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14 Awesome Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for unique adult birthday party ideas for yourself or a loved one? It can be tricky since so many birthday party ideas are geared towards kids. But luckily, we at Peerspace have you covered!...

Looking for unique adult birthday party ideas for yourself or a loved one? It can be tricky since so many birthday party ideas are geared towards kids. But luckily, we at Peerspace have you covered!

Birthdays are one of the few occasions when you can gather your closest friends and family in one spot to celebrate with you. You should be celebrating every milestone you reach with something enjoyable. And with these adult birthday party ideas, it will be easier than ever. After all, what better reason is there to gather all of your closest people in one place, celebrating more time spent together?

When you were a child, choosing a favorite theme or venue for your birthday party was simple, but it can be more challenging to decide as an adult. As we became older, the themes tended to become more generic, such as “Join me at that bar we all enjoy!” or “Let’s just go out to dinner as a group”. And even if it isn’t a particularly memorable year, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a lavish adult birthday bash to commemorate the occasion. Ahead, we’ll show you how to do precisely that!

1. Book a Peerspace venue

Bridal Photoshoot Ideas Source: Peerspace

All the best adult birthday party ideas start by choosing a unique venue for the setting, and Peerspace is how you do it. We’re the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, including countless breathtaking birthday party venues in cities across the globe.

To begin your search, head to our homepage and search using your desired city and event type. Then, narrow down the selection by your preferred amenities, keywords, price range, and more. Pretty simple, right? But maybe you want to see the types of Peerspaces ideal for a birthday party?

Here are some of our favorites, for example:

  • This Midtown fully-furnished penthouse and terrace in Manhattan, NYC (pictured above) with lounge seating, A/V equipment, a kitchen, and a bar
  • This brick and timber warehouse space in Logan Square, Chicago, IL with eclectic decor, an open layout, moody lighting, and plenty of seating areas
  • This gorgeous colorful home in Seattle, WA with high ceilings, top-notch furnishings, a full kitchen, and surround sound
  • This gorgeous studio in Clerkenwell, London, UK with tables, chairs, a kitchen, video equipment, and a chic setting
  • This spacious event space in downtown Atlanta, GA with plenty of open space, high ceilings, large windows, a prep kitchen, and an outdoor courtyard
  • This studio event space with LED lights in Toronto, ON with an open floor plan, a kitchen, a lounge area, high ceilings, and huge windows for natural light and views
  • This luminous room with a zen, cozy ambiance in Arcueil, France with a kitchenette, private terrace, and plenty of amenities like furnishings and speakers
  • This aesthetic venue with a stunning outdoor area in Melbourne, Australia, which combines elements of an industrial loft aesthetic with sleek, polished concrete floors and crisp white walls—it’s the perfect “blank canvas” for your party

You get the idea! And if you also need additional services for your birthday party, don’t worry. All Peerspaces are hosted by locals who strive to make your experience in their spaces perfect. Reach out to them with any questions or requests when planning your event if you need help with extras like catering, entertainment, staff, and furnishings.

2. Beer pairing birthday party

Suburban Nano Brewery with Industrial Vibe Source: Peerspace

Here’s one of our more unique birthday party ideas: indulge yourself by diving headfirst into the world of beer and discovering something new, while trying out something a little bit different from your typical wine tasting. Fortunately, there are several different varieties to select from. But, after all, it is your birthday, so choose your favorite ones to share with your pals.

Try beer pairings with delectable foods for extra gourmand delights. (As a matter of fact, we’re wondering: Which beers go best with birthday cake?) Make an evening out of it by going around the table and explaining each brew, as well as playing a game of beer trivia along with it.

Beer not your thing? Then try an elegant wine pairing dinner, beginning with an appetizer and ending with a dessert. If you’re in the Sydney, Australia area, then you need to check out this suburban nano brewery in Mortdale as an example. It serves beer, wine, cider, and tasty dishes, and can create a completely customizable experience for any adult birthday party.

Not in Australia? Well luckily, Peerspace has your back when it comes to exciting wine-tasting and brewery venues across the globe. Just type in your location and see what amazing spaces pop up!

3. Retro movie night

Northridge Valley Home with Amazing Yard Source: Peerspace

Consider bringing the party back to your roots and reliving your school days of movie nights and sleepovers. Set up camp in the living room with lots of cushions and blankets or host the party outdoors if you’re feeling adventurous. Depending on how many people you invite and the vibe of the party, your movie night can be a quiet night in (if that’s what you’re searching for) or an exciting and energetic gathering.

You can also opt to book this incredible Northridge Valley home with an amazing yard complete with an outdoor theater!

Choose your favorite films as if you were going to a Blockbuster on a Friday night, and then combine them with delectable cuisine to complete the experience. A nice snack mix, as well as a choice of gourmet popcorn for your guests, is a must-have for any party. Make a handful of your favorite childhood dishes, such as stuffed crust pizza or cheeseburger pockets, to transport yourself back in time. To really bring back those childhood memories, consider having your retro movie night be a slumber party, too!

Enhance this idea after checking out our 10 great movie birthday party ideas!