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18 All-Time FAVORITE Frozen Party Activities!

#18 All-Time FAVORITE Frozen Party Activities! To help you come up with the perfect way to keep your guests busy and entertained at your Frozen parties, we've rounded up the 18 best Frozen party activities...

#18 All-Time FAVORITE Frozen Party Activities!

To help you come up with the perfect way to keep your guests busy and entertained at your Frozen parties, we've rounded up the 18 best Frozen party activities that are sure to make your event a hit!

Frozen Party Activities Image source: Catch My Party

1. Frozen Sleepover

Girls love to get together to play and chat, so why not create the ultimate sleepover experience for them? Fill a room with teepees (one for each child) and decorate them with Frozen party decorations. Encourage your guests to come dressed in their favorite Anna or Elsa costume. As a late-night treat, you can all snuggle up and watch the movie Frozen or Frozen 2!

Frozen Sleepover Teepees

2. Elsa Entertainer

Kids love meeting their favorite Disney characters, so treat your little guests to a visit from the one and only Elsa! Hire a professional entertainer or transform into Elsa yourself by wearing your very own Elsa dress.

Elsa Entertainer

3. Face Painting

Add some magic to your party by offering face painting. Use a snowflake stencil to create pretty little snowflakes on all the little Annas and Elsas.

Face Painting

4. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Kids will have a blast building their own snowman! Prepare packs with marshmallows, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, pretzels, and a candy corn nose instead of a carrot. Let their creativity shine as they build their own little Olaf.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Assemble Pack

5. Snowball Toss

Have some Frozen-themed fun with a snowball tossing game! Keep score to see who can get the most points by tossing soft snowballs into purple and blue buckets.

Frozen Snowball Toss Buckets

6. Inside Snowball Fight

Don't let the lack of snow stop the fun! Grab some styrofoam balls and have an indoor snowball fight. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained and active.

Bucket full of styrofoam balls for a Frozen indoor snowball fight

7. Frozen Photobooth

Set up a Frozen-themed photo booth and let your guests strike a pose! Provide crowns, magic wands, and even fake snow as props for fun and memorable photos.

Frozen Photobooth Props

8. Make Magic Princess Snow

Send your guests home with their own little bottle of magic princess snow. Have them add glitter and fake snow to mini glass bottles for a magical keepsake.

Little Glass Bottles of Magic Princess Snow

9. Snowmen Marshmallows

Let your guests get creative and build sweet marshmallow snowmen! Provide food-safe markers and skewers for them to create their own edible masterpieces.

Snowmen Marshmallows

10. Make Wands

Have your little princess guests make their own magic ice princess wands. Provide glitter, snowflakes, sparkles, and glue for them to create their unique and enchanting creations.

Gorgeous Frozen DIY Wands

11. Make Snow Globe Favors

Let the kids make their own DIY snow globes to take home as party favors. Use mason jars, ornaments, clear glue, warm water, and glitter to create a winter wonderland in a jar.

DIY Frozen Snow Globe

12. Hot Cocoa Bar

Set up a hot cocoa bar where your guests can create their own delicious hot chocolate creations. Provide marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy canes, and sprinkles as toppings for a sweet and cozy treat.

Fabulous Frozen Hot Cocoa Bar Toppings

13. Frozen Scavenger Hunt

Keep the kids entertained with a Frozen-themed scavenger hunt. Hide Frozen cutouts throughout your venue and hand out scavenger hunt cards. The first one to find all the Frozen items wins!

14. Frozen Coloring Sheets

Set up a drawing station with printable Frozen coloring sheets. Provide buckets with crayons or coloring pencils for the kids to unleash their creativity.

15. Frozen Painting Kit

Let the little girls paint their own cute magnets. It's a fun party activity that also doubles as a wonderful party favor.

16. Snowflake Craft

Create a crafting station where children can make their own beaded snowflake decorations. Made with glass pearls and sparkly crystals, these snowflakes will add a touch of winter magic to any room.

Snowflake Craft

17. Frozen Bracelet Kit

Offer DIY princess Elsa bracelets as a party activity and favor. Each kit includes beautiful beads, a snowflake charm, and stretchy elastic for a stylish and personalized accessory.

Frozen Bracelet Kit

18. Frozen Bingo

Add some excitement with a game of Frozen-themed bingo. This set includes bingo cards, calling card pieces, and game markers for a fun-filled activity.

Frozen Bingo

For more inspiration, check out all these gorgeous Frozen party ideas on our site!

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