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13 Things I Wish I Knew When Planning My BFF's Bachelorette Party

Ready to host a bach and boujee bachelorette weekend? Of course, you are! Everyone knows bachelorette trips are fun and exciting, but logistics play a huge role in the success of the weekend. A lot...

Ready to host a bach and boujee bachelorette weekend? Of course, you are! Everyone knows bachelorette trips are fun and exciting, but logistics play a huge role in the success of the weekend. A lot of the essential items you need to execute a bach bash are simple and easy to forget. To help ease the stress of packing and planning, I’ve created a list of not-so-obvious things that I almost forgot when packing for my best friend's weekend getaway. Remember these bachelorette party planning tips and your trip will be uncomplicated and unforgettable!

1. Don’t Forget Pre-Game Party Essentials Like Cups and Straws

It’s not a bachelorette weekend without your favorite rosé or mocktail! You probably won’t forget the alcohol, but it would be a major buzzkill (literally) to forget a bottle opener or festive party cups. If you plan to have a girls’ night or pregame at your hotel or AirBNB, you’ve gotta pack the party essentials that your AirBNB or hotel might not have. Cute party cups, alcohol, mixers, straws, and ice are necessities!

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2. Bring Setup Supplies like Scissors and Tape for Your Party Decor

You won’t forget the decorations, you’re better than that! But, what can easily slip your mind is the items needed to hang the decorations. Be sure to pack scissors, tape, and string so that you can secure the decor without having to run to the store when you arrive.

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3. Create Not Just One, But Two or Three Mood-Based Playlists

We know you’ll make a playlist, but we suggest making several. When you have options, you can read the room and pick a playlist that best suits the bride’s mood. Create a chill playlist for the drive or flight and send it to the girls via text message for everyone to listen to on the way! Make a fun throwback playlist for downtime while you decorate, play games, eat, and hang out. Finish up with a third pre-gaming playlist that is sure to get everyone in the mood to party. If you don’t have time to make your own, this is our favorite party playlist, we love this one for downtime and this one for travel.

4. Pump Up the Jams with a Bluetooth Speaker and Charger

Nothing bums a crowd quite like forgetting to bring a speaker, or, even worse, bringing a speaker that dies right in the middle of the Single Ladies chorus. Avoid a major party foul by remembering to pack a speaker and a charger so that you can fill the room with the bride’s favorite tunes while you’re at the hotel or AirBNB. After all, you worked so hard on those playlists!

5. Make a Short-List of the Best Restaurants and Bars

The worst thing that can be said on a bachelorette trip is “what should we do?” Don’t wait until the last minute to find the best restaurants and bars in the area. Sometimes, your plans don’t work out and you’re left in a pinch due to overcrowded bars, expensive covers, private events, or just a mood change. Do a little research ahead of time and make a go-to list of places you can eat and drink in addition to the places you’ve already made reservations for. Be sure to note when they open and close and when they have specials! This way, you’ll keep the party going, have a solid plan B, and never miss a happy hour.

6. Bring a Phone Tripod for Your Group Pics

You’ll be filled with regret (in addition to being hungover - ouch) at the end of the trip if you realize you didn’t get quality pictures to remember the weekend by! A polaroid camera would be a fun addition to snap some cute pics for the bride to take home with her. If you or someone in the group has a tripod, bring that too so that you can take a group picture before hitting the town. If not, here’s a great portable one for your iPhone.

13 Essential Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

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7. Grab Plenty of Gifts for the Bride... and Don't Forget Gift Wrap

This weekend is all about the bride-to-be, so pack her lingerie for the shower before you get carried away and forget. Be sure to bring a bag and some tissue to have it wrapped and ready for her when she arrives. Other small gifts like a sash, a veil, and a crazy bride straw are fun to have for her to wear too!

13 Essential Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

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8. Make a Comprehensive Grocery List

If you plan on eating in for any meals, you’ll most likely need to hit the grocery store as soon as you get to town. It may seem obvious, but make sure to take the time before the party to create a list with the essentials you’ll need for snacks, meals, and drinks. Don't forget essentials like cute party cups, plates, and straws! This way, you won’t waste time roaming the store when you could be out running the streets! If you’re worried about making time, you could always have Shipt do your shopping and deliver your groceries while you’re decorating. If you have doubts that the AirBNB will have what you need to prepare your meals, then bring your own cooking supplies.

13 Essential Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

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9. Be Ready with Downtime Games

No matter how well you plan, there will always be a little bit of downtime. When you anticipate it, you can fill the gaps with party games. We have a fun selection in our online shop, but you can also download games like Heads Up on the app store to have on your phone just in case there is a long wait at a restaurant or lag time before your Uber arrives!

10. Download Must-Have Apps

Having the right apps helps the weekend be as seamless as possible. Be sure that everyone in your group downloads Splitwise so that you can easily divide up tickets at restaurants and bars. If you don’t already have Venmo, Uber, Lyft, Yelp, Waze, OpenTable, and the app of your airline, you should download those too!

11. Designate a Form of Squad Communication

If you haven’t already done this, go ahead and create a group text of everyone attending the trip. If someone in the group has an Android, you may want to consider using a group messaging app like GroupMe. The group text is the perfect place to send key information for everyone to see and refer back to throughout the weeks leading up to the trip! Everyone will be snapping pics throughout the weekend and it is so fun for the rest of the group to have instant access to the groups' photos. Plus, it helps you avoid having to text or airdrop photos every five seconds. Create a “photo sharing” album and invite everyone to contribute to it before you go. This way, the bride can collect memories (or blackmail) as the weekend goes along.

13 Essential Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

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12. Send Out Important Reminders 48-hours Before The Trip Kicks Off

Speaking of group communication, don’t forget to send out all of the important details 48 hours prior to the trip kick-off. Things you should include:

  • Hotel or AirBNB address
  • Arrival and departure dates and times
  • Wifi information
  • Parking information
  • Must-have packing items
  • Summary of weekend itinerary

A fun way to share the itinerary and key details is with a cute bachelorette party invitation that matches your theme. Try one of the editable bachelorette party invitation templates and then share the digital file via email or text to the group!

13 Essential Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

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13. Bring a Hangover Cure Kit

The sworn hangover enemy is bound to crash your bachelorette party. Be prepared with some hangover cures that will have you bouncing back just in time for brunch. Advil, Tylenol, Gatorade, bottles of water, makeup remover wipes, and crackers are just a few things you can have on hand to battle the bottle flu. Here is a super cute hangover kit that you could recreate as a party favor, or just another small gift for your girls.

Best Weekend Ever Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit

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Most importantly, bring your party pants and some excitement because the weekend is bound to be a blast! If you follow these simple suggestions and you won’t forget half the things that I did!

Need some more help planning a bachelorette weekend? Head to our bachelorette party city guides for our recommendations on the best things to do in top bachelorette destinations or check out our blog for tons of more party inspiration.