22 Unique Melbourne Hens Party Ideas to Make Your Bride Feel Special

Planning a hens party in Melbourne? Look no further! We've curated a list of 22 unique and unforgettable ideas that will ensure your bride has a fantastic time before her wedding day. From naughty activities...

Planning a hens party in Melbourne? Look no further! We've curated a list of 22 unique and unforgettable ideas that will ensure your bride has a fantastic time before her wedding day. From naughty activities to wholesome experiences, there's something here for everyone. So grab your besties and get ready for a memorable celebration!

1. House Of Hens

house of hens melbourne Hen’s party planners are quickly becoming the go-to for every maid of honor. Take the stress out of planning and managing high expectations. At House of Hens, their experienced events managers will create a memorable send-off for your bride. From male revue shows to bottomless brunches, they have it all covered. Let them handle the details while you enjoy the party.

2. Sophisticated Readings with Top Hat Tarot

top hat tarot Embrace a unique hen’s party experience with Julia, the founder of Top Hat Tarot. Her modern approach to tarot readings adds a fresh and joyful touch to any event. Dive into love, life, and self-discovery while creating a deeper bond among attendees. Julia's expertise and cultural sensitivities ensure a meaningful experience for everyone involved.

3. Magic Men

magic men hens melbourne Looking for a night of laughter and fun? The Magic Men strip show is a must-see experience. With all-inclusive packages, you and your friends are guaranteed a great time. Situated in the heart of Chapel St, Magic Men offers an interactive and unforgettable girls-only night. Cheer, throw some money, and ask for more while enjoying their amazing live show.

4. Do It Yourself with DIY Hens

DIY Hens If you're on a budget but still want to create a memorable hens party, DIY Hens is the way to go. They offer templates for games, tickets, and invitations that will make planning a breeze. Check out their website to see the variety of templates available, all in high-resolution PDFs. Get creative and personalize your event without breaking the bank.

5. Bottomless Brunch

hens party ideas melbourne Indulge in a bottomless brunch at Bodega, one of Melbourne's hotspots. For just $59pp, enjoy a 90-minute session filled with mouthwatering courses and unlimited drinks. From Mexi-mimosas to Palomas, there's something to satisfy everyone's taste buds. So gather your squad and bring on the fiesta!

6. Urban Winery

hens party ideas melbourne Noisy Ritual, Melbourne's urban winery, offers a unique experience for wine lovers. Enjoy premium drops, cheese, pate, and dips in a relaxed atmosphere. Celebrate your hens party with friends, sipping on exquisite wines and creating unforgettable memories.

7. Milk The Cow

hens party ideas melbourne Cheese and wine go together like Romeo and Juliet, and Milk The Cow knows it. Head to this licensed fromagerie for a custom cheese and wine flight. Pair four wines with perfectly matched cheeses and indulge in a delightful gastronomic experience. If wine isn't your thing, they also offer flights of gin, cider, beer, whisky, or sake. Cheers!

8. Cocktail Making Class

hens party ideas melbourne Join a cocktail making class at Garden State Hotel, one of Melbourne's coolest establishments. For $74pp, learn to create two signature cocktails while savoring delicious canapes. This interactive experience is perfect for the bride who loves mixology. Sparkling on arrival adds a touch of elegance to the event. Get ready to shake things up!

9. Mini Golf

hens party ideas melbourne Up for some friendly competition? Mini golf is always a fun choice for a hens party. Melbourne offers various mini golf courses, including Holey Moley, Yarra Bend Adventure, and Albert Park Mini Golf. Grab your putters and challenge your friends to a thrilling game. Who will be the mini golf champion?

10. Pole Dancing

hens party ideas melbourne Unleash your inner diva at The Pole Room on Flinders Lane. Their hens party packages include private room hire and an instructor-led pole dancing session. Learn the fundamentals and master a mini routine to your favorite song. Add some champagne on arrival to get everyone in the zone. It's time to dance, laugh, and have a blast!

11. Karaoke

Is your bride a karaoke enthusiast? Rice Queen is the place to be! Start with a delicious dinner party and then head to their Karaoke Room for a 90-minute singing session. Sing your heart out and create fun memories with your friends. Let loose, be silly, and have a fantastic time.

12. Hoola Hoop Class

hens party ideas melbourne Experience a unique hens party at Hoopsparx, where you'll learn the art of hula hooping. With a hoop game, hoop dance, and a keepsake hoop for the bride, this party is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Prices start at $275 for up to 10 people. Get ready to spin, twirl, and have a blast!

13. Go Boat

hens party ideas melbourne Explore Melbourne's beautiful waters with a picnic boat from Go Boat. Hire a boat for 1, 2, or 3 hours and enjoy a leisurely cruise with your friends. Bring your own food and beverages and make lasting memories on the water. It's the perfect way to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

14. Cooking Class

hens party ideas melbourne Join Free to Feed for a cooking class like no other. Led by people seeking asylum or new migrants, these classes showcase traditional dishes from their homelands. Immerse yourself in a cultural experience and learn to create delicious meals. Share a meal at the end and foster a sense of community. It's a wholesome and meaningful way to celebrate your bride.

15. Yoga Class

hens party ideas melbourne Ground yourself with a blissful yoga class at Kula Yoga. This 1.5-hour session combines gentle vinyasa, flow, and pranayama breathing exercises. Visualization and positive manifestation add a touch of magic to the class. Priced at $30 per person for a minimum of 15 people, it's a rejuvenating and soul-nourishing experience.

16. Laneway Learning

hens party ideas melbourne For a unique and educational hens party, consider Laneway Learning. This not-for-profit community-based organization hosts evening classes on a wide range of topics. From flower crowns to DIY perfume, they offer various workshops that will get your creative juices flowing. Private events packages are available for a minimum of 10 people. Unleash your creativity and have a blast!

These are just some of the incredible hens party ideas Melbourne has to offer. Remember to consider your bride's preferences and budget when planning the perfect day. Communication is key to ensuring everyone has a fantastic time. So gather your girls, make memories, and celebrate the bride-to-be in style!

Got more ideas for Melbourne hens parties? Share them in the comments below. And don't forget to check out our guides on the best wedding photographers and marriage celebrants in Melbourne to make your bride's big day even more special. Happy henning!