a unique and thoughtful idea.

cotton anniversary gift embroidery hoop

3rd Leather

Leather is the suggested gift for the third anniversary. You could give leather luggage tags with 'Mr' and 'Mrs' inscribed on them, perfect for the traveling couple.

custom leather luggage tags

Alternatively, consider nice leather oxfords for him or an adorable leather purse for her.

4th Fruit / Flowers

The fourth anniversary allows you to choose between fruit or flowers. For example, you could plant a fruit tree in your backyard or on your patio and enjoy the fruit for years to come.

teak wood shelf

5th Wood

The fifth anniversary is symbolized by wood. Consider a beautiful wood coffee table or a unique wood shelf like the one pictured below.

michigan cutting board

6th Candy / Iron

For the sixth anniversary, you have a choice between candy or iron. While candy is always a good option, this iron "You & Me" sign is too amazing to pass up.

stackable rings

7th Wool / Copper

The seventh anniversary suggests either wool or copper. For wool, consider decorative felt letter boards like the ones pictured below.

clay shaving mug

For copper, you could choose these stacking rings:

willow tree promise sculpture

8th Pottery / Bronze

For the eighth anniversary, consider pottery or bronze. A ring holder dish is a lovely and practical pottery gift for her.

i belong with you you belong with me collar stays

For him, a clay shaving mug and brush set would make a great gift.

hidden message cuff bracelet

9th Willow

While the suggested gift for the ninth anniversary is willow, consider a beautiful Willow Tree sculpture like this one:

lace necklace

10th Aluminum

The tenth anniversary suggests gifts made of aluminum. For him, consider these aluminum stamped collar stays:

riedel stemless wine glass

For her, a hand-stamped aluminum cuff bracelet would make a great gift:

silver anniversary gift 25 years canvas

11th Steel

For the eleventh anniversary, celebrate with a stainless steel champagne bucket.

three strand pearl necklace

12th Silk

On the twelfth anniversary, consider a soft and luxurious silk robe.

pearl bracelet

13th Lace

For the thirteenth anniversary, a lace scarf or necklace would make a beautiful gift.

coral fossil watch

14th Ivory

For the fourteenth anniversary, consider a personalized art print in ivory and gold.

ruby pave necklace

15th Crystal

Finally, for the fifteenth anniversary, crystal stemware is always a perfect choice.

blue sapphire bracelet

20th China

The twentieth anniversary is symbolized by china. Consider getting new dinner plates or those beautiful Kate Spade china plates you've had your eye on.

scattered sapphire twig band

25th Silver

On the twenty-fifth anniversary, you can't go wrong with anything silver. Consider this unique canvas art print.

solid 14k gold bar necklace

30th Pearl

For the thirtieth anniversary, a pearl-covered clutch and a three-strand pearl necklace would make exquisite gifts.

diamond bracelet

50th Gold

For the fiftieth anniversary, gold jewelry is always a winner. Consider a beautiful 14k gold bar necklace or a triple initial necklace in solid gold.

green cushion diamond ring

60th Diamond

And last but not least, the sixtieth anniversary calls for diamond jewelry or diamonds around a timepiece. You can choose a gorgeous diamond bracelet, a stunning green cushion-cut diamond ring, or classic diamond stud earrings.

aluminum love sign

After the sixtieth anniversary, you're on your own with gift-giving ideas. By that time, you'll know your spouse better than anyone!

What would you add to our list? Do you have any other creative anniversary gift suggestions? Share your thoughts and ideas! And if you found this post helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends and loved ones.