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20 Unique Themes for Your Next Corporate Event

Choosing the right theme for your corporate event is crucial. It should reflect your future priorities and resonate with the entire group. To help you out, we've compiled a list of 20 unique themes that...

Choosing the right theme for your corporate event is crucial. It should reflect your future priorities and resonate with the entire group. To help you out, we've compiled a list of 20 unique themes that have been successful with the groups we've worked with. From futuristic concepts to inspiring messages, these themes are sure to make your event memorable.

1. "Back To The Future"

If you're undergoing organizational change or a digital transformation, this theme is perfect. It evokes images of science fiction, endless possibilities, and achieving the impossible. To connect with this theme, consider our digital experience, The Escape Gaming Challenge.

2. "Be Extraordinary"

This theme is ideal for encouraging a change in mindset and inspiring people to pursue ambitious goals. You can even use the acronym B.E. (Belief, Execution) to drive home key points. Pair this theme with the Chain Reaction Challenge, a team exercise that aligns perfectly.

3. "Beyond All Limits"

When your business is aiming for an ambitious goal, this theme fits like a glove. It challenges people to let go of mental limitations and shows that the first step to achieving greatness is breaking the barriers within. Combine this theme with the thrilling Sailing Challenge team exercise for a remarkable experience.

4. "Dream, Dare, Deliver!"

With its versatility, this theme is one of our all-time favorites. It aligns perfectly with a long-term vision, courage, execution, and other important values. Consider using the Jigsaw Challenge to unveil the theme and vision in a memorable team experience.

5. "Breaking Barriers"

If your business is facing tough times and morale is low, this theme can lift spirits and help overcome mental barriers. It's also suitable for aiming for something unprecedented in your industry. The Domino Challenge serves as a powerful team-building exercise linked to this theme.

6. "Everything Counts"

During times of cost-cutting and resource optimization, this theme is a perfect fit. Consider our learning program, Doing more with Less, as a valuable addition to such an event.

7. "Power of ONE"

When different departments merge during organizational change, it's important to emphasize common goals and vision. The "Power of ONE" theme reinforces this message. The Pixel Challenge team-building exercise brings this theme to life in a powerful experiential format.

8. "One Team, One Goal!"

For a company-wide offsite, where the focus is on unity and vision, this classic theme is a perfect fit. Combine it with the Pushpin Challenge team exercise to reinforce the message.

9. "Higher, Faster, Stronger!"

Ideal for highly competitive industries, this theme takes inspiration from the Olympics' tagline. It inspires teams to strive for victory against the competition on a daily basis. The Team Olympics team-building exercise is a natural choice to reinforce this theme.

10. "Moving To Mastery"

If achieving operational excellence and building capability is a priority for your organization, this theme is worth considering. It's particularly suitable for functional offsites where participants are experts in their fields. Try the Mandala Challenge team exercise to cultivate mastery.

11. "Winning With Purpose"

As purpose-led organizations emerge, it's crucial to move beyond traditional corporate metrics and make people believe in your mission. Consider incorporating a CSR Team Building Exercise like the Velocipede Challenge to drive this point home.

12. "Play To Win"

If winning in the marketplace is your team's DNA, this is the perfect theme for your event. Use the Geocaching Challenge, one of our popular offerings, to bring this theme to life.

13. "May the F.O.R.C.E be with you!"

This theme not only pays homage to the iconic Star Wars franchise but also offers versatility. Customize the abbreviation FORCE to emphasize key priorities such as Focus, Ownership, Resilience, Collaboration, and Execution. The War Machine Challenge team exercise complements this theme perfectly.

14. "Power UP!"

When experiencing a phase of high growth or planning for the same, this theme showcases the mindset needed to succeed. It's especially popular in the startup world, where organizations are scaling rapidly. The Egyptian Challenge acts as a metaphor for this phenomenon.

15. "Top Gun"

Perfect for events honoring top performers or high-potential individuals, this theme encourages teamwork and ownership. Generate abbreviations for each letter of "Top Gun" to add more depth (e.g., Teamwork, Ownership, Purpose). Combining a CSR exercise with this theme is an excellent choice.

16. "We C.A.N! (Collective Action Now)"

Simplicity and versatility make this theme one of our favorites. Customize the abbreviation C.A.N. to align with your business priorities (e.g., Customer, Align, Nimble). The Juggernaut Challenge is an ideal team-building exercise to complement this theme.

17. "Inspire, Integrate, Innovate"

For a theme that emphasizes purpose, innovation, and collaboration across departments, look no further. These three elements are often interconnected and relevant for annual planning. The Cook Off Challenge allows teams to experience each element in a fun, experiential format.

18. "Dream T.E.A.M" (Team, Excellence, Action, Mission)

If building a high-performance team is a priority, this theme is a fitting choice. The Dockyard Challenge offers a fun way to experience key principles of building a successful team.

19. "A.C.C.E.lerate" (Customer centricity, Cost Consciousness, Execution)

This theme offers various variations. It works well when emphasizing high growth rates or leaving the competition behind. The Supercar Challenge is a perfect team exercise to complement this theme.

20. "All R.I.S.E" / "RISE Up!"

One of our absolute favorites, this theme allows for numerous permutations. RISE can be an abbreviation for different sub-messages such as Resilience, Inspire, Simplify, and Execute. The Larger than Life Challenge helps illustrate the theme and drive home key points.

Do you have any favorite event themes that you'd like to share? Join the conversation and let us know!