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15+ JavaScript Calendar Libraries & Plugins You Must Check Out in 2023

Looking for a JavaScript Calendar Library or Plugin for your next project? We've got you covered! In this article, we'll introduce you to over 15 JavaScript Calendar Libraries / Plugins that will save you time...

Looking for a JavaScript Calendar Library or Plugin for your next project? We've got you covered! In this article, we'll introduce you to over 15 JavaScript Calendar Libraries / Plugins that will save you time and effort.

Calendars play a crucial role in websites and web apps when it comes to date picking and event organization. Whether it's for admin panels, booking and traveling apps, or project management software, a well-designed and organized calendar is essential for your business. At UI-lib, we integrate these types of Calendar plugins into our software and templates. (You can check them out here)

Best Calendar JavaScript Libraries

The calendar libraries we're showcasing here utilize modern technologies and frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap, or jQuery. Some are simpler in functionality, while others are more complex. We hope you find this catalog worthy of your time. So, without further ado, let's dive into the listicle and find the most suitable calendars for your upcoming project.

1. Scheduler - JavaScript Online Calendar

The Scheduler is a classic JavaScript Calendar Widget for web app projects. It offers various display modes, including full screen, compact, agenda view, daily, week, month view modes, and more. With the ability to add new events by dragging and dropping, and popular hotkeys for quick actions, managing events becomes a breeze. You can even create and edit recurring events, customize their color, and categorize them.

Scheduler - JavaScript Online Calendar Image Source: Scheduler - Responsive UI components for calendaring and scheduling

2. Fullcalendar.io

Fullcalendar is a powerful calendar library with extensive customization options. It supports resource planning, event marking, and offers a timeline view. The documentation provides instructions for using it with React, Vue, and Angular, making it a versatile choice.

3. MobiScroll - Modern JavaScript Event Calendar

MobiScroll is a feature-rich JavaScript Calendar library for calendaring, scheduling, and date/time selection. It offers tools for creating a great user experience, including pop-ups, form components, and various pickers for edit dialogs. The scheduler with a time grid allows managing multiple tasks efficiently.

4. Color Calendar - Customizable JavaScript Calendar Library

The Color Calendar JavaScript library provides visually appealing event display options. With two beautiful themes and customizable CSS variables, you can create stylish calendars with ease. It supports daily, monthly, and weekly calendar views.

5. Webix JS Calendar and Time Selection UI Controls

Webix offers a highly adaptable JavaScript calendar plugin that allows users to choose from days, months, years, and precise times. It includes controls for time management, making it a comprehensive solution for accurate time selection.

6. Toast UI Calendar

Toast UI is an open-source calendar library available in Plain JavaScript, React, and Vue components. It offers various view types, allowing you to switch between monthly, weekly, daily, and biweekly views. With customizable tags, you can easily categorize and manage tasks.

7. Calendar.js

Calendar.js is a drag-and-drop event calendar that works in all major browsers. It provides daily, monthly, weekly, and all-event views, with an intuitive interface for managing events. The library is fully CSS-styled and works seamlessly with the Bootstrap library.

8. DayPilot Lite

DayPilot Lite is an open-source JavaScript calendar and scheduler library suitable for creating calendars, scheduling, project management, and resource booking applications. It offers advanced features like drag-and-drop event creation, date picker, and CSS styling.

9. React Big Calendar

React Big Calendar is a highly customizable React event calendar component. It uses flexbox for layout, making it compatible with modern browsers. You can choose between Moment.js and Globalize.js for date formatting and localization. With SASS files included, customization is a breeze.

10. Vanilla Calendar.js

Vanilla Calendar is a simple yet feature-rich JavaScript Calendar plugin. It can be easily integrated with frameworks like Vue, React, and Angular, and offers various calendar types, including months, days, weeks, years, and more. The documentation provides ample examples and demos.

11. Syncfusion React Calendar

Syncfusion React Calendar is a versatile component that offers month, year, and decade view options. It supports minimum, maximum, and disabled dates, and provides four different themes to choose from.

12. Angular Calendar

Angular Calendar is a JavaScript plugin for Angular 6.0+ that allows you to display events in a month, week, or day view. It offers the flexibility to customize the template to fit your project requirements.

13. CLNDR - A jQuery Calendar Plugin

CLNDR.js is a jQuery plugin that provides data to be used inside an Underscore.js HTML template. It offers flexibility in integrating the calendar with your website or app, with documentation available on the landing page.

14. DHTMLX - JavaScript Scheduler Event Calendar

DHTMLX is a JavaScript Scheduler Event Calendar that provides a timeline view for easy differentiation and horizontal event visualization. It offers various templates for cell content and is suitable for creating resource management applications.

15. V-calendar

V-Calendar is a lightweight Vue.js calendar plugin with visual indicators, customizable styles, and tooltips. It supports single dates, date ranges, and complex date patterns, making it a versatile choice for displaying events.

16. Kendo UI Scheduler

Kendo UI is a modern JavaScript framework with a wide range of widgets and tools. If you're already using other components from Kendo UI, their Scheduler can be a good option. It offers customization options and straightforward implementation.

Wrapping Up

With this list of top JavaScript Calendar Libraries and Plugins, you'll find the perfect solution for your project. Whether you need a simple or advanced calendar, free or paid, there's something for everyone. Remember to consider your specific requirements and choose accordingly.

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