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Throw the Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ever!

If you’re a parent, then you’ve likely been to a kid’s birthday party or two in your life. From pony rides to laser tag to chocolate fountains, you’ve seen it all. So how do you...

If you’re a parent, then you’ve likely been to a kid’s birthday party or two in your life. From pony rides to laser tag to chocolate fountains, you’ve seen it all. So how do you make your kid’s next birthday party the talk of the classroom?

Here’s the secret: The best kids’ birthday party ideas aren’t about making things bigger and better—they’re about the details. We’ve got 25 birthday party ideas for kids that keep the focus on your birthday star and their favorite things. So sit back and leave the planning to us—we’re providing themes, invitations, décor, food, and activities for all ages, from toddlers to pre-teens. Who knows, you may actually have time to enjoy the party this year!

25 Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Below are 25 of our favorite birthday party ideas for kids of all ages. From sleepovers to cupcake decorating to bowling and art—if your kid loves it, you can make it the theme of their party.

Plus, with a vast collection of themed birthday party invitations from Paperless Post available at your fingertips (as well as kids’ birthday party food ideas, party favor ideas, and Paperless Post Party Shop birthday decoration suggestions), you’re bound to find the right option for your once-a-year celebration.

1. Farm animals

If your birthday kid loves animals, take them to the farm for their special day! Whether you’re hosting at your house or a local barn, a farm animal-themed birthday party is a nice start.

  • Invitation: Invite guests with the “Barnyard Babes” invitation by Petit Collage.
  • Food: Prep the BBQ for a country-style meal, complete with burgers, hot dogs, and corn-on-the-cob.
  • Décor: Hang up adorable on-the-farm décor across your party space.
  • Cake: Come up with an animal-themed kids’ birthday cake idea, such as a farm animal-themed birthday cake.
  • Party favors: Hand out farm animal party favors to little farmers.

2. Balloons and confetti

Nothing says “birthday” like a balloon and confetti party. Whether you’re going for a hot-air balloon theme or you’ll be making balloon animals for kids (our personal favorite), this children’s birthday party idea makes guests feel like they’re floating on air.

  • Invitation: Send guests the “Balloon Animals” invitation by Hello!Lucky.
  • Food: Prepare a batch of confetti puppy chow snack mix for the party.
  • Décor: Place jumbo balloons by Paperboy above your party table.
  • Cake: Bake a balloon-themed cake with edible balloons!
  • Party favors: Let guests take home their favorite balloon animal as a party favor.

3. Sports party

Whether your little athlete prefers soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, or another extracurricular, a sports birthday party makes everyone feel like a winner.

  • Invitation: Let guests know when the game clock starts with the “Sportsfetti” invitation by Paperless Post. Or use the “Play Ball” invitation by Linda and Harriett for a soccer party.
  • Food: Go for a game-day spread, including chips and dip and pigskins in a blanket.
  • Décor: Serve lunch and cake on sports-themed plates.
  • Cake: Make a football cake for the big day, or decorate it to fit another sport.
  • Party favors: Add some mini sports balls or team-themed favors to a goody bag.

4. Princess fairy

From palaces to toadstools, a princess fairy party brings the magic and fantasy of a birthday to life.

Image “Cutout Crown” by Linda and Harriett for Paperless Post; party supplies by Meri Meri available at Party Shop.

  • Invitation: Crown your birthday princess with the “Cutout Crown” photo invitation by Linda and Harriett or “Fairy Friends” by Meri Meri.
  • Food: Set out a bowl of fairy dust popcorn for a lovely—and delicious—party snack.
  • Décor: Put up royal princess décor to set a perfectly pretty scene, or find your inner magic with fairy party decorations.
  • Cake: Create a cake fit for a queen when you bake a layered princess cake for your party.
  • Party favors: Give out enchanting party crowns to the fairies and princesses at your party.

5. Skate party

Retro skate party or modern skateboard session? Either one works when you throw a skate party for your four-wheeled party guests at a neighborhood skate park, skating rink, or in your backyard.

  • Invitation: Strap on your skates with the “Roll Along” invitation by Meri Meri.
  • Food: Provide food that kids can eat quickly between skating trips, such as pizza or taquitos.
  • Décor: Serve refreshments on cute plates by Meri Meri.
  • Cake: Combine candy and cake with a fun skate cake (or doughnut-centered skateboard cake).
  • Party favors: Include skate-themed prizes in a goody bag, such as neon laces or mini skateboards.


These are just a few of the 25 kids' birthday party ideas we have for you. Each idea is unique and special, focusing on the details that will make your child's birthday party unforgettable. By following our tips for throwing a budget-friendly party and using Paperless Post for your invitations, you can host the best birthday ever without breaking the bank. So start planning and get ready to create amazing memories for your child and their friends.