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18 Home-changing Accent Wall Ideas to Transform Your Space

Are you tired of a dull and lifeless room? It's time to give your space a makeover with an accent wall! An accent wall is a quick and easy way to change the entire feel...

Are you tired of a dull and lifeless room? It's time to give your space a makeover with an accent wall! An accent wall is a quick and easy way to change the entire feel of a room and create a focal point. Just a simple search on Google for "accent wall before and after" will show you the incredible transformations that can be achieved.

But why should you consider an accent wall? Apart from adding personality to your space, it's also a great option for renters who want to personalize their place. With removable peel and stick options available, you can easily create a weekend-friendly DIY project that won't damage your walls.

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Choosing the Right Wall

Now that you're convinced about the power of an accent wall, it's important to choose the right wall for the job. Consider where your eyes are naturally drawn in the room. Is it the fireplace or the wall behind your bed? Your instinct will guide you towards the best choice.

You should also think about the kind of accent wall you want to create and take into account your existing furniture and architectural features. While a wood accent wall might sound appealing, if it has electrical outlets and lightswitch boxes that need to be worked around, your DIY project might turn into a headache.

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Avoid choosing a wall with large furniture pieces or artwork that might compete for attention. An accent wall is meant to make a strong statement, and you don't want it to be hidden behind other items.

Amazing Accent Wall Ideas

Let's dive into some great accent wall ideas that will transform your space. We've divided them into three popular categories: wood accent walls, peel and stick accent walls, and painted accent walls.

Wood Accent Wall Ideas

  1. Painted Shiplap Wall: Turn a plain nook in your room into a stunning feature with a painted shiplap wall. You'll find the instructions here.

  2. Bold Black Shiplap: Add a touch of drama with a bold black shiplap accent wall. To avoid a dark and gloomy look, contrast the black with white accents, light-colored wood, plants, and vibrant decor pieces.

  3. Rustic Boards Wall: If you have a large, empty wall in your living room, create a warm focal point with rustic boards. This simple yet impactful design will add character to your space.

  4. Empire Moulding & Millwork: Get creative with moulding and a rich shade of olive green. The Empire Moulding & Millwork's 238 SQUARE pine moulding is perfect for this project.

  5. Board and Batten: Give your space a modern look with a board and batten accent wall. This project requires a bit more planning, but the end result is definitely worth it.

  6. Wood Slat Wall: Achieve a similar look to shiplap at a lower cost with a wood slat wall. Follow the DIY instructions here.

  7. Geometric Blocks: Create a unique accent wall with geometric blocks upholstered in crushed black velvet and outlined in gold.

Peel and Stick Accent Wall Ideas

  1. Stunning Mural: Enhance the colors in your room with an easy-to-install peel and stick mural. Check out the amazing options available here.

  2. Tempaper Removable Wallpaper: If you're a renter, Tempaper offers aesthetic and modern removable wallpaper options that you don't want to miss.

  3. More Removable Wallpaper Options: Explore a wide range of removable wallpaper choices from Urban Outfitters, Hygge & West, Wallshoppe, and NuWallpaper on Amazon.

  4. Stikwood: If you love the look of rustic wood but don't have the time or budget for a traditional installation, Stikwood offers a convenient peel and stick method using real, reclaimed, or sustainably-sourced wood.

  5. Weathered Board: Create a rustic, modern farmhouse look with Stikwood's white, weathered board.

  6. Fake Brick Wall: Want an industrial look without exposed brick walls? Easily achieve it with brick panels from Lowe's or brick wall panels from Wayfair. Get the whitewashed look with the instructions found here.

Painted Accent Wall Ideas

  1. The Corner: Instead of painting an entire wall, draw attention to a corner by using a solid color. Jewel tones like deep emerald green work wonderfully against metal, leather, and wood decor.

  2. Simple 2x4s: Transform your room with a creative design made from simple 2x4s, paint, and a nail gun. Find the instructions here.

  3. Honeycomb Stencil: Achieve the look of honeycomb tiles with a stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencil.

  4. Hand-painted Chevron: Create an easy and natural-looking chevron pattern with a hand-painted stencil. Check out the design here.

  5. Half-and-Half: Add visual interest to a room by painting half of the wall in a darker color. Consider adding brass handles or other accents to complement the design.

  6. Personalized Fireplace: If you're artistically inclined, draw your own designs onto your fireplace using multi-surface pens. Alternatively, you can find similar designs at Tempaper.

How to Paint an Accent Wall

With these inspiring accent wall ideas, you're ready to transform your space and make a statement. We would love to hear about your weekend accent wall project! Share your plans in the comments below or tag us, @primermagazine, on Instagram when you showcase your final masterpiece!