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12 Boho Wedding Invitations: Creating a Dreamy Day

Boho design has captivated hearts for centuries. Its organic elements and natural touches have made it a beloved choice for weddings. If you're looking to infuse a whimsical vibe into your big day, embracing boho...

Various boho wedding invitations

Boho design has captivated hearts for centuries. Its organic elements and natural touches have made it a beloved choice for weddings. If you're looking to infuse a whimsical vibe into your big day, embracing boho aesthetics is the perfect choice.

What is Boho Design?

Boho wedding invitations: boho themed wedding

Boho, short for bohemian, originated in late 1800s France as a countercultural movement celebrating unconventional and nomadic lifestyles. Today, it represents a laid-back and artfully beautiful style. Boho design incorporates organic fabrics, textures, and patterns, often inspired by the whimsical and romantic colors found in nature. Layering of patterns, motifs, contrasting colors, and textures is key in creating the boho look.

When it comes to boho weddings, there are countless ways to incorporate this chic style. Floral invitations in blush, burgundy, terracotta, and beige are popular for those seeking a subtle and romantic aesthetic, while bold and colorful patterns create a maximalist approach to boho design. Earthy palettes work well for National Park weddings, turquoise and white for tropical destination weddings, and green and taupe for forest nuptials amidst wildflowers.

Wording Ideas for Boho Wedding Invitations

Boho wedding invitations: couple holding hands

Boho wedding invitations not only rely on design but also the words you choose to express your dreamy theme. Incorporate bohemian-inspired phrasing by referencing worldly elements, organic themes, and an adventurous spirit. Here are some wording ideas for your boho wedding invitations:

  • "Our love is gentle and imperfect, just like the world around us. Come celebrate our unique story as we tie the knot."
  • "We've explored the depths of rocky canyons and reached the heights of skyscrapers, falling more in love along the way. Join us as we honor our love and connect with all of you."
  • "The best love stories are timeless. Join us as we celebrate our devotion and continue our lifelong journey together."
  • "We invite you to witness our union and hold space for our journey of love, forever and ever."

12 Boho Wedding Invitations You'll Swoon Over

When it's time to create your boho-inspired wedding invitations, look no further than Greenvelope. With countless templates to choose from, you're sure to find "the one." From soft and subtle to vibrant and eclectic, here are some of our favorite bohemian wedding invitations:

1. Festive Bohemian Invitation

Festive Bohemian Invitation

Featuring four color options and patterned graphics, this artistic invite is perfect for bohemian nuptials. Customize it by changing the font and playing with words that fit the magnitude of the moment. Greenvelope also offers the option of working with a designer to create a custom color palette, envelope liner, and more.

2. Textured and Bold Shapes Invitation

Textured and Bold Shapes Invitation

This stunning invite is perfect for couples who love the rich color palette and organic elements of boho design. The contoured shapes offer a contrast of color and texture, creating a soothing yet bold aesthetic. Customize this design with several earthy color schemes to suit your preferences.

3. Wedding Cactus Invitation

Wedding Cactus Invitation

This hand-painted watercolor card showcases soft tones inspired by the desert landscape. Elegant and rustic, it's a perfect way to celebrate your unique love story.

4. Eucalyptus Border Bouquet Invitation

Eucalyptus Border Bouquet Invitation

This floral wedding invite is the perfect match for a spring or summer ceremony. Layered florals, hints of gold foil, and hand-drawn calligraphy create a natural and glamorous aesthetic. Personalize the large text box with a few sweet words to invite guests to celebrate your love.

5. Float Invitation

Float Invitation

Celebrate your adoration of bohemian style with this vintage-inspired wedding invitation set. The lithography butterfly and aged paper create an old-world vibe. Customize the boho invite by changing the font and palette to match your wedding colors.

6. Faux Pampas Invitation

Faux Pampas Invitation

Featuring a painted pampas grass frond, this whimsical invitation exudes bohemian vibes. The layered colors and textures perfectly capture the essence of boho style, while the rose gold foil envelope liner adds a touch of glamour.

7. Wispy Palm Leaves Invitation

Wispy Palm Leaves Invitation

Invite guests to RSVP to your big day with this earthy wedding invitation suite. Hand-drawn botanicals surround a geometric frame where you can add a few boho-inspired words. The textured envelope exudes a vintage vibe, and matching save the date and thank you notes complete your wedding stationery.

8. Birds of a Feather Invitation

Birds of a Feather Invitation

This elegant wedding invitation features greenery and forest creatures for a magical aesthetic. It's a perfect choice for an outdoor or garden wedding, setting a romantic tone for the celebrations.

9. Tropical Daydream Invitation

Tropical Daydream Invitation

Boho design doesn't always mean subtle style and soft hues. Embrace a maximalist vibe with this wedding stationery template featuring vibrant colors and layered elements. It's perfect for beach weddings or dreamy backyard celebrations.

10. Tonal Ferns Invitation

Tonal Ferns Invitation

This minimalist wedding invite showcases soft ferns and an understated color palette. Add a monogram or wax seal for an elegant touch. Choose from four gem-toned hues to create a richer feel.

11. Elegant Wildflowers Invitation

Elegant Wildflowers Invitation

Celebrate the joy of your nuptials with this floral wedding invitation. A collection of wild-grown flowers, including black-eyed susans and lilacs, take center stage in a framed border. Personalize the envelope color and adjust the font to match your other wedding stationery for a cohesive look.

12. Golden Evergreens Invitation

Golden Evergreens Invitation

This rustic wedding invitation is a nature lover's dream. Earthy background colors and gold foil tree accents make it an ideal choice for forest weddings.

Start Crafting Your Dreamy Boho Wedding Invitations

At Greenvelope, you'll find designs for your entire wedding stationery, from bridal shower invitations to a collection of high-quality wedding invitation templates. Each design is customizable, allowing you to change the color palette, update the font, and add design elements to make it truly magical.

From boho wedding invitations to boho theme ideas, planning the wedding of your dreams has never been easier. Explore our Stationers blog for more inspiration, including decor ideas, planning tips, and more.