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15 Proven Strategies for Success in Star Trek Fleet Command

Like the vast expanse of the universe itself, Star Trek Fleet Command can be overwhelming for new players. With each new update, the game becomes even more complex. But fear not! We've compiled a comprehensive...

Like the vast expanse of the universe itself, Star Trek Fleet Command can be overwhelming for new players. With each new update, the game becomes even more complex. But fear not! We've compiled a comprehensive daily to-do list to help you navigate the stars and advance quickly in the game.

1. Master Your Daily Goals

Paying attention to your research, claiming daily reward chests, upgrading your station, material mining, hostile hunting, and swarm hunting should be your top priorities. Don't forget to claim your 30-day chest whenever available to acquire those precious Carol Marcus shards.

2. Tackle the Refinery

The refinery may be frustrating, but it's a crucial source of common, uncommon, and rare materials needed for progress. Aim for two to three pulls a day and make the most of Bonus Refinery events to maximize your gains.

arc events Image: The excitement of arc events

3. Engage in Arc or Special Events

Take advantage of the excellent rewards offered in these events. Completing the goals will provide you with officers and ships essential for advancement. Missing out on these opportunities might require spending real money later, so invest some effort now to save money in the long run.

4. Conquer the Daily Events

Participate in daily events and plan ahead to optimize your rewards. Look for ship and officer upgrades that align with the event's objectives. Don't rush the 12-hour goals, as they often overlap with the six-hour goals, especially regarding officer tasks.

5. Grind Hostile Ships for PvE Chests and Reputation

To truly excel, you'll need to grind more than just the daily requirements. Engage in regular hostile hunting to collect ship blueprints, parts, speed-ups, relocation tokens, ship XP, officer XP, and other vital resources required for ship development, missions, and overall progress. Additionally, faction reputation can only be earned through hostile grinding.

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6. Secure Enough Latinum to Refine

Daily mining or stealing of Latinum is necessary to ensure a steady supply for refining. Try to obtain ample amounts from Ferengi Monday to sustain you for a few days. Keep in mind that stealing Latinum is a faster option if time is of the essence.

7. Fish for Scout Ships

If you aspire to build higher-level faction ships without spending a fortune, make sure to set aside time each day to fish for scout ships. Acquiring these ships will significantly reduce the time required to attain the necessary blueprints. Don't miss out on collecting scout ship credits daily, as it can significantly impact your progress.

8. Dominate the Borg Probes

If you possess a Vi'dar, make it a priority to complete two runs of hunting Borg Probes each day. Maxing out your Vi'dar quickly will not only benefit your ship's power but also reward you with 300 Faction Credits daily, accelerating your progress.

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9. Build and Scrap Ships

Harness the power of your shipyard by building ships using excess materials and parts. Don't let those resources go to waste; upgrade these ships with the surplus components you possess and then scrap them to obtain valuable 3-star parts and materials.

10. Connect With Others

Interact with fellow alliance members and engage in informative conversations. Learn from more experienced players, share valuable insights, and forge friendships. If your alliance has a Discord Channel, make it a daily routine to check in. Building relationships within the game will not only enhance your gameplay but also increase your chances of finding a better alliance should the need arise.

11. Unleash the Power of Armadas

Coordinate with your alliance members to take on armadas during peak activity periods. These collective efforts will yield substantial rewards. Additionally, make sure to frequently claim rewards from armada chests, as you may receive rare and epic armada directives.

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12. Explore Faction Stores

Utilize the Federation, Romulan, and Klingon faction stores to convert messages into credits. These stores offer unique items that can only be purchased once per day. Exchange data for Augment credits and Augment recruiting chests to bolster your progress. Similarly, make the most of the Rogue faction store by redeeming data for Eclipse Armada directives, Eclipse security codes, Rogue Credits, and Rogue reputation.

13. Prioritize Shield Discipline

To safeguard your progress, always expect potential attacks. Keep your shield up even when you're not actively playing the game. Set up shields ranging from eight hours to 24 hours, depending on your preference. Regularly request your alliance members to check on your shield's status before you call it a night.

14. Claim Relocation Tokens

Frequent relocation is essential for maintaining security and exploring new opportunities. Acquire relocation tokens from the Alliance store and move regularly to avoid becoming a target. Accumulating relocation tokens will also aid you in various other aspects of gameplay.

Before and After: The results of a successful base raid Image: The spoils of a successful base raid

15. Raid and Scout Bases

Take advantage of quiet hours during the day to engage in base raiding activities. These times when most players are offline provide an opportunity to gather valuable resources. Additionally, scout for unprotected miners to collect resources that may have been left unattended. These small victories can significantly boost your progress, especially in the early stages of the game.

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