15 Tips for Hosting a Christmas Party at Home

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, it’s time to switch focus to the jolliest time of year, the holidays! Gathering together with family and friends is one the best parts about the holiday season,...

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, it’s time to switch focus to the jolliest time of year, the holidays! Gathering together with family and friends is one the best parts about the holiday season, but hosting a flawless celebration requires lots of planning and preparation. Get a jump start on the process by following these tips for hosting a memorable holiday party at home!

1. Make a List

First and foremost, create a to-do list as you begin thinking about holiday party ideas. Even if you don’t follow the list to the T, it will help you organize your thoughts and prioritize tasks. Break it down into questions instead, such as: What kind of food will you serve? How will you decorate? Do you need any special equipment or supplies?

2. Think Like a Guest

Put yourself in the shoes of your guests and consider what their experience will be like from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. Is there a place for guests to store their coats and valuables? Where can they set down presents and food contributions? Is there a designated seating area? Where can they grab drinks and appetizers? Thinking through different scenarios will help you prepare accordingly.

Guests at Christmas party Guests at Christmas party

3. Send Invites Early

Send out invitations as early as possible to ensure that your guests can attend. The holidays are a busy time for everyone, so give them ample time to RSVP and plan ahead. Not only is it considerate, but it also increases the likelihood of them being able to come because they aren’t committed to other plans yet.

4. Choose a Theme

A festive theme can make your home look more magical and create cohesion in your space. It can be as simple as choosing a color scheme or a holiday-themed motif like snowflakes. Use your creativity to make your party stand out and impress your guests.

5. Keep It Cozy

Make your guests feel at home during your Christmas gathering by incorporating cozy decor touches. Light up your fireplace, set out extra blankets on the sofa, and toss some soft pillows on the floor for extra seating. You can even take this holiday party idea to the next level by giving away snuggly party favors like fuzzy socks.

6. Spruce Up the Bathroom

Don't forget to add a little festive flair to your guest bathroom. Make sure it’s stocked up on all the essentials like toilet paper, soap, and fresh hand towels. Use scented candles and accessories that match your party theme to create a welcoming ambiance.

Holiday-themed living room Holiday-themed living room

7. Remove Breakables

To reduce stress, remove any breakables or valuables from your entertaining space. You don't want to worry about curious children accidentally knocking over precious items. Create a safe and worry-free environment for both you and your guests.

8. Cook Ahead

If you're cooking most of the food for your party, try to prepare as many dishes as you can ahead of time. This will save you from feeling overwhelmed on the day of the event. Stock up on plenty of snacks and finger foods, as well as beverages, to cater to everyone's taste.

9. Consider Buffet-Style Food

Buffet-style food is always a hit, especially when hosting a large number of guests. It takes the pressure off of serving everyone individually and encourages mingling. Place your buffet table away from the wall so that guests can form lines on either side.

10. Provide Plenty of Trash Cans

Setting out multiple trash cans in the eating and socializing areas is a must. It ensures convenience for you and your guests and makes cleaning up much easier. You'll be grateful for this tip once the party is over and there's no big mess of trash left behind.

Family cooking Christmas meal Family cooking Christmas meal

11. Accept Help

Don't be afraid to accept help from your friends and family. Graciously accept their offers to assist in small ways. It will get them more involved and excited for the party, and it will give you some time to relax and enjoy the celebration yourself.

12. Set the Mood with Music

Create a festive atmosphere by playing seasonal tunes as background music. Classic Christmas songs like “Silver Bells” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” can set the mood for a joyful gathering. During dinner hour, opt for instrumental or soft music that allows for easy conversation.

13. Always Overestimate

Overestimate the amount of supplies you need for your celebration, including drinks, dinnerware, and food. This ensures that you won't run out of anything during the event. If you have lots of leftovers at the end of the night, pack them up and give them to guests as a thank you for coming.

14. Arrange Strategically

Strategically place food stations where you want your guests to socialize. Spread out your dishes in different areas to encourage mingling and ensure that people don't just gather around the food table. Create an inviting space for conversations and connections.

15. Tackle a Deep Clean

Before your guests arrive, make sure your home is spick-and-span. From vacuuming and mopping to dusting and cleaning the bathroom, a deep clean is necessary. A clean home will make your guests feel welcome and ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Follow these holiday party ideas, and your gathering is sure to be one for the memory books! As you prepare your home for the holidays, have some fun with these 8 festive crafts for a jolly holiday season.