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21 Creative Super Bowl Party Ideas

Want to throw the best Super Bowl party of all time? The key is creativity. Although there are some best-loved traditions for this event type, you can still make your get-together - whether it be...

Want to throw the best Super Bowl party of all time? The key is creativity. Although there are some best-loved traditions for this event type, you can still make your get-together - whether it be big or small, at home or at work - completely unique. Discover some foolproof ways to feed and delight guests with these 21 original Super Bowl party ideas everyone will remember for years to come.

The key to planning an unforgettable Super Bowl party:

Stereotypical Super Bowl parties use tablecloths, paper plates, and temporary decor pieces with standard football stadium designs. They typically serve wings, burgers, and/or pizza. There’s usually a lot of beer involved and plenty of shouting at the television. However, if you’re planning a Super Bowl party for the first time or would like to make one that will really stand out, consider switching up some of these traditional items with more creative options. Although you may not have a choice about the shouting, you do have options when it comes to how your party looks and feels.

The best way to put your own personal spin on a Super Bowl party is to have a unique take on food, decor, and activities. Focus on the dietary needs and interests of your guests when creating your menu. For decor, lean into team colors or go with a classy color scheme of black, white, and silver. And to keep everyone entertained in between the action, create spaces for children away from everything, line up fun mini-events for adults who are less interested in the game, and use your overall event goals as a guide for additional activities.

Whether you’re hosting your party in a home, a bar, or a ballroom, take your venue into account when planning the entire event. Want to go above and beyond? Create a layout using Cvent Event Diagramming to get a 3D representation of where your food will be staged and, most importantly, how easy it will be for guests to view the game.

Also, always weave in the natural style of the venue into your decor choices. For example, if the space has rustic architecture, make a hangout lounge outside with hay bales for seats. In other words, choose furniture and decor that blends the football theme with all existing features of the space.

Explore 21 creative and fun Super Bowl party ideas:

1. Use virtual reality.

Grab some virtual reality headsets and give your guests a chance to experience the game up close and personal without having to pay for expensive ticket prices. Use the Fox app or website, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or Hulu live TV with compatible hardware. Encourage guests to bring their own or rent them from an event technology company. Remember to clean and disinfect them in between users.

2. Raise money.

Super Bowl parties are a great opportunity to raise money for your favorite charity. Raffle off tickets for next year’s game or authentic sports memorabilia. You can also do a silent auction. Alternatively, get active with a flag football game that has a special twist such as the Three Piece Suit Football Charity Festival, which asks the participants to wear actual three-piece suits while they play.

3. Strategize your layout.

Keep in mind that layouts create the atmosphere of any event. No matter what type of space you’re in, make sure yours has each of the following:

  • A dedicated lounge area with television screens to watch the game on, plus coffee tables and side tables.
  • A separate kids zone for activities that gives them an option to relax away from the grown-ups.
  • Food staging - whether it’s a buffet, a kitchen area, or a formal dining area - close to the game yet out of the way.

4. Play Super Bowl commercial bingo.

For some Super Bowl party guests, the commercials will be the main event. Use a pre-made Super Bowl card for the activity or DIY using a template or website that creates custom designs. Create squares for the type of product in the commercials, the tone of the commercials, and elements such as props or celebrity appear

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