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15 Best Event Planner Website Design Examples 2024

Organizing an event, whether corporate, special, or trade events, can be a daunting task. If event planning isn't your usual task, you might feel overwhelmed and worried about neglecting essential details. This is where event...

Organizing an event, whether corporate, special, or trade events, can be a daunting task. If event planning isn't your usual task, you might feel overwhelmed and worried about neglecting essential details. This is where event planners come in as superheroes! Event planners are experts at organizing events, taking care of every detail from venues and guests to catering and equipment. This allows businesses, couples, and celebrants to relax and focus on the important aspects.

In today's digital age, event planners can showcase their services online through their websites. If you're an event planner without an ideal website yet, this list of the best event planner websites will provide you with inspiration and guidance. These websites not only have a sophisticated online presence but also offer incredible opportunities for brands and couples to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Building an online presence is not easy, but with the right tools, you can create an outstanding website that reflects your professionalism. These event planner websites have exceptional layouts, functionality, and user-friendly designs. So, let's take a look at these inspiring websites and unleash your creativity!

Best Event Planner Website Designs

1. Ayomide (Drag & Drop Website Builder)

Create a beautiful event planner website like a pro with Ayomide, even if you have no prior experience in web design. Ayomide's beginner-friendly interface allows you to customize your website with just a few clicks. The design is attention-grabbing and can be easily tweaked to suit your preferences. With Ayomide, you can manage your online presence, including hosting and domain name, all in one place.

ayomide art website template Ayomide Art Website Template

2. Chappelow Events

Impress your website visitors and turn them into potential clients with Chappelow Events' clean and classic design. The minimalist design focuses on essential elements and has compelling content. It guides visitors to explore their portfolio and showcases the team behind successful events. Chappelow Events also highlights its services, ensuring potential clients have all the information they need.

Chappelow Events Chappelow Events

3. Wink Wed

Wink Wed offers a simple yet attractive design for couples who want to make their big day momentous. The homepage features a captivating design with call-to-actions, high-quality imagery, and fixed navigation for easy exploration. Wink Wed showcases their creative works through a stunning gallery, and integrates social media and contact information for easy communication with clients.

Wink Wed Wink Wed

4. Fox Events

Different brands have different personalities, and Fox Events understands the need to stand out. Their thin and crisp design entices potential clients to trust their services in planning and organizing various events. The website showcases a gallery of weddings, corporate events, and social events, along with different ways to contact them. Fox Events' website is a testament to their credibility and expertise.

Fox Events Fox Events

5. Take Heart Events

Create a good impression with your audience by allowing event planners to handle your event tasks. Take Heart Events offers services for corporate events, non-profits, social events, and weddings. Their website features a stunning hero scene with a carousel of high-quality images and clear CTAs. Showcase your event portfolio and let testimonials speak for how your business operates.

Take Heart Events Take Heart Events

6. LK Events Chicago

LK Events Chicago is an excellent inspiration for event planner websites. The clean and neat design, along with ample white spaces, creates a superb look. The portfolio page showcases stunning shots of momentous events using a carousel. Visitors can easily access information about the team behind the establishment. LK Events Chicago exudes authenticity and credibility.

LK Events Chicago LK Events Chicago

7. Convectures

Convectures promises to take care of planning and organizing events of any type. Their website understands the power of images in drawing people's attention. Visitors are welcomed with imagery of different events on the hero header. The website also showcases numerous services and provides social media integration, a sticky header, a blog, and a newsletter subscription.

Convectures Convectures

8. Swank Events Boston

Swank Events Boston understands that a great website can do wonders for a business's success. Their website applies awesome styles to create a unique and eye-catching design. Impressive, high-quality images and captivating CTAs warmly welcome visitors. The website also features a crumpled paper effect background and striking taglines. With a gallery, testimonials, and a blog, Swank Events Boston provides all the necessary pages for an exceptional website.

Swank Events Boston Swank Events Boston

9. Oxygen Event Works

No matter what type of event you plan to set up, Oxygen Event Works is ready to make it a success. Their grandeur and innovative website showcase their expertise. The website uses valuable imagery to showcase their amazing work and offers clear and comprehensive services through enticing buttons and readable descriptions. Oxygen Event Works also provides helpful articles for organic traffic.

Oxygen Event Works Oxygen Event Works

10. Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers offers a clutter-free, innovative, and unique design for an event planner website. The gorgeous color scheme of blue and pink creates a captivating look. The website embraces high-quality imagery and readable content, with clear and descriptive CTAs. Showcase your portfolio, prove your credibility, and highlight the brands that trust your expertise in event planning.

Twenty Three Layers Twenty Three Layers

11. Shiloh Events

Shiloh Events is crafted to create an excellent event planner website that inspires fellow event planners. The website showcases sequential video clips on the hero header, clear CTAs, and a great headline. Testimonials and business partners boost the business's image and customer perception. With inspiring animations, Shiloh Events proves that events are incredible opportunities for brand promotion.

Shiloh Events Shiloh Events

12. Event Tech

Event Tech understands that hosting an event is a great way to market one's business, but it's not always easy. Their website offers essential web elements, including a huge image and descriptive call-to-action. Whether you plan to hold an indoor or outdoor event, Event Tech will make your event successful. Showcase your equipment and production services, testimonials, blog, and more!

Event Tech Event Tech

13. Handy & Dallaire Events

Don't ignore the small matters when it comes to marketing your business. Handy & Dallaire Events presents its experience and expertise in a modern and elegant way. With high-quality images and good copy, the website impresses visitors. White spaces and parallax effects create a graceful transition between sections. Showcase your portfolio, embed an Instagram feed, and leave a great impression on potential clients.

Handy & Dallaire Events Handy & Dallaire Events

14. Nola DMC

Nola DMC offers a state-of-the-art website design for event planners looking to establish an online presence. The homepage features high-quality video clips as an enticing background. The website includes a slider, hover effects, clear contact information, and a video gallery to showcase their portfolio. If you're passionate about event planning, Nola DMC's website is worth checking out.

Nola DMC Nola DMC

15. Red Events

Red Events offers excellent event management services in Singapore and worldwide. Their website stands out with its captivating design, using red as the primary color. The unique vertical alignment of buttons in the navigation adds a touch of creativity. Red Events also integrates social media and contact details to make it easy for clients to connect with them.

Red Events Red Events

If you're a passionate event planner looking to build an online presence, these event planner websites are perfect for inspiration. Take note of their captivating designs, high-quality imagery, clear CTAs, and comprehensive portfolios. Remember that building your website is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and leave a lasting impression on potential clients. So, get inspired, get creative, and build your own remarkable event planner website!