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12 Fun Murder Mystery Dinner Games for an Unforgettable Night

Are you tired of the same old dinner parties? Spice up your gatherings with thrilling murder mystery games! These free games will take your dinner parties to a whole new level, without breaking the bank....

Are you tired of the same old dinner parties? Spice up your gatherings with thrilling murder mystery games! These free games will take your dinner parties to a whole new level, without breaking the bank. Imagine the excitement as you and your friends try to unravel the mystery and discover whodunnit! Get ready for an unforgettable night of suspense, laughter, and delicious food.

Mafia Party Game

Mafia Party Game is a classic murder mystery game with a twist. Designate a moderator to lead the game as your group delves into a world of secret identities and deceit. The game has two phases: night and day. Can you trust your friends, or are they secretly part of the Mafia? Grab a deck of cards and gather at least 7 players for an evening of suspense.

The Business Of Murder

Step into the world of theater and mystery with The Business of Murder. This game blends theater games with the intrigue of Clue. As the host, you'll know who the murder victim is and how to incorporate it into the game. With carefully assigned roles and a captivating storyline, this game is perfect for 7 players and will keep you enthralled for hours.

Jazz Age Jeopardy

Transport your guests to the glamorous 1920s with Jazz Age Jeopardy. Set in a New York City jazz club, this game combines historical intrigue with a murder mystery. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of The Cat's Meow and unleash your inner detective. You can even purchase an expansion pack to enhance the experience.

An open box displaying the contents of Hunt A Killer

Hunt A Killer

For a date night with a thrilling twist, try Hunt A Killer. This at-home murder mystery game provides mind-teasing clues and games that will put your detective skills to the test. Each subscription box is part of a series, leading you closer to uncovering the killer. Say goodbye to predictable Saturday nights and get ready for an immersive experience like no other.

The Little Engine That Could Kill

Perfect for a dinner party of 8, The Little Engine That Could Kill is an intricate murder mystery. With detailed character descriptions, it's advisable to give your guests time to prepare. Follow the story of passengers on a three-day train journey, where not everyone survives. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the evening.

The Pungent Pumpkin Poisoner

Looking for a hauntingly good time? The Pungent Pumpkin Poisoner is an ideal choice for a Halloween dinner party or a gathering of six. Celebrate the anniversary of a pumpkin processing company until the unexpected happens. Put your detective skills to the test and investigate what really transpired during the anniversary celebration.

The Butler Kicks The Bucket

Prepare for a surprise murder mystery game with The Butler Kicks The Bucket. Invite your guests over, and as they enjoy their evening, a shocking event takes place. A friend or family member dressed as a butler takes a drink, chokes, and "dies" in front of everyone. Don't forget to mention they're not really dead before the game begins!

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Sour Grapes Of Wrath

Buckle up and pour a glass of wine for Sour Grapes of Wrath, a lengthy but incredibly fun murder mystery game. Set in the scenario of a mourning widow trying to sell her husband's farm, a cold-blooded killer lurks among the participants. Dedicate some time to dive into this game, and discover which of your friends has a hidden dark side.

The Murder At The Ugly Sweater Party

Holiday gatherings can be full of surprises, but murder? That's cold! Set at a family holiday function, this murder mystery game takes unexpected turns. Uncover the identity of the family member who committed the unthinkable act. It's a great way to release tension, but remember not to actually harm anyone. That's against the law!

Way Out West

Yeehaw! Get ready for a wild, wild west-themed dinner party with Way Out West. Take a trip back to the 1880s and solve a murder that occurred in a small town during its anniversary celebration. Encourage your guests to dress up in western attire to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Can you solve the murder before the sun sets?

Murder, She Wrote Netflix Murder Mystery Game

Murder, She Wrote - Netflix

Combine the excitement of a murder mystery dinner party with a Netflix binge session. Murder, She Wrote - Netflix takes inspiration from the classic TV series. Use an episode as a clue-filled backdrop to your dinner party, and let your guests join the investigation. It's the perfect combination of entertainment and mystery-solving.

With these thrilling murder mystery games, your dinner parties will never be the same. Engage your friends and family in an immersive experience that will keep them on their toes from start to finish. So gather your detective skills and get ready for a night of intrigue, laughter, and unforgettable memories. The question is, can you solve the mystery?